At WIN we work to increase a critical mass of women into decision making roles, to progress our careers, to create organizations with higher purpose, to encourage and support more women in politics and in business, to give space for artists and activists and campaigners.  We also know it is not only about women. We work to develop ourselves on the inside, allowing everyone to contribute with authenticity, from the heart and integrating feminine values. We connect. We work with men. We work globally. Solving the many challenges of our time requests your compassionate leadership and your vital passion to sustain it. Be a part of it.
About WIN
Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN models, develops, empowers and connects leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. It is the reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.  It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum - the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity.

A pioneer in the field of professional women’s conferences and leadership journeys on a global scale, WIN has welcomed thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies to live events worldwide.

With a creative and holistic take on traditional business topics, it transforms and celebrates women and companies. Our innovative initiatives are designed to listen and reflect to the desires of the modern working woman and to the companies of the future. WIN provides a platform and an environment that helps individuals and organizations move forward, realize their potential and focus on each person’s authentic contribution.

WIN inspires leaders to run companies and initiatives with noble values, and to fully live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm. It accelerates change by developing, empowering and connecting leaders to a global, authentic and feminine vision.

Through plenary sessions and workshops, the conference looks at the World, Work and You and how we can all make a contribution as agents of possibilities.
The WIN Team
WIN works with a year-round core paid team of 5-9 women including various freelancers. It also works with an IT firm, an accounting company, a web company and various other service providers. It is supported by an Advisory Board and sponsor companies. To strengthen the team during the highlights of the year, the week of the Global WINConference and regional events, a team of motivated volunteers of up to 25-30 talented women and men come together from over 17 different nationalities to work as a multi-faceted, yet unified, team.s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN models, develops, empowers and connects leaders in a feminine, authentic and global way. It is the reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion.  It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum - the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity. 
Kristin Engvig - WIN Founder
Kristin is the driving force behind WIN. She creates the look & feel, the overall theme & structure which also involves designing the learning program and writing the script and briefs. Kristin is also responsible for governance, strategy, the advisory board and fundraising. She involves team members and stakeholders in collaborative processes in all of the above.

She has dedicated the past 20 years to women’s leadership and organizational change, inspiring others to create a world where business and society flourish and all people thrive. Kristin created WINConference to bring alive her vision of ‘bringing a more feminine, global and sustainable way into work, communities and life’.
A thought leader in the field of creativity, feminine and authentic leadership, Kristin embraces our global responsibility through innovative corporate and leadership events and personal speaking engagements, with the aim of inspiring women worldwide to become agents of possibility.
Alma Moya Losada (Spain) – Marketing & Corporate Relations Manager
Alma has a dual responsibility at WIN: she manages WIN’s business and marketing strategy and oversees the project management of WIN’s global and regional conferences as well as corporate and networking events, along with building lasting relationship with existing and potential clients. Holding two master’s degrees in Business Management and in Marketing and Communication, she has 5+ years’ experience in top-tier multinational organisations leading and executing branding initiatives and various marketing projects. She demonstrated success and commitment in inspiring marketing ideas into new business opportunities.

Alma is full of dreams, passionate and always seeing life from a positive perspective. She loves travelling, scuba-diving, skiing and wake-surfing. Alma has a commitment for helping others and finding deeper meaning and gratification in her work by connecting with inspiring women and men through WIN.
Dominique Mutakwa (South Africa) - Speaker Relations
At WIN, Dominique manages all planning, communication and logistics for speakers at the WINConference. With a Marketing and Business Administration degree from the University of Natal in South Africa and having worked in the medical, media, mining and chemical industries, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in supply chain and relationship management to the team. Dominique sees the conference as a place to network, grow and learn from other global citizens. 
Claire Ullyet (South Africa) – Communication & Participant Relations
Claire manages internal communication and participant relations at WIN. With a background in media - working in television, radio, websites and magazines – and graphic design, she is passionate about design and the importance of creativity in our daily lives.

