The WIN Corporate Programme is a reference for leaders and companies committed to engaging talent and creating diverse and inclusive organizations, where business flourishes and people thrive. Companies participate in Corporate Forums during the WINConference and the acclaimed quarterly WIN Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG).
The programme is designed to support leaders who work for multinational organizations and  strive to make their company a desirable place to work with the aim of retaining the best and attracting the most brilliant and most diverse talent.
It is about developing and engaging leaders to make conscious decisions with a more holistic view, and systemic way of being and thinking which which in turn  leads to more innovative solutions for the business and ultimately for the wider community. The overall goal is to evoke change toward authenticity while raising feminine and global awareness and create a sustainable future.
As conscious women and leaders, let’s understand which companies we want to run, create, work for, buy from and simply be a part of.
Let’s look at our highest visions, deepest purposes, and noblest values and mobilize ideas, people and energy, creating a future that benefits everyone.
Key Elements
Supporting corporate elements
Who attends: WINConference participants, including senior leaders, middle management, talent managers, Strategy executives, HR executives and anyone interested in engagement, diversity and inclusion.
WIN Corporate - A reference for leaders and companies committed to creating diverse and inclusive organizations, where business flourishes and people thrive.
How does it work?

During the year, WIN holds quarterly Corporate Networking Group meetings in which  companies exchange knowledge of leading edge practices and programmes which support women in leadership and their efforts to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.
In addition,  Regional Corporate Forums are an opportunity for companies to share their experiences around how diversity and inclusion practices are used to attract, manage and retain talent and evolve their business for the future. During The Global and regional WIN Conferences are an opportunity for everyone, from CEO’s and senior leaders to entrepreneaurs and motivated employees to network, benchmark, learn new skills, and to get ready to make a change.. WIN also provides supporting corporate activities that include: corporate speaking, corporate learning and development programmes, corporate advice and strategy and corporate pre- and post-conference activities.
Here’s a brief description of how we have structured the key and supporting elements of the WIN Corporate Programme.



A reference for leaders and companies committed to creating diverse, innovative and inclusive organizations, where business flourishes and people thrive.


Purpose: Creating a flourishing business

The Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG) is a leadership program that forms part of the overall WIN vision to accelerate the development and growth of global, authentic and feminine leadership, and to ensure businesses flourish and people thrive. As one of the key components of the WIN Corporate Programme, the CNG is designed to look at new leadership and future business opportunities, and is a focused extension of the many forums at our regional and annual WINConferences.


A membership platform for leaders and organizations committed to creating conscious business, embracing diversity, innovating, developing inclusive practises and focusing on women and feminine leadership.


Sessions focus on new ways of thinking, innovating, learning, and finding creative solutions. Topics range from attracting, retaining, developing and promoting female leaders, to creating a culture of collaboration and co-operation with men. The sessions also deal with new business trends, diversity of thinking, innovation and technology, culture, and running successful and creative business networks. By identifying key industry fields, this network of like-minded organizations creates real business benefits for all of its members.



A breeding ground for innovative ideas, diverse thinking and inclusive leadership actions


How it works


WIN’s Corporate Learning Networking Group (CNG) offers an exciting program; four half-day meetings a year and the opportunity to attend an additional Corporate Forum each spring. Most sessions are hosted by a member company. Each meeting has an external expert speaker and an in-house case presentation from the host company. In some cases a session may also take the format of a workshop to enhance skills. CNG meetings provide invaluable opportunities to foster dialogue with other leading international organisations, participate in exciting exchanges of ideas and information, promote team work through valuable networking opportunities and position the organisation in an environment of global, inclusive and feminine leadership. A summary report and list of attendees is provided after each event.


Why become a part of it?

· To connect and network with like-minded people

· To share best practices, learn new skills, and discover new opportunities

· To stay current - each meeting has an expert speaker and a company case

· Four half-day events throughout the year featuring interactive workshops 

· Participate in a dedicated regional Corporate D&I Forum (spring meeting)

· Member companies can send up to three organizational representatives to attend each of the 4 CNG meetings (when hosting, you can have 10 attendees).

· To contribute and share in an optimistic and interactive setting

· A meeting summary is shared with the members

· A list of attendees is provided after each event to foster networking

Membership Benefits

· Maximize talent management for innovative business solutions

· Approximately 50 people attend each quarterly meeting

· The chance to join four company hosted WIN CNG meetings per year

· The opportunity to attend in a dedicated regional Corporate D&I Forum 

· The opportunity to host a CNG meeting or regional Corporate D&I Forum

· Name on WIN website

· Beneficial visibility at WIN Regional Corporate D&I Forum

· Exclusive access to the CNG membership list contact details

· Quarterly newsletter including summary report from each meeting

· Position your company as conscious and women-friendly

· Invitation to other WIN events

2017 Meetings theme: fostering innovation through creating inclusive organizations


Join WIN’s upcoming Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG) meetings:

Du Pont, Honeywell, Guardian, Chamours

7 February – Du Pont

8 June

End August



Ask for membership information: corporate AT

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Peer organizations having decided to sponsor WIN events

Global Organizations


· Alcoa Europe


· Accenture

· American Express

· Axa

· Barcardi GmbH

· Bunge

· Calbee


· Cesca Bank

· Chiquita Brands International

· Cisco Systems

· Continental Airlines

· Coca Cola

· Dell

· Deloitte 

· Dow Chemical Company 


· DuPont

· Eastman Kodak


· Elizabeth Arden

· Frederique Constant

· GE

· Guardian

· HP






· JP Morgan

· Johson & Johson Family of companies


· Kirin

· Lexmark

· Lloyds Bank

· Nestlé

· Novartis 

· Medtronic

· Maersk

· Merck - MSD

· Microsoft

· Mondelez 

· Otsuka Pharmaceuticals

· Pepsico

· Philips


· PricewaterhouseCoopers

· Procter & Gamble

· Pepsico

· Philips


· PricewaterhouseCoopers

· Procter & Gamble

· Reuters

· Rio Tinto

· Shell

· Sodexo

· Starbucks

· Suntory

· SwissPost

· Swiss Re

· TetraPak

· Thomson Reuters

· 42 virtual

· Unilever



· Volvo

· Whirlpool

· Yara

International Media

· CNN, FastCompany

· Financial Times

· International Herald Tribune 

· Woman Abroad Magazine

· Glamour Magazine


International Business Schools

· University of Chicago GSB 

· SDA Bocconi, Milan

· Harvard Business School

· London Business School

· Manchester Business School




· GLION and Laureate International

· Center for Creative Leadership



· Cranfield Business School of Management

· ESADE, Barcelona

· IMD International, Lausanne

· INSEAD, Fontainbleau

· Instituto d’impresa

· Manchester Business School

· BlueSky



International Travel & Hospitality

· British Airways

· Canadian Airlines

· Raddison/SAS Scandinavia Hotel

· Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) 

· Starwood - Hotel

· SWISS International Airlines

· United Airlines

· Continental Airlines

· Intercontinental Hotel Group - Crowne Plaza


Other Organizations

· Blue Sky

· Centro Diagnostico Italiano

· Vinelli & Scotto

· CBC- L

· Zero to Nine

· Location Switzerland

· Commune di Milano

· Municipalité de Lausanne

· Oslo kommune


Women’s Associations and Consulates

70 international women’s associations, 10 business school alumni associations and several consulates are endorsing the conference

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