Women’s Global Leadership Journey

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Feeling enthusiastic about sharing your commitment to women and a more sustainable world too? How about making sure your contribution and your brand are visible in front of and alongside an incredible network of awake, empowered, intelligent, inspired, global and innovative women? 

An increasing number of men are joining them and sponsoring the Global WINConference is a chance for you to connect with these conscious leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who share a vision to change the world through their purpose and passion at work and in life.

These are the highly educated, skilled, global, digitally savvy and experienced women who know their authentic self and wish to align their purpose with companies ready to create a thriving future in collaboration with them. Besides their technical skills and knowledge, they are generous and powerful and already expanding the new paradigm emerging on the planet – the feminine paradigm of collaboration, intuition, grace, creativity, passion and compassion. 


This initiative is about so much more than gender. WIN considers organizations who share our vision and mission, who are able to actively contribute to the empowerment of women and the development of their careers, who strive to operate in a more conscious way, as they not only wish to create a thriving future for themselves but also the environment and communities they are part of. We work with organizations who proactively address sustainability, inclusion and diversity issues in the workplace and in society.



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