A love of travel (with a particular soft spot for Japan and the Nordics), helps strengthen her view that learning about new cultures and countries is equally important to any university qualification. . She is excited by the opportunity to be inspired by, and to learn from, the diverse array of interesting participants that WIN attracts.
Laura Preite (Italy) - Pr and Media Relations
Laura handles PR, social networks, press office and networking at WIN. She is a journalist with eight years’ experiences writing for national newspapers and news agencies in Italy. Laura has a degree in Political Science and a Master degree in Journalism. She brings skills in communication, social media management, storytelling and video journalism. Laura enjoys travelling and flamenco dance. She has a passion for women's rights and equality and she looks forward to be inspired and connected at the WINConference.
Mariana Prado (Argentina/Uruguay) Graphic Design
Mariana is behind the graphic work at WIN and manages some of the projects related to it. A graduate in Graphic Design from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, she holds a Marketing Postgrad from the Universidad de San Andres. After working for Zona Uno studio in 2001/02, she started her own company – GIOA, dedicated to the design and commercialization of women’s accessories in Argentina and Venezuela. 
In 2003 she set up her own web design venture. Mariana speaks Spanish, English and French. Her current responsibilities at WIN provide her with the opportunity to be in contact with women that are making a difference exercising leadership skills. 
Natalia Loyato (Argentina) - Corporate Relations and Business Development
Natalia is responsible for Corporate Relations and Business Development at WIN. She also manages WIN’s Corporate Learning and Networking Group Meetings (CNG) in Switzerland. She focuses her expertise and passion on building relationships and connecting people worldwide. She brings to WIN her marketing and commercial skills, having worked in multinational companies for more than 12 years. She has an adventurous spirit and keeps developing a global mind-set. Travelling has been a passion for Natalia as she has followed her husband to many countries in South America, Europe and Africa. In Ivory Coast she led a fascinating project for training and empowering young African women to develop their skills and find their first job. 
Her mother tongue is Spanish but she is also fluent in English, French and Portuguese. She is always willing to contribute in making a difference and inspiring woman worldwide.
Estela Lopez – (Mexico) Office and Logistics Relations Manager
As the Office Manager, Estela is responsible for organizing all administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the WIN office. She is also our Logistic Relation, where she is involved in the planning framework of the events at the Conferences’ Venues.

Estela has been living in Geneva, Switzerland for the past 5 years. She is a Mexican Accountant, who previously worked for Ernst & Young and SONY ATV Music Publishing in the auditing and financial fields in Mexico City. 
Linda Chang – Network Relations
Linda grew up in a Chinese entrepreneurial family in Germany and received both eastern and western education. Her cross-cultural background and curiosity brought her to creative studies, such as acting and marketing. She is passionate about travelling, foreign cultures and languages, which brought her to live in Germany, China and Italy. Thanks to her acting training and language skills she developed the ability to interact with people from different backgrounds and to appreciate their diversity. She takes care of all Network Relations and supports the exchange of giving, receiving and sharing between WIN and its partner networks. 
Vatsala Ghildiyal-Dobhal (India) - Communication Support and Office Relations
Vatsala is responsible for proof-reading, copyediting and communication support at WIN. Vatsala, a Masters in Social Work, has worked in Non-Governmental Organizations in rural and urban areas of India, focusing mainly on the issue of Women Empowerment. She brings skills in communication, event and project management to the WIN team. She enjoys reading about history, culture and theology. She looks forward to be inspired and enriched by the global set of participants and experiences awaiting her at the WINConference.
The Extended WIN Team
Nancy Fina – Photographer
Fashion and advertising photographer, published  worldwide in International fashion magazines and advertising campaigns for global brands. Her American joy of life, and Italian visual aesthetic, create a unique feminine visual sensitivity. Her secret passion is creating bespoke fashion portraits for women, not models. She has lived in Europe most of her life, world traveller, lover of different cultures, and passionate about sustaining women, excited about the future! She works out of Milan, Shanghai and Dubai  in fashion and advertising; offering creative and dedicated service to her clients internationally.
Rosellina Garbo – Photographer
She is a dancer turned photographer. She began taking pictures with the desire to share those emotions from the stage, a world in which she had once lived. She is official photographer at the "Teatro Massimo" and "Conservatory of Music V. Bellini" in Palermo where she is based and is also a consultant for Palermo International Airport. Previously, she was a consultant for Council for Culture of the City of Palermo, “Fondazione Amici della Musica" and "Palermo in Danza" an international appointment for dancers and dance lovers. Her pictures are exhibited in Palermo, Milan and in Hanghzoe, Lishui, Zhengzhou, China. 
The 2016 WIN Volunteer Team
Aamirah Patel • Agnieszka Majszczyk • Alba Aceto • Alessandra Pucci Daniele • Amal Safi • Andrea Delannoy • Anett Hrubiak • Carol Bourg • Isabella Aldovini • Kummy Chhabra • Lenka Mrazova • Ludovica Manfredini • Margarita Beltran • Margrit Mau • Mariantonietta Brunengo • Marta Schneider • Nancy Fina • Nancy Escoto • Preety Ummole • Roberta Gasparetti • Rosellina Garbo • Sile O'Broin • Simona Cardamone • Teruyo Kayo • Theresa Morelli • Vendulka Raymova • Wendy Aulsebrook • Ying Wu

