Women’s Global Leadership Journey
Who we are

Our Values 

•  Global: fostering a global mindset and international exchange.
•  Authentic: inspiring each and everyone's natural being and unique contribution.
•  Holistic: integrating feminine values. Balance masculine traits typically dominating business and politics.
•  Practical: moving ideas into form.
•  Innovative: looking at how to create and encounter the future with ideas and innovations that works for all.
•  Focus on Possibilities: allowing ourselves to find and receive opportunities.
•  Interconnected: applying systemic approach, acknowledging our global responsibility and how every contribution matters. 

The Global WINConference

The Global WINConference is the most established European Women's forum. It was born in Milan in 1998. Every year more than 800 leaders from across the world join to increase the number of conscious women in decision making, prepare for the future, expand possibilities and realize new opportunities. It is a world-class pioneering 3+ day leadership learning extravaganza and a life changing experience. Check the next one 

Regional Conferences

Over the years with the help of local partners, the work of WIN has crossed frontiers and cultural boundaries. In 2009 the first Japan WINConference takes place in Tokyo. It runs annually since 2011In 2013, the first India WINConference takes place in New Delhi followed by the next in 2016. In 2017 the conference will be in Mumbai. In 2016 the first Nigeria WINConference holds in Abuja. 

The Corporate Program

The WIN Corporate Programme is a reference for leaders and companies committed to engaging talent and creating diverse and inclusive organizations, where business flourishes and people thrive. Companies participate in Corporate Forums during the WINConference and the acclaimed quarterly WIN Corporate Learning and Networking Group (CNG). Check the latest event

The Community & the Mobilizing Events

WIN runs networking and mobilizing events in Switzerland and abroad. Through our landmark Networking with Purpose and Pleasure workshop, mentoring and speaking we teach leaders a more mindful approach to networking, how to embody their feminine values, discover their authenticity and embrace global consciousness.

The WIN Fund

The WIN Fund provides scholarships and supports projects in Burundi, Cameroon and India. Conscious of our global responsibility and understanding our interconnectedness we join forces to progress our world. WIN offers free or subsidized conference participation to women who demonstrate the potential to become the leaders of tomorrow and/or are proven leaders operating in a challenging economic environment. Be a part of the solution and join us as we make a real difference. Learn more

A Leadership Journey 

WIN is a leadership journey: a path for doing business the authentic way. WIN inspires conscious women to step into decision making roles, progress their careers, and excel in politics and business while encouraging artists and activists as well as those at new frontiers. We work to develop ourselves on the inside, contributing with our authenticity, our hearts and integrating feminine values, supporting each other in making dreams come true. We also know it is not only about women. We work globally, with men and across generations to create worlds, work and lives that benefit all.