The Scholarship Program

WIN donates money each year to provide scholarships for unprivileged women who wants to attend the conference. Donate to the WIN Fund and become a part of empowering more women worldwide. To donate click here

The number of applicants for a scholarship is increasing dramatically and we highly encourage you to apply for funding from other foundations and seek support from organizations around the world supporting women. If you need some good arguments for why the WIN experience is so useful, write to us and we will support you with your application. 

Scholarship applications open on 1 June 2017. Please do not apply before this date. 

To apply, please send an email to the scholarship office at with the following:

- Your motivation for wanting to join our event;

- How you believe you can contribute to the Global WINConference 2017;

- How you foresee the WINConference experience helping you, your organisation or community;

- A brief explanation of why you are in need of financial support to attend the conference; Curriculum Vitae or short bio.

The scholarship will cover the conference fee and will not include flights or accommodation.

Closing date for applications: 1 August 2017.

WIN, c/o CBC-L Rue du Simplon 37, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland | Phone: +41 21 612 03 54 | Fax:  +41 21 612 03 51 | Email: