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2018 WIN’s Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG) meetings:

2 March Annual Corporate Forum on "Creating an Inclusive OrganizationThomson Reuters (Geneva)

6 November |  Corporate Meeting | IKEA (Zurich)


A reference for leaders and companies committed to creating diverse, innovative and inclusive organizations, where business flourishes and people thrive.


Purpose: Creating a flourishing business

The Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG) is a leadership program that forms part of the overall WIN vision to accelerate the development and growth of global, authentic and feminine leadership, and to ensure businesses flourish and people thrive. As one of the key components of the WIN Corporate Programme, the CNG is designed to look at new leadership and future business opportunities, and is a focused extension of the many forums at our regional and annual WINConferences.


A membership platform for leaders and organizations committed to creating conscious business, embracing diversity, innovating, developing inclusive practises and focusing on women and feminine leadership.

Sessions focus on new ways of thinking, innovating, learning, and finding creative solutions. Topics range from attracting, retaining, developing and promoting female leaders, to creating a culture of collaboration and co-operation with men. The sessions also deal with new business trends, diversity of thinking, innovation and technology, culture, and running successful and creative business networks. By identifying key industry fields, this network of like-minded organizations creates real business benefits for all of its members.


How does it work?

WIN’s Corporate Learning Networking Group (CNG) offers an exciting program; four half-day meetings a year and the opportunity to attend an additional Corporate Forum each spring. Most sessions are hosted by a member company. Each meeting has an external expert speaker and an in-house case presentation from the host company. In some cases, a session may also take the format of a workshop to enhance skills. CNG meetings provide invaluable opportunities to foster dialogue with other leading international organisations, participate in exciting exchanges of ideas and information, promote team work through valuable networking opportunities and position the organisation in an environment of global, inclusive and feminine leadership. A summary report and list of attendees is provided after each event.

Who attends

WINConference participants, including senior leaders, middle management, talent managers, Strategy executives, HR executives and anyone interested in engagement, diversity and inclusion.


Supporting corporate elements

Corporate speaking

Corporate learning and development programmes

Corporate advice and strategy

Pre and post conference corporate activities

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