WIN Contacts

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Corporate Relations and Business Development: Natalia Loyato corporate[at]

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Communication and Participant Relations: Claire Ullyet communication[at]

PR and Media Relations: Laura Preite pr[at] 

Networks: Linda Chang  network[at]

Supplier Relations and Scholarships: Estela Lopez info[at]

For any other queries, please send an email to info[at] and we will direct you to the appropriate person.

WIN Collaborators
WIN works with the support of the following companies:
WIN also appreciates the contribution of the following people for video-editing and production: Luca Rechsteiner, Lisa Tucci.
Kristin Engvig

Norwegian founder of the WINConference, Kristin Engvig, believes women’s authentic and empowered leadership is a vital responsibility of our time. She also believes we are evolving to become conscious global citizens and that we speed up that process by emerging ourselves into diverse environments.

With more than two decades of daily experiences working with women from all continents, exploring authentic and creative approaches to leading in a feminine way and integrating feminine values into organizations, out into the world and in her own life, she finds this time very inspiring. 


As pioneering social entrepreneur and a thought leader, she has dedicated the past 20 years to women’s leadership and organizational change, working on inspiring others to create a world where business and society flourish and all people thrive. With a background as a decision maker in global companies, a consultant and subsequently embracing a new role as a social artist, Kristin transformed her vision of ‘bringing a more feminine, global and sustainable vision into work, communities and life’ into an annual conference inspiring women worldwide;  empowering, developing and connecting leaders. Her creation, WIN (Women’s International Networking), has developed into worldwide global leadership and learning events that serve as a reference for conscious leaders and future oriented organizations. Kristin connects and creates innovative programs based on integrated feminine values, global responsibility and her sense of what is emerging. 

Now in its 20th year, the annual global WINConference has become known as the preferred women’s leadership forum. It is today the largest and most established leadership and networking forum of its kind and has been attended by close to 15000 leaders and is becoming a movement. It is present in several countries, India and Japan the most important outside of Europe.

She also took her mindful networking way and created the WINConnect mobilizing women workshops to connect people, ways, dreams, ideas and energy with purpose, passion and pleasure. It has been run across the planet.

In addition, Kristin consults with leading companies and is a frequent speaker at leadership conferences. Working in her early career for JPMorgan, Citibank, Innovation Norway, and as an international strategy and marketing consultant, gave her a solid base from which to create WIN. Kristin has an MSc in business and marketing from BI, Oslo and an MBA from Bocconi. She has trained as an actress, has studied and practises Zen and Kundalini yoga for decades and researches, writes and leads the WIN leadership journey. She is the mother of Leonardo, 15 and lives in Europe.

Kristin encourages all women and men to live creatively, peacefully, authentically and to take action from such a place, creating a sustainable future for everyone. She is living proof that a vision can become a reality by working in a feminine, authentic and global way - opening possibilities for others and yourself along the way.

Kristin says ‘we embark on conscious journeys and WIN is an expression of my inner and outer journey and that of the feminine emerging. And it is not an individual journey, it is a collective journey, a journey of the women at WIN, those from the companies, the speakers, the participants, the entire team, all the women we meet and those we don’t meet. I believe it represents the voice of so many conscious and leading women around the planet today. I believe it also resonates with many a man.’


- Named among Diversity Global Magazine's Top 10 Influential Women in Global Diversity, 2015

- Benefit Corporation – Advisory Board Member 2016-2017

- Co-written and co-produced the film ‘In the Right Light’

- Executive Producer of film: ‘Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake’

- Finalist in the European Women of the year award

- Winner of the TIAW (The International Alliance of Women) award in 2010

- President of PWA Milan 

- Co-founder of EPWN (Global PWN)

- Member of numerous women’s networks and associations across the world


When I am well connected to others, to myself and to my intuition, I feel safe inside and it is easier to take risk.
"- I feel like expressing to you my satisfaction and gratitude for attending WIN conference. It can be a life changing experience in many respects, depending on what you decide to do with it."
Hiro Athanassiou, VP Marketing U/L Greece, Cyprus

WIN, c/o CBC-L Rue du Simplon 37, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland | Phone: +41 21 612 03 54 | Fax:  +41 21 612 03 51 | Email: