Women’s Global Leadership Journey

Mobilizing Women Athens

29 May 2019  |  The Cube 


The iconic leadership experience, the Global WINConference will be in Athens this year – will you be a part of it?

We have convened women in Geneva, Rome, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Oslo, Milan, Lausanne, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Delhi, Abuja and and and… Now we will be in Athens 2-4 October 2019 to celebrate the WIN-WIN approach to work and life. 

Born in 1997 to build bridges between women of different backgrounds and gather associations, networks and leading-edge companies and institutions from around the world, Women’s International Networking, has been on an important journey to bring a more feminine vision to the world. Since 1997 much has happen and now an increasing number of men, join the meeting which now is coming to the Greek capital which will be important.

The WINConference is a shining light amongst the myriads of meetings available today. Its vision, mission and teaching on contributing authentically, embracing our interconnectedness, integrating all of yourself and bringing value to feminine qualities show the way while creating change ‘in the moment’. We are set to create new ways of working living and leading that bring purpose, passion and compassion into all that we do. It offers plenary talks, hands on workshops, coaching and working forums.

Information Meeting & Workshop: Empowering, Connecting & Developing Leaders the Global, Feminine & Authentic Way

Besides informing you about how you can become involved in the meeting in October, you are invited to join WIN’s classic network with purpose, passion and pleasure workshop. Together we will explore what it means to take our world, work and lives to the next level, providing a snapshot of what we can do when hundreds of us come together for the Global WINConference. In the beginning, participants will learn about some amazing women and hear about WIN’s vision and mission in the world. WIN will also listen actively to the needs and dreams of women living and working in Athens. 

Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019

Programme: The event will include a Mobilizing Workshop and a discussion focusing on making things happen and mobilizing others.

Participants: The event is open to all those interested, women and men, including members of women’s networks, entrepreneurs and individuals. Around 40-60 participants will join. 

Cost: The event is free, but registration is compulsory. 
After the event, an informal networking cocktail will be available for participant's own expense.


18:30     Arrival and Coffee & Tea

19:00     Information Meeting and Workshop




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