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Summer edition - A message from Kristin


Most of you reading this newsletter are in the midst of summer and are hopefully enjoying some lazy, sunny days.

Many of the leaders I speak to are masters at working in the masculine paradigm. They set goals, analyse, focus, build and compete in their businesses and interest areas. This is not the only way. Part of being a more feminine leader is to also know how to tune into a conscious connection with the environment around us including seasons; planting, blossoming, harvesting and hibernating. We can even listen for the season in which a project finds itself. There are projects we work on that follow the exact seasons of nature. We can also see seasons in a day. For ourselves, we learn to become more aware of the time in the day in which we have the most will power and yang energy and when we are more receptive in a ying mode. We listen and collaborate. We integrate to find balance and feel more energy.

As feminine leaders, let’s cultivate an awareness of our cycles and seasons inside and outside of ourselves. They help us understand how and where to place our attention in life and work. We want to become experts of knowing when to receive, innovate, build, harvest and let go.

Here’s to a magical July. I am off to learn something new and enjoy some nature too.

With love & courage,

Kristin Engvig

*The WIN office is open all summer with the exception of 1st and 2nd August.


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