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WIN runs WINConnect Mobilizing Women events. The WINConnect meeting is a snapshot of what we can do when hundreds of us come together for 3 days at the Global WINConference. To connect women and men in various countries represented at the Global WINConference we move around to listen, listen to dreams and hopes of women and the companies and organisations they are part of. 


By being a part of it;

  • You will gain insight into how we can step up as leaders integrating feminine values, authenticity and a global mindset
  • You will learn how to network in the inclusive and mindful WIN way, with purpose, passion and pleasure

We believe that networking in such a way, and creating a network as a flourishing environment in which everyone can thrive, is an art to master for anyone interested in creating a thriving future.


The interactive session will also provide you with an opportunity to look at your story and journey in order to expand possibilities for others and yourself and you will also hear the stories of outstanding women.


The events are open to all interested in the theme, members of women’s networks, companies, entrepreneurs and individuals.


Join to ignite your passion to lead the way and create a thriving future!


Next event: 

WINConnect Mobilizing WoMen & Movie Night: TBC

Let us celebrate more than 20 years of modelling, empowering, connecting, developing, inspiring and mobilizing women in a global, feminine and authentic way.

As 2018 gets underway, we will gather in cities across Europe to explore what it means to take our world, work and lives to the next level and realize many more dreams. We network with purpose and pleasure, share our stories and watch the film In the Right Light – the story of WIN.

We also come to listen to the dreams, needs, experiences, hopes and desires of the women and the organizations they are part of. This to assure that all voices are heard as we finalize the global agenda for the 21st WINConference in September.

The meeting includes a panel conversation between speakers and Kristin Engvig, WIN Founder and President

Be a part of our gathering to connect or re-connect with WIN, with others and with your own vision. 

Join to ignite your passion to lead the way

For info and registration please write to : participant [at]