Women’s Global Leadership Journey
Burga Neckermann
CEO High Perfomance Leadership Coach Dipl.Betriebswirt (FH)
Business Owner & Self Employed
For decades Burga Neckermann had the “privilege” of experiencing the dominant power structures in organizational and family systems; she lived them and studied them before she began training herself and others to think and act differently. Today she can guide you and your company into the era of new leadership. A key factor here is being aware of true power and true leadership, which corresponds to the long-lost feminine way of doing things, while still encompassing and integrating masculine qualities. The task is to bring these two back into balance in both men and women – to establish a corresponding leadership style and to restore the balance between feminine and masculine qualities in teams, regardless of the gender ratio. Burga will accompany you on your own personal journey towards genuine empowerment. The journey itself is a source of new strength, new solutions and lasting success.