Women’s Global Leadership Journey

The WIN Corporate Program

Is there a gender revolution? And how is it impacting business and society?

Join us as we gather to discuss how to create courageous, inclusive and innovative organizations - organizations that are actively shaping a future in which we all thrive. We are leading in an environment of unprecedented change at a global level, whether it be technological innovation, automation and social changes. Together we must explore what the larger trends and changes mean for companies and women as individuals. The #metoo campaign, the HeforShe campaign, the wave of dismissals of people in power are raising questions about how we interact with eachother. The meetings explore how we can create inclusive organizations, as well as how we overcome hurdles that prevent us from being ourselves, speaking out and stepping up. 

The WIN Corporate Program is a platform for leaders and organizations committed to creating conscious business, embracing diversity, innovating, developing inclusive practises and focusing on women and feminine leadership.

WIN is a leader with 20 years experience in designing, curating and running programs on diversity, inclusion, women leadership and conscious business. The Corporate Program forms part of the overall WIN vision to accelerate the development and growth of global, authentic and feminine leadership, and to ensure that businesses flourish and people thrive. Each year, the Corporate Forum consists of four half-day meetings as well as the full-day Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Forum, which are focused extensions of the many forums at our regional and Global WINConferences. 

Topics covered in the sessions range from attracting, retaining, developing and promoting female leaders, to creating a culture of collaboration and co-operation with men. The sessions also deal with new business trends, diversity of thinking, innovation and technology, culture, and running successful and creative business networks. WIN's trademark focus on beauty and authenticity shines through in all that we do and be assured, you will come away connected to your fellow participants, new ideas and yourself. By identifying key topics, this network of like-minded organizations creates real business benefits for all of its member organizations and individual participants alike. 

2018 Corporate Program Meetings

2 March  Annual Corporate D&I Forum: "Creating an Inclusive Organization" - Thomson Reuters, Geneva

12 June "Inclusion in Action: Closing the Gender Pay Gap" - PwC, Geneva

30 August  "Inclusion in Action: Activating Your Resilience" - PMI, Lausanne

6 November "Inclusion in Action: Uncover Your Authentic Leadership" - IKEA, Zurich 

2019 meetings planned at ICRC, Coty, SAP and Novartis. The 2019 Corporate Forum will take place in March. 

How does it work?

Corporate Program meetings are hosted by a member company and include an internal case-presentation as well as an external expert speaker. In some cases, a session may also take the format of a workshop to enhance skills. The meetings provide invaluable opportunities to foster dialogue with other leading international organisations, participate in exciting exchanges of ideas and information, promote team work through valuable networking opportunities and position the organisation in an environment of global, inclusive and feminine leadership. 

Purpose: Creating a flourishing business

Meeting Reports
Creating an Inclusive Organization: Accelerating Change
Inclusion in Action: Closing the Gender Pay Gap
Inclusion in Action: Activating Your Resilience
Who attends

Senior leaders, middle management, talent managers, strategy executives, HR executives and anyone interested in engagement, diversity and inclusion. Meetings have been held at HP, Lexmark, IMD, ICRC, IKEA, Tetrapak, IBM, Cisco, Nestle, P&G, PwC, PMI, Honeywell/Garrett, Shell, Thomson Reuters, Medtronic, SwissRe and many more. 




  • Corporate learning and development programmes
  • Corporate advice and strategy
  • Pre- and post-conference corporate activities
  • Supporting corporate elements, corporate speaking
  • Authentic leadership, networking with purpose and joy
  • Mindfulness, creativity, conscious business, communication and resilience training
  • Inclusion, women in leadership, feminine leadership and overall gender strategy