Newsletter Thursday 21st September 2017

Happy International Peace Day

Dear Friend,

Sometimes it is the small things in life that can make a big difference.

An extra effort can go a long way – whether it is waking up ten minutes earlier to meditate, making a coffee for a busy colleague, or finding the time to support a friend.  It is by making this extra effort that we can get extraordinary results.

I am not only talking about productivity, but about how an extra effort can contribute towards creating a thriving world, thriving workplaces and thriving lives – for everyone.

These days it is very easy to live a “busy” life, full of emails, social media alerts and a schedule bursting at the seams.

In the middle of all this activity, what if you were to step away for a moment, shift your awareness and devote just a little energy to support a friend, family member or a colleague – or even a complete stranger? What if you were to make an extra effort to live your passion and realize your dream?

I am grateful for the many people who are making an extraordinary effort to travel to Oslo next week to take part in the Global WINConference. They include:

  • An inspirational American couple who are flying down specially to play for us alongside the talented Oslo Youth Orchestra
  • A committed Cameroonian woman who took an overnight bus to another city just to make her visa appointment
  • Two generous Turkish and American women who are sponsoring 6 amazing young women to come to the conference.
  • A lucky Italian woman whose aunt made an effort by giving her the conference ticket as a gift
  • Twenty six industrious volunteers from across the world who are working hand-in-hand with the WIN team to make the conference a success
  • Several purposeful women who are rescheduling their meetings to find the time to come to the conference
  • Many supportive partners who are stepping up to take care of their children while their other halves attend the conference

What touches my heart about WIN participants is that year after year, they make this extraordinary effort not just for themselves, but for the benefit of everyone attending the conference – and for those who will be touched and transformed by it afterwards.

It is still possible for you to join the WINConference. Now is the time to make that extra effort for yourself and for others.

It is vital that we come together with other fine individuals in this crucial moment.

It is important to do so now – not next week, next month, or next year.

And if you simply cannot join us this year, I encourage you to continue asking yourself: How can I make an extra effort for the people in my life? How can I contribute to create peace in the world?

And then go ahead and do it!

With love & courage,

Kristin Engvig

WIN Founder

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