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Thank you to those who assited and helped make it a success!


 Women Shaping the Future of Japan

A Women’s Leadership Event

ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo, Japan - 18-19 May 2012


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Women Shaping the Future of Japan- A Women’s Leadership Event,

at ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo, Japan - 18th May 2012 ( for more information click here)

to see photos click here

日本の将来に貢献する女性達 - 女性の為のリーダーシップ・イベント

 開催日:2012年5月18日(金)会場:  ANAインターコンチネンタル・ホテル東京(日本)




Women are initiating, leading and shaping the future of initiatives and organisations across different fields, industries, companies, communities and nations.


Come and explore with us how we as women can accelerate the journey, make it easier, grow skills and confidence to take charge in a feminine, authentic and global way. The event will give you inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for the future.



18th May all day  (with post conference networking workshop on 19th May).


Tokyo - Japan


Women and men in middle to upper management of companies, consultants, small entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, anyone interested in the topic and who embrace positive changes in their work and life…. YOU!


An event, where participants will be updated on the global and Japanese environment in which we currently find ourselves and the emerging trends. We will identify the opportunities that lie ahead for women, as well as for the men championing a more balanced business environment in Japan and worldwide. We will ask the companies leading the way to share with us what they are doing to embrace women in business and how women are impacting business models and bottom lines. And hear from women whose careers stand out and discover how their courage, perseverance and feminine touch have helped them move ahead and even pave the way for others. Through listening to their stories you will gain new insights into possible career moves and how to navigate in a constantly changing environment externally as well as internally. The event will give you time and space to value or re-evaluate your career to date. It will inspire you to take the next step, contributing with your uniqueness where you are most needed. A selection of personal development will be at offer.


To prepare for the future, get inspired, reenergized, get informed, inform, learn new skills and attitudes, contribute, share and connect with outstanding leaders from Japan and also from around the world.




To become a speaker/workshop speaker please write to speaker@winconference.net.

For more information, download the pdf  How to become a Speaker or Workshop Leader...pdf (291.99 kB)


.To become a sponsor, an affiliated network or an active participant please write to info@winconference.net.

Write to us if you are:

  • An international multinational already active in developing women leaders;
  • An international and national women’s network in Japan;
  • An international organization, expat group or women’s association;
  • A women’s entrepreneurship group;
  • A press agency.

Industry Sponsor - Gold



Calbee, Inc. was founded in Hiroshima in 1949, and is headquartered in Tokyo. We are engaged in the production, sale, import and export of snacks and other food products. Our corporate identity says “We are committed to harnessing nature's gift, to bringing taste and fun, and to contributing to the healthy lifestyles. ”For over 60 years, Calbee has continuously launched innovative products, including Shrimp Crackers, Potato Chips, Fruits Granola, Jagarico and Jagabee. Thanks to our loyal customer base, all those brands are everyone’s all-time favorite. On March 11, 2011, marks Calbee’s next big step as the company was listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. We take this new challenge to become a global leader in the snack and food business.

Diversity and inclusion is one of the most important commitments at Calbee.  The idea reflects our Corporate Vision: “We must earn respect, admiration and love firstly of our customers, suppliers and distributors, secondly of our employees and their families, thirdly of the communities, and finally of our stockholders.”

Supporting the W.I.N. conference encourages us not only to promote diversity within the Calbee Group, but to contribute to Japanese women's social advancement. We are proud to support W.I.N. as a gold sponsor, and it is a great pleasure that the global event this year will be held in Japan.


Kirin Holdings Company Limited was established in 1907. (At that time, it was established as Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd). The Kirin Group is one of the leading food and beverage manufacturers in Asia and Oceania. Our Core businesses cover an extensive range of products from alcohol and soft drinks to dairy foods, health foods and pharmaceuticals. The Kirin Group is an international enterprise employing about 40,000 people worldwide.

Each of the Kirin Group companies aligns its R&D, product development, manufacturing, and marketing processes to create value that meets the health needs of consumers. The Kirin Group has been listening to customers and translating their health needs into a variety of products that have gained broad acceptance. We will continue to focus our technical and creative prowess on "people, nature and craftsmanship to redefine the joy of food and health" as called for in the Kirin Group's Identity Statement.

The Kirin Group believes in a corporate culture that encourages employees with diverse talents to interact freely with each other and meet their potential; such a culture will sustain the Group in delivering a new joy of food and health to as many people as possible. Leveraging the talents and skills of diverse employees will meet the social needs arising from the changing demography, diversifying values in society at large, and globalization.

Therefore the Kirin Group will fully support the Women’s International Networking Japan WINConference in Tokyo. We hope this conference will advance diversity and inclusion in the Japanese society, and especially help create more opportunities for Japanese women.



suntorylogo_forweb orig


 Suntory was founded in 1899 and has been enriching the lives of people around the world for more than a century.

Today, the Suntory group consists of 199 companies around the world in number of fields; such as soft drinks, liquor, including whisky, wine and beer, food products, flowers, restaurants, sports, and others. Suntory has over 28,000 employees.

Suntory’s origins date back to 1899, when founder Shinjiro Torii introduced Japan’s first wine into the market. In 1929,Japan’s first domestic whiskey, Shirofuda hit the market. Suntory went on to create a number of other fine whiskies, and has been credited for creating an appetite for Western style spirits in Japan. These successes were followed by a full scale movement to beer, soft drinks and food products which resulted in Suntory becoming one of Japan’s leading food and drink manufacturers.

Suntory also pursues wide-ranging of social and cultural activities such as arts and sports. A sense of responsibility, and a firm belief in Suntory's corporate philosophy "In Harmony with People and Nature", the Suntory group strives to become a company, “Growing for Good”.

Suntory is proud to become a gold sponsor for the Japan WINConference, as we value and support diversity for a sustainable future. We believe and hope that through this conference, we will be able to encourage and empower Japanese women to lead a successful career.


In its global portfolio of food and beverage brands, PepsiCo has 22 different brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. Our main businesses also make hundreds of other enjoyable foods and beverages that are respected household names throughout the world. With net revenues of over $65 billion, PepsiCo’s people are united by our unique commitment to sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet, which we believe also means a more successful future for PepsiCo. We call this commitment Performance with Purpose: PepsiCo’s promise to provide a wide range of foods and beverages for local tastes; to find innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment, including by conserving energy and water usage, and reducing packaging volume; to provide a great workplace for our associates; and to respect, support, and invest in the local communities where we operate. For more information, please visit www.pepsico.com.

PepsiCo is proud to partner with W.I.N in this important event in Japan. We share a common purpose in advocating for greater gender diversity as an enabler for innovation and a sustainable future by creating forums and networks for developing and empowering women leaders.



Lumina Learning is a global community of humanistic performance consultants who help transform organisations by transforming their people. Our flagship product is Lumina Spark, the latest innovation in professional development and assessment tools that breaks free from the world of dry, out-of-date psychometrics and stereotyping personality tests. Lumina Spark is the result of years of research combining expert knowledge with human integrity, building on precisely what works and eliminating what doesn’t in psychometric assessment for businesses. Our frameworks and interventions aid self-understanding and rapport-building in a way that is authentic and practical, yet easily customisable to suit your needs and values. 3 years since its start, Lumina Learning has established itself as a global pioneer in organisational development with offices in 10 countries and its products translated into 15 different languages.


 Name badges provide identity. In face to face contact, they communicate personal identification together with corporate branding. Unisto name badges are available in a variety of different designs.

Renowned corporations from all industry sectors are our customers worldwide. And we also develop customer specific solutions. Like for Japan WINConference, the name badge you wear is the result of a co creation between Unisto and W.I.N


IHT logo 2010

 The International Herald Tribune (IHT) is the premier international newspaper for opinion leaders and decision-makers around the globe. It combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times, is printed at 40 sites throughout the world and is for sale in more than 180 countries. Based in Paris since 1887, the IHT is owned by The New York Times Company. For more information about the IHT, visit ihtinfo.com.



Dale Carnegie Training: proven 100 year track record, over 8 million graduates, 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are clients, 86 country global network, 30 languages, 50 years in Japan, Japanese and English delivery.  After being around for 100 years you pick up a few ideas about people performance development – we have stood the test of time. Our training transforms the lives and careers of women in Japan, so we support WIN.


The Association for Women in Finance (AWF) is a Tokyo-based volunteer organization that aims to provide women in finance a forum in which they can further their professional development, network and exchange information, and meet like-minded women of all nationalities.

金融業界で働く女性の会 は、東京を ベース とするボランティア組織で、金融業界の仕事に携わる女性に交流の場を提供することを目的としています。この交流の場では、参加者の キャリアを発展させ 、幅広い人脈を作り、情報交換をし、 同じように活躍する 各国の女性と出会うことができます。



The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) was established in 1948 as a means of developing commerce between the U.S. and Japan, to promote the interests of U.S. companies, and to improve the international business  environment in Japan. Today the ACCJ has offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and represents over 2,700 members from more than 1,000 companies in over 40 countries. 



  1. Conference fees/ カンフェレンス参加費
  2. Payment in JPY Credit Card and Bank transfer/ 支払い方法(日本円) クレジット・カード又は銀行送金
  3. Terms and conditions: Registration & Cancellation Policy/ レジストレーション(申し込み)&キャンセレーション条項
  4. Accommodation in Tokyo
  5. Useful information about Japan
  6. Register ONLINE  / オンライン・レジストレーション(申し込み(Higly recommended, download the registration guide) /ダウンロード・レジストレーション・ガイド
  7. Download offline registration form in Japanese /ダウンロード・マニュアル・レジストレーション・フォーム(日本語)
  8. Download offline registration form in English/ ダウンロード・マニュアル・レジストレーション・フォーム(英語)


Registration and Cancellation policy for participation at Japan WINConference 2012 :


1.     Conference fees:

Type of Ticket

Early   Bird*

1   March- 17 April

Full Rate,

17 April-17 May

Standard Ticket JPY 38 000 JPY 48 000
SubsidizedTicket JPY 28 000 JPY 38 000


*Please note, that promotional price is valid only when it`s paid before the end of the promotional period.
10’000 yen in discount on Standard Price for members of WIN partner networks and sponsors

Above fees include: lunch on 18 May, all coffee breaks, a cocktail buffet on 18 May and conference on 19 May. Some exceptions may apply for special registration categories and ticket discounts.

All Conference Fees are quoted in JPY and billed €uroequivalent to JPY of 38 000 / 48 000 etc, based on an exchange rate of  Euro 1 = JPY 108.180 You may check on www.xe.com to see the last months Euro/JPY rate.

Disclaimer: Early Bird discounts are no longer valid if fees are not paid in full by end of stated promotion periods: 17 April.

All Conference Fees are quoted in JPY.Standard ticket: Includes all the sessions. 

  • Standard Ticket applies to all professional participants (entrepreneurs, consultants, professionals, corporations etc), 
  • Subsidized Ticket: for women in transition, students, pensioners, NGOs.
  • Scholarships available – apply by 15th April (CV, motivation, why you can not pay) 

Scholarships: There is a limited number of free conference tickets available for exceptional professionals and young women leaders. Please send you application to participant@winconference.netbefore the 15 of April 2012, including:

1) A letter stating:

  • Your motivation of why you want to join our event
  • How you believe you can contribute to Japan WINConference  2012
  • Brief explanation of why you are in need of financial support to attend the conference

2) Curriculum Vitae, resume or short bio summary

Please note that scholarship does not cover your travel, accommodation or other expenses in Japan.


If you register under a special category (speaker, workshop leader etc) please indicate category and ticket code.


2.     Payment in JPY Credit Card and Bank transfer

W.I.N. accepts payments by VISA and Master Card in JPY. Credit card charge fee is JPY 1200 ,the credit card fees are shared between the participant and W.I.N.

Payment in JPY by Bank transfer **

Bank Credit Suisse - Lausanne Account Name W.I.N.
  Rue Pichard 22 Account Number 867404-42-1
  1002 Lausanne Swift Code CRES CHZZ 80A
  Switzerland Bank Clearing 4835
IBAN CH57 0483 5086 7404 4200 1 Currency JPY

**Important: any bank charges to be covered by a payer. The beneficiary (W.I.N.) to receive the full invoiced amount.


3.     Terms and conditions:

Registration and Cancellation Policy for Japan WINConference 18 May 2012

The event fee can be paid with either credit card in JPY or in Euro (credit card charge fees are shared between the participant and W.I.N. ) or bank transfer.

 Registration is not complete until all fees are paid in full. The promotional price is valid only when it`s paid before the end of the promotional period.

All participant registration fees must be paid in full by 17th May to attend any part of the conference. Participants with ‘electronic codes’ still need to complete the registration process, all ‘electronic codes’ allocated to participants and companies must be used no later than 3 May 2012.

Substitutions are welcome at any time with a JPY 16200 or Euro 150 administration charge plus the variation in price if substitution takes place in a different promotion period. No substitutions will be allowed after 10th May. Passes are personal and for security reasons they cannot be shared. Registrations paid and received after 3 May are subject to an additional JPY 10000 or Euro 100 in administrative fee. If registration fee is paid by bank transfer, please ensure to bring a copy of the receipt to show proof of payment. Registrations and profile updates must be received by 4 May 2012 to ensure inclusion in the Networking booklet. 

Registration  online is open until 17th May.



Cancellation fees before 3 May 2012: 50%. Starting from 4 May 2012: 100%. (Fax: + 41216120351 or email: participant@winconference.net).

This means if you are registered and cancel before you transferred payment, you are still obliged to pay the full registration fee as a cancellation fee. Registered participants who fail to attend and do not cancel in writing to W.I.N. by 3 May will be invoiced 100% of all fees.

Accommodation  in ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Each participant is responsible for her/his accommodation in Tokyo. We recommend ANA Intercontinental hotel, official venue of W.I.N. 2012 http://www.anaintercontinental-tokyo.jp/e/ANA Intercontinental Hotel and W.I.N. have an agreement to offer special room rates during the conference. The number of rooms is limited.

Book your room online:http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/intercontinental/en/gb/dates-preferences/TYOHC?groupCode=DD6

Book your room by phone: Important: Please while booking mention that you are coming for Japan WINConference. Tel: 81-3-35051111, fax: 81-3-35051155 Please make sure that you receive a confirmation of your booking from the hotel.

Classic Room SGL/DBL - JPY 21'000

Executive Deluxe Room SGL/DBL - JPY 26'000

Club Intercontinental Room SGL/DBL - JPY 33'000

Please note that these rates do not reflect the following current fees & taxes: (i)Service fee of 10%; (ii) the Government sales tax of 5% per room nightly; and (iii) the Tokyo City Hotel tax of 200JPY per room nightly. All taxes are subject to change


About Japan

Japan is situated in north-eastern Asia between the North Pacific and the Sea of Japan. Japan consists of four major islands, surrounded by more than 4,000 smaller islands.

Japan's population is over 126 million. Most Japanese reside in densely populated urban areas. Japan's capital city is Tokyo. The population of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area including the city, some of its suburbs and the surrounding area is approximately 12 million.


About Tokyo

One of the most populous cities in the world. A thriving center of economy, culture and industry.

Tokyo consists of the southwestern part of the Kanto region, the Izu Islands, and the Ogasawara Islands.

Tokyo is not only the political and economical center of Japan, it has also emerged as a center of the world economy and culture.



There is only one official language spoken in Japan, which is of course Japanese. However, many Japanese are able to understand English to a certain extent since English is the foreign language that everyone must learn as part of compulsory education.


Money Exchange

There is no limit on the amount of any currency that may be brought into or taken out of Japan. However, if you transport (any currencies, checks, securities or other monies) exceeding 1,000,000 yen worth in Japanese currency into or out of the country then you must complete a customs declaration.

Credit cards such as American Express, VISA, Diners Club and MasterCard andTravellers Checks are accepted by leading banks, hotels and stores in major cities.

The unit of Japanese currency is yen. 1 Euro = 108 yen, please check the rate at www.xe.com




The voltage used throughout Japan is uniformly 100 volts, A.C. There are two kinds of frequencies in use; 50 Hertz in eastern Japan and 60 Hertz in western Japan (including Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka). A convertible type of electrical appliance such as a hair dryer, travel iron and shaver will therefore be handy; otherwise a step-down transformer is required to convert the voltage.There are no columnar-shaped plugs or 3-pin plugs used in Japan but 2-flat-pin plugs are used instead. It is therefore advised to purchase a plug adapter beforehand.





The plum blossom is a good sign that the cold winter will soon end and spring is just around the corner, followed by the cherry blossom at its best in the Tokyo area between the end of March and the beginning of April to bring this beautiful season to a climax. Splendid views of mountains, fields and gardens all blanketed in gentle pink abound in this season.
Clothing: light jackets, light sweaters and other similar kinds of tops.


Time Differences

All of Japan is in the same time zone, 9 hours ahead of G.M.T.


More information about Japan read here: www.jnto.go.jp



Japan WINConference  

 Women Shaping the Future of Japan, ANA Intercontinental Hotel, Tokyo, Japan - 18- 19 May 2012

Agenda in Japanese




May 18th

8.00    Registration opens


8:30    Morning Welcome Coffee


9:00    Plenary: Opening Ceremony

          Akiko Iwaki - Harpist

          Kristin Engvig, Norwegian, Founder and Director, Women's International Networking

          Umran Beba, Turkish, President, PepsiCo,Asia Pacific Region

          Akira Matsumoto, Japanese, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Calbee, Inc


10:00  Plenary: The Global Picture: What’s going on?

           We discuss the context in which we are working and the trends which lie ahead.

  • What are some of the economic, political and social global trends happeningg in the world today?
  • Where is Japan in this context?
  • What is the situation of women in Japan?
  • How can leaders, women and men best see opportunities and prepare for the future?

         Akiko Iwaki - Harpist

         Kathy Matsui, American, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan co, Ltd

         Tsuyoshi Komori, Japanese, Market Leader, Senior Partner, Mercer Japan

         Melanie Brock, Australian, Regional Manager-Japan, Meat & Livestock Australia


11:00  Coffee Break


11:30  Plenary: The Future of Work: Where do we want to be?

           Which are the organizations conciously leading the way and what can be learnt from them? What will the company of the future look like?

  • How are they creating inclusive and sustainable business cultures while embracing women, diversity and healthy wotk life balance opportunities?
  • What are the strategies, programmes and initiatives to create such a concious culture?
  • How are women impacting business models and bottom lines?

       Yuka Tanimoto, Japanese, Journalist/Newscaster

       Yoshimi Ogawa, Japanese, President, Index Corporation

       Mika Masuyama, Japanese, Partner, Egon Zehnder International

       Vicki Beyer, American/Australian, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley

       Miki Tsusaka, Japanese/American, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group


13:00  5 Star Networking Lunch


14:00  Breakout Sessions -  Forum & Workshops

This is a time for you to value or re-evaluate your career and prepare for a next step contributing with your uniqueness where you are most needed. A numbers of parallel sessions on topics that could include topics such as-


         Forum on Diversity & Inclusion

           Megumi Umeda, Japanese, Japan Diversity & Inclusion Leader, IBM

           Pamela Culpepper, American, SVP, Global Diversity & Inclusion Chief Officer, PepsiCo

           Reika Izumikawa, Japanese, Store Mananger, IKEA Mistro-store, IKEA JAPAN K.K.

           Amita Chaudhury, Indian, Global Diversity Director, Unilever Asia Private Limited

           Hisako Kaneko, Japanese, General Manager, HR Competence Centre, Chief Diversity Officer, AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd

           Winnie Ng, Hong Kong Chinese, Diversity & Inclusion Mananger, Community Business




          ws1. Developing Your Presence by Yuko Morimoto, Japanese, President, Global Competency, Inc.

          ws2. Master of your own world with the art of energy by Louise Mita, American, Founder, The Art of Energy,Inc & Integrative Quantum Medicine.

          ws3. "Shrew Shakespeare" - How To Disagree (Agreeably) With Men by Dr.Greg Story, Australian, President, Dale Carnegie Training, Japan.   

          ws4. Personal Empowerment by Suzanne Price, British, President, Price Global.

          ws5. Defining and aligning your personal values and actions for "authentic" leadership by Yuriko Miyazaki, Japanese, HRD/OD Consultant, Krene K.K.                    


15:30  Coffee Break


16:00  Plenary: The Future of Careers: Where do we want to be?

 Careers moves, transitions and navigating in a constantly changing environment.

 As we look at how to create our own future, we will explore some possible career moves, transitions and ways of navigating in  a constantly changing  environment, externally as well as internally. Ultimately, we will discuss the importance of being authentic, adding the feminie dimension and becoming a global player as we connect to women around the world.

  • What are women whose careers stand out doing?
  • How has their courage and perserverance and feminine touch helped them move ahead and even pave the way for others?

        Elizabeth Handover, British, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning

        Fumiko Hayashi, Japanese, Mayor of Yokohama

        Kyoko Yokota, Japanese, CEO, Colabolabo

        Tomomi Fukumoto, Japanese, Suntory Hall Executive Director,Suntory Foundation for ARTS

        Junko Tsuboi, Japanese, General Manager of CSR Manangement & Corporate Communications Department, Kirin Holdings

        Mohau Pheko, South African, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Republic of South Africa Tokyo


17:30  Closing Plenary: Realizing You

           As we close, we will take a closer look at how we can realize our own full potential as we contribute to evolving our work and world into a place that benefits all. We ask how to find clarity, enthusiasm, commitment and care while giving and receiving support along the way.


         Louise Mita, American, Founder, The Art of Energy, Inc & Intergrative Quantum Medicine

         Karen Tse, American, Founder & CEO, International Bridges to Justice                  

         Kristin Engvig, Norwegian, Founder & Director, Women's International Networking  


18:00 – 19:30  Buffet Cocktail

          Akiko Iwaki - Harpist

          Shingo Nishizawa - Tenor



19th May              Day 2 - Connecting to the Global Agenda


7:45    Lumina Learning Debrief by Elizabeth Handover, British, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning


8:45    Coffee Break


9:00     Workshops

              ws1. Communicating For Success by Elizabeth Handover, British, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning

              ws2. Power In Your Walk by Steven.A.Haynes, American, Universal Charisma Trainer, Steven Style


10:30    Coffee Break


11:00    Managing Energy by Louise Mita, American, Founder, The Art of Energy,Inc & Integrative Quantum Medicine.


11:30    Networking with Stories from around the World


12:15    Closing


12:30    The End




Umran Beba _web

 Umran Beba,Turkish, President, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region

Umran Beba was named President, Asia Pacific Region, PepsiCo, in February, 2010. In this role Ms. Beba, an 18-year PepsiCo veteran, oversees PepsiCo’s businesses throughout Asia-Pacific, spanning over 20 countries. As an active champion of Diversity and Inclusion, Ms. Beba has led many of PepsiCo’s Female Talent development efforts. In her time at PepsiCo Asia Pacific, the ratio of female executives has increased from 26% to 33%, and in February 2012, PepsiCo Asia Pacific was awarded “Asia’s Most Women Friendly Employer of the Year” at the Women In Leadership Asia Awards in Kuala Lumpur. In September, 2011, Fortune magazine named Ms. Beba #25 in its international list of the Most Powerful Women in Business. Ms. Beba is a Board Member of Calbee Group Japan, and an Advisory Council Member for the Women International Network (WIN), the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, and “Mentorship for Women for Board Seats” in Turkey. 



Akira Matsumoto 2_web

Akira Matsumoto, Japanese, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Calbee, Inc.

Akira Matsumoto joined the Itochu Corporation in 1972.  In 1993, he moved to Johnson & Johnson, where he was appointed as the Representative Director and General Manager of the Ethicon Endo-Surgery business division.  In 1999, he was promoted to President of Johnson & Johnson K.K. and subsequently the company’s senior advisor in 2008.  During his nine-year tenure as President of Johnson & Johnson K.K., sales grew fourfold, with sales and profit expanding every fiscal year he was in charge. In 2008, he was appointed as Director of Calbee and then, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board and CEO in the following year at Calbee’s 60th anniversary.  With his strong leadership, Calbee has been operating under a slimmed-down, speeded-up management structure, tasked with delivering a higher level of sustainable, profitable growth.  He has already fulfilled his commitment in his first few years at Calbee to conclude a strategic alliance with PepsiCo, Inc., creating a partnership based on shared ideals, and to lead Calbee to be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 11, 2011. Diversity and Inclusion is also one of the most important commitments he made for Calbee’s sustainable growth.  He organized a dedicated team to implement diversity and their continuous activities have been making a considerable progress.

Kathy Matsui photo_web

 Kathy Matsui, American, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan co., Ltd.

Managing Director, Chief Japan Equity Strategist, Co-head of Economics, Commodities and Strategy (ECS) Research in Asia, Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Kathy joined Goldman Sachs in 1994 and was named partner in 2000. She is a member of the firm’s the Asia Pacific Management Committee, Partnership Committee, and the Diversity Committee.  She has been ranked #1 in Japan Equity Strategy byInstitutional Investormagazine multiple times, and was chosen in 2007 by theWall Street Journalnewspaper as one of the "10 Women to Watch in Asia" for her work on the "Womenomics" theme. Kathy serves on the board of the Asian University for Women Support Foundation, is a member ofKeizai Doyukai, a leading Japanese business organization, and a trustee of the American School in Japan. Kathy earned a BA,magna cum laude, in Social Studies from Harvard University and an MA from Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies.




Tsuyoshi Komori, Japanese, Market Leader, Senior Partner, Mercer Japan

Tsuyoshi Komori is the Representative Director and President of Mercer’s Japan operations. He has led various consulting activities, in particular for clients undergoing the critical stages of M&A and globalization. As a senior partner of the firm, he is leading Mercer’s diversity and inclusion efforts in Asia Pacific Region.  Before joining Mercer, he worked for McKinsey & Company, where he supported numerous global and Japanese clients on critical top management issues. Prior to McKinsey, he worked for Nippon Life Insurance Company, where he worked in the HR department and at the sales and marketing headquarters. He holds an MBA from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a BA from Hitotsubashi University. He loves single malt whisky, vegetable gardening, and karate. He has been personally helping tsunami-stricken areas in north east Japan since April 2011.



Melanie Brock web 3

Melanie Brock, Australian, Regional Manager- Japan, Meat & Livestock Australia

Regional Manager - Japan since 2010, Melanie launched Meat and Livestock Australia's ("MLA") “Together with Japan” programme, which linked farmers in Australia with farmers in Japan in need of support through the 2011 disasters. Before MLA, Melanie headed her own import company in Tokyo, and earlier in her career, was the Director of the Japan office for La Trobe University and held a number of roles at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo. Melanie is the Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan, a Board Member of the Australia Japan Foundation, and a member of the Steering Committee for the Australia Japan Business Co-operation Committee. In 2011 Melanie was recognised by Advance as one of the 50 current and emerging Australian women leaders. Melanie earned a master's degree from the University of Queensland and is a graduate of the University of Western Australia. As a high school exchange student, Melanie spent a year in Japan in Aomori prefecture.


Yuka Tanimoto_web

Yuka Tanimoto, Japanese , Journalist/Newscaster

Yuka Tanimoto is a Journalist/Newscaster. Tanimoto has been a business and financial journalist for more than 15 years. She was television anchor at CNBC Japan and Bloomberg TV. And she was the first woman who became financial commentator at CNBC Japan. Tanimoto has interviewed more than 500 celebrities, politicians, and CEOs in the world. She had exclusive interviews with Tony Blair, Michael Sandel, and other many world VIPs. She writes monthly columns for IR magazine and online financial monthly report.


Yoshimi Ogawa_web


Yoshimi Ogawa, Japanese, Index Corporation, President

Yoshimi Ogawa is born and brought up in Tokyo. She has graduated from Hitotsubashi University in 1989 and joined SOJITSU (the trading company in Japan) after her graduation. In 1998 Ogawa joined Index Corporation and became the Vice President in 2000 with the success of mobile content business in Japan. In 2002 she took office as the president of Index corporations and turned to be the youngest woman president of the listed companies in Japan.  Ogawa has received the prize of “NIKKEI WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2003” in the end of 2002. In addition, she won the prize “Veuve Clicquot BUSSINESS WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2004”. In 2010 Index Holding, the share- holder of Index Corporations, merged Index Corporations and ATLUS, console game developer, and the company was again renamed Index Corporations. And Ogawa has become the President of Index Corporation.



Mika Masuyama, Japanese, Partner, Egon Zehnder International

Mika Masuyama is the partner of Egon Zehnder International, based in Tokyo, and leads the firm’s Consumer Practice Group in Japan.  She is a core member of the global Board Practice Group. She has been active in search at the senior executive levels related to Consumer goods, Retail, Apparel, Luxury goods, as well as Media and Entertainment.  She has worked with leading B2C companies helping them succeed in global competitive markets, by external recruiting as well as managing integration through mergers and alliances of companies, and developing next generation leaders within the organization. She has been promoting Diversity in various assignments including successfully appointing the first Diversity Initiative leader at a major industrial company. Diversifying the board members to have more effective corporate management is also an increasing demand in Japan. Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, she was with Gemini Consulting. She also worked as an International Marketing Director for Cap Gemini Sogeti in France and an Economist with the Bank of Japan. She is an MBA graduate of INSEAD and has an undergraduate degree in Law from Sophia University.  She is bilingual in English and Japanese, and is conversant in French. 

Vicki Beyer web

Vicki Beyer, American/Australian, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley

Vicki Beyer has come a long way from the Nebraska farm where she grew up, having spent more than 20 of the past 30 years in Japan.  She holds degrees from the University of Nebraska, the University of Washington and Bond University.  She was also a graduate research student at Aoyama Gakuin University here in Tokyo.  Admitted as a lawyer in the State of Washington, Ms. Beyer was a legal academic for 10 years before joining Morgan Stanley in Tokyo as an in-house lawyer providing employment law and corporate governance advice.   She actively works to promote the interests of working women within her company, acting as the chair of the internal Women’s Network and mentoring junior colleagues.  She is a Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan, where she is also an active advocate for women in business leadership.   In her spare time she likes to read and travel.  She has published a number of travel articles as well as a guide book on Kamakura

Junko Tsuboi Photo_web

Junko Tsuboi, Japanese, General Manager of CSR Management & Corporate Communications Dept, Kirin Holdings

Junko Tsuboi is currently General Manager of CSR Management Department and Corporate Communications Department of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited. She majored bio physics and bio chemistry at university and  joined Kirin Brewery Company in 1985, she has worked from Marketing to Public Relations and has vast experience. She introduced a new seasonal product named “Akiaji” (A Taste of Autumn) and was engaged with Brand Marketing. She utilized her rich and wide experience to become more innovative with our public relations activities. In 2010, she became the CEO of Yokohama Akarenga, Inc. and contributed to vitalize Yokohama and played an active role in enriching Yokohama’s culture.


Elizabeth Handover_web

Elizabeth Handover, British, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning

Elizabeth is the Lumina Learning Partner for Asia, Japan Partner for Communispond and Founder and President of Intrapersona K.K. Strongly committed to developing positive people-focused leadership skills, she partners with clients to gain higher competencies through raising self-awareness, highlighting key strengths, increasing interpersonal communication skills and fostering stronger team relationships. Passionate about supporting women’s career developments he is Co-Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce Women In Business Committee. Drawing on her background in theatre and performance, she has designed and facilitated a range of women’s leadership programmes with a focus on Executive Presence and Presentation. The Asia Regional Head of Faculty for Lumina Learning, Elizabeth trains and certifies learning and development professionals across Asia to facilitate using Luminas portfolio of resources, and leads her team in designing and delivering a wide range of learning solutions.



Mayor web

Fumiko Hayashi, Japanese, Mayor of Yokohama

Fumiko Hayashi is the Mayor of the City of Yokohama. She was elected as the first woman Mayor of Yokohama in August 2009. Before assuming office as Mayor, she had an extensive career in the business world. Among her career since 1966, she found her niche in the occupation of car sales entering Honda Cars Yokohama, Inc. in 1977, and became the top-sales person in the company. She served as President of Fahren Tokyo K.K. (now Volkswagen Japan Sales.), President of BMW Tokyo, Corp., Chairperson and CEO of The Daiei, Inc., and President of Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales Co. Selected as one of Wall Street Journal’s “50 Women to Watch” in 2004 and one of Forbes Magazine’s “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” in 2006. She is currently a member of the Council for Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office of Japan.

Kyoko Yokota_web

Kyoko Yokota, Japanese, CEO, Colabolabo

Kyoko Yokota is the CEO of Colabolabo Co., Ltd, a firm specializing in networking diverse small businesses run by women. Colabolabo provides customer-oriented professional services ranging from “Joseishacho.net”, an online networking forum, to large-scale events.She organized “J300”, the first-ever large-scale event drawing in 300 Japanese female entrepreneurs in 2009, 2010,2011. Now, Colabolabo has created “Wooooomen’s!”, a website which introduces and sells Women owner’s special goods.  Kyoko has spoken on several Japanese Television programs, and has given many lectures. In 2011 She won the prise  “Innovater of Japan”at APEC WES (Women and the Economy Summit).


Miki Tsusaka_web

Miki Tsusaka, Japanese/American, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Miki is a Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group, a leader in the management consulting field.  She has been based in Tokyo for the last 5 years after her 20 years in NY with the firm.  She has held many roles but today she manages the global Marketing and Sales Practice (specializing in marketing, sales, pricing and consumer insight across our 8 industry verticals), leads the Asian Region Women's Initiative and is a member of the firm's Executive and Operating Committees. She also serves clients across many industry verticals but is particularly experienced in the consumer goods/retail/luxury and media sectors.  She is proud to have three great kids and one super husband of 27 years; she is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.


Tomomi Fukumoto web

Tomomi Fukumoto, Japanese, Suntory Hall Executive Director, Suntory Foundation for ARTS

This January, Tomomi was appointed as Executive Director of Suntory Hall, one of the 5 major halls in the world. Since the opening of the hall, she is the second Suntory employee who did not have musical backgrounds, to become the Executive Director. Tomomi has worked in multiple areas, such as Human Resources Department, PR Department, Customer Relations, and Corporate Social Responsibilities in Suntory. Based on her experience, she has successfully achieved great results as Director of Suntory Hall (2009-2011), especially in business innovation and reforming the organization culture.  During last year's 25th anniversary of the hall, she has launched 2 new festivals aiming to increase opportunities for people to interact with music - pursuing a new phase of collaboration with the neighbouring business communities and beyond.


Mohau-Pheko_for web

Mohau Pheko, South African, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of the Rpublic of South Africa Tokyo

20+ years of progressive professional accomplishments in the areas of economic planning, development, public health, budget planning, training and facilitation, international development, health economics, rural development, organisational design, gender development, analysis and training. Has served as a consultant for development assistance programmes for various United Nations agencies. Expert in project formulation, and transformational strategies to promote economic and social development in Africa. Known for acting as a mentor and engaging teams, keeping them motivated, fresh, and focused especially on high-profile, high-stress assignments. Ability to deconstruct development information and discourse, compelling policy makers, corporate sector & NGO’s to engage with development issues effectively.



Megumi Umeda, Japanese, Manager, Diversity & Worksforce Communications, IBM Japan Ltd

Megumi Umeda is Diversity manager, IBM Japan. In this role, she leads Workforce Diversity, to promote leadership of Women, People with Disabilities, LGBT and Multi-nationals. In addition, she has responsibility to improve workstyle flexibility and employees’ work/life management.  Ms. Umeda was appointed to this role in July 2008. Prior to this role, Ms. Umeda was manager, Internal Communications.  During her long career with Communications, she has worked in a variety of roles, including Media Relations, Executive Speech Writing, Company Magazine Editing, Intranet news editing and organizing internal events/meetings. Ms. Umeda joined Japan Women’s Council from 1998 to 2000, the first diversity council in IBM Japan, as a member of the inaugural class. She also joined Japan Women’s Innovative Network (J-Win) from 2005 to 2007, founded by IBM with other 50 companies as a founding member.



Pamela Culpepper, American, SVP, Global Diversity & Chief Inclusion Officer, PepsiCo

Pamela Culpepper, based in Chicago, IL in the US, is senior vice president, Global Diversity and Inclusion officer of PepsiCo. PepsiCo owns the world's largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 19 different product lines. Pamela, who assumed this role in January 2011, provides leadership in guiding PepsiCo’s global Diversity and Inclusion strategy to bring together diverse strengths, backgrounds and perspectives to achieve our strategic business imperatives, advance our Performance with Purpose goals and drive innovation. Building on PepsiCo’s leadership in Diversity and Inclusion, she helps PepsiCo ensure that D&I is part of everything we do and expand pathways for developing global, multicultural thinkers, doers and innovators. Before joining PepsiCo, Pamela worked for McKessonHBOC, Inc., Clorox and Wells Fargo.

Reika Izumikawa_web

Reika Izumikawa, Japanese, Store Manager, IKEA Shin-Miastro store, IKEA JAPAN K.K.

Reika Izumikawa is the first Japanese Female store manager in IKEA. Not only in IKEA  but also she has been working with her strong passion  and commitment as " Pioneer" of female professional empowerment in Japan.  Using her professional area Human resources, she has been challenging to society and even enjoy it and always become a solid bridge when new company like Warner brothers, Virgin cinemas entered into Japan Market. Powerful and Enthusiastic approach is so unique and definitely  She is the one of the strong " Pioneer" in Japan .





Amita (Dholakia) Chaudhury, Indian, Global Diversity Director, Unilever

Amita has over 10 years of experience in marketing and consulting with Unilever, Colgate Palmolive and McDonald’s, managing P&L’s and driving strategy and plans for key brands. She is currently in charge of driving Global diversity strategy for Unilever, with the aim of aligning different business units to a common, compelling diversity platform. She is an Associate of the Higher Education Academy, UK; and is the author of a book on “Working mothers, Happy Kids” published in Hongkong and available on Amazon. She has won the “You can make a difference award” for outstanding initiative and creativity in marketing at Colgate Palmolive and was nominated for Chairman’s award in Unilever for marketing communications at Unilever India. Amita is passionate about empowering women especially those from the lower economic strata of the society and believes that sustainable development and women’s empowerment are inextricably linked. Amita is a volunteer to Jagriti Enterprises Network, a network of institutes and relationships that are aimed at providing entrepreneurial education, incubation and support to enterprises in smaller towns and villages of India.

Kaneko Hisako_web

Hisako Kaneko, Japanese, General Manager, HR Competence Centre, Chief Diversity Officer, AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd

Ms. Kaneko studied at Georgetown University in 1983-1984, and graduated from Keio University in 1985. She was recruited by a foreign bank to trade currencies. In 1989, she gave up her career to focus on caring her baby with disabilities and then moved to New York in 1990-1991 to join her husband on a company assignment. In 1994, Ms. Kaneko started to study translation and became a freelance interpreter in 1997. She also got involved in NPO to put people with disabilities on an equal footing with those without disabilities. She entered AXA Life Insurance as an in-house interpreter in 2004, was appointed to a manager of the newly established Diversity Promotion Office in 2009, and to her current role and responsibility of changing the corporate culture in June 2011. She brings the unique perspective of her many roles as a housewife, mother of two, NPO staffer, self-employed, temp staffer, contract employee, regular employee and senior manager.




 Winnie Ng, Hong Kong Chinese, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Community Business

Winnie is currently Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Community Business, responsible for managing and delivering Community Business projects and events with a primary focus on diversity and inclusion. Winnie is responsible for project managing the development and delivery of the Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network, a unique network of diversity professionals looking to drive their companies forward on their diversity journey in Asia. Winnie is also the co-author of some of Community Business’ publications including Gender Diversity Benchmark for Asia 2009, The State of Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong and Seoul Reports. In addition she runs training workshops on diversity and inclusion and work-life balance. Winnie started her career in corporate social responsibility (CSR) with a non-profit organisation called United Way of Mumbai in India. She worked across various streams of United Way in CSR including Corporate Giving and Employee Volunteering. She was also the key architect of the United Way Mumbai Renewal Plan during the Mumbai Floods in 2005. Winnie has a bachelor in Psychology from the University of Hong Kong.



Louise Mita_web

Louise Mita, American, Founder; The Art Of Energy, Inc. & Integrative Quantum Medicine

Louise Mita, founder of INTEGRATIVE QUANTUM MEDICINE™, has studied metaphysical alchemy, the healing and martial arts since 1968. In 1999 she established The Art Of ENERGY INC, dedicate to the development of the human energy spectrum to its maximum power potential through individual treatments and educational seminars. Mita presents lectures and seminars internationally to organizations such as, the World Economic Forum, Swiss Olympic Medical Center, British Petroleum, World Knowledge Forum-Seoul, Korea, WIN Conference, Sprint and the Universities of Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona and the College of Psychic Studies in London. She is a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Feng Shui. Her background also includes Reiki, Hawaiian Healing Arts, Para-psychic Sciences, Kendo, Kung Fu, Aikido, Hapkido, Jeet Kun Do, and Sho Kon Do.



Karen Tse Photo_web

Karen Tse, American, Founder & CEO, International Bridges to Justice

A former public defender, in 1994, Karen Tse trained Cambodia’s first core group of public defenders and subsequently set up country’s first arraignment court. After witnessing thousands of prisoners of all ages being held without trials in inhuman conditions, Karen founded International Bridges to Justice in 2000 to promote systemic global change in the administration of criminal justice. Today IBJ has its programs in 26 countries, including China, India, and Rwanda. IBJ has created global platforms to bring assistance to public defenders worldwide. In 2010, IBJ launched the Justice Training Center in Singapore. A graduate of UCLA Law School and Harvard Divinity School, Karen was named by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s Best Leaders in 2007. Karen was the recipient of the 2008 Harvard Divinity School’s First Decade Award, 2008 American Bar Association’s International Human Rights Award and 2009 Gleitsman International Award at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Greg Story web

Dr. Greg Story, Australian, President, Dale Carnegie Training Japan

A Ph.D. in Japanese decision-making, and a 28 year veteran of Japan, he has broad experience, having launched a “start up” in Nagoya, and completed “turn-arounds” in both Osaka and Tokyo for Austrade. In November 2003, Dr. Story joined Shinsei’s Retail Bank, which interestingly was a special combination of “start-up” and “turn-around. In November 2005, he began leading Shinsei’s Retail Branch national network.  He had 550 staff in his Platinum Banking Division, responsible for two-thirds of the revenue of the Retail Bank, eventually becoming the Joint CEO of the Retail Bank.In July 2007 Dr. Story became the Country Head for the National Australia Bank in Japan.  In October 2010, he joined Dale Carnegie Training Japan as President.  For many years Dr. Story has been a strong supporter of developing and empowering businesswomen.  In his current role, he has the opportunity to provide the required skills for career take-off for female employees of both foreign and domestic corporations in Japan. Dr. Story has delivered 456 public speeches to date, the vast majority of those in Japanese. 


Suzanne Price_web

Suzanne Price, British, President, Price Global

Suzanne Price is the founder and head of Price Global, a change agent specializing in Diversity and Inclusion based in Tokyo. Price Global provides training programs and coaching for numerous Fortune 500 Multi-national clients globally, facilitating cultural change through experiential learning.  Price Global work with the whole system and have particular expertise in designing and delivering Female Leadership Programs for Women in Asia and complimenting these programs with Unconscious Bias and D&I training programs for Managers.  Suzanne Price also serves as an external diversity advisor and consultant for multi-national companies across industry and previously served a 5-year tenure as Head of Diversity at UBS Securities Japan Ltd.  Suzanne transitioned from a clinical background and former career as a Gestalt psychotherapist. Her methodology is highly experiential and based on a solid, practical background in applied psychology and change management.

Yuko Morimoto_web

Yuko Morimoto, Japanese, President, Global Competency, Inc.

Yuko is the President of Global Competency, Inc. She offers training and executive coaching in the area of leadership development and communication skill enhancement. She works with leaders and employees of multinational companies to help them increase their effectiveness in global business environment. Yuko was born and raised in Japan, lived in Europe and Mexico, and lived and worked in the US for 10 years. Prior to her consulting career, Yuko has more than 10 years of corporate experience with a multinational financial institution. She is also the author of “Culture Shock! Tokyo at Your Door”, which is a part of well-known international series, and the book provides insights into the Japanese culture in both business and social life.


 Steven.A.Haynes, American, Universal Charisma Trainer, Steven Style

A television personality known for his style for fashion/runway/stage/ beauty contest Known as the “MAGIC HAND” for his unique concept ways of coaching  Steven has led many beauty contestants to “WIN” the crown. 0His method “ultimately important is 1st impression” & beauty starts within training you to understand what beauty really is! Former Miss universe performing partner . Miss universe 2008 Hiroko Mima  Miss universe 2009 Emiri Miss International Queen 2009 Haruna Ai Personal trainer/ Stage coach  Miss International 2010 Etsuko Kanegae . National contest voted Miss elegant  Personal trainer/ Walking coach  TV talents /Idols / Artists personal trainer / Choreographer  2011 published “世界一の美女になる歩き方”  “Walking can make your dreams come true”  A quote from the book by INES LIGRON “彼は、どんな女性もレッドカーペットを歩くスターにしてしまう ”He can make anyone, walk the red carpet as a star .” It’s a fact : Steven has released so many beauties to the WORLD.  Are you ready to be next? Steven will answer with a SMILE. Let’s not talk about it.Let’s get started.



 Yuriko Miyazaki, Japanese, HRD/OD Consultant, Krene K.K.

Yuriko Miyazaki established Krene Inc, (K.K.) in 1996, consulting in the areas of Human Resource Development and Organizational Development, with a belief in the value of integrating individuals with their organizations. As a consultant and facilitator, she focuses on developing diversity and inclusive corporate culture, creating customer value by engaging participants through career development and action-learning programs. Krene's wide variety of clients include well-know corporations in the fields of trading, chemical, finance, and automobile industries. Among her qualifications she holds an EMBA from Temple University Japan and a BA in Economics from Gakushuin University as well as being an NLP master practitioner and Coach; an EQ practitioner; an Organization and Systems’ Relationship Coaching (ORSC) practitioner; and certified Facilitator of "The Leadership Challenge" program in Japan.





WIN ジャパンコンフェレンス



第一回WINジャパンコンフェレンス -2012年5月18,19




この度WINでは、150名以上の方々にご参加いただき、第一回WINジャパン∙コンフェレンス を開催する運びとなりました。



今だ記憶に鮮明な津波災害、円高、社会の高齢化など、日本社会をとりまく環境は厳しくなってきています。そんな中で、日本の女性たちが、日本特有の美的、歴史的, 文化的背景を生かしながら、どのように日本の将来に貢献しているかを皆さんと一緒に探っていきたいと考えております。










kristin engvig

Kristin Engvig  

& WINチームメンバー




日時:                               2012年5月18日(本会議)、5月19日午前中 (ワークショップ)

会場:                               東京 ANA Intercontinental Hotel  

会議参加者:               企業で管理職および中間管理職として活躍している男女、  コンサルタント、 中小企業主、NGOリーダー、









           成功 している企業が実際にどのようにそれを実行している


          •女性がどのようにビジネスモデルや 企業収益に影響を




















参加申し込み方法:  www.winconference.net  までお申し込みください。



Japan sponsor logos


Flyer_invitation for web_japanese


1. コンフェレンス参加費






            JPY 38,000


          JPY 48,000




             JPY28,000              JPY38,000












*奨学金が利用できます- 4月15日までにお申し込みください。(履歴書、動機、支払えない理由)



2.  お支払い方法


Bank Credit Suisse - Lausanne Account Name   WIN
  Rue Pichard 22 Account Number   0425-867404-41
  1002 Lausanne Swift Code   CRES CHZZ 10A
  Switzerland Bank Clearing   4425
IBAN CH57 0483 5086 7404 4200 1 *お振り込みは円建て、振込み手数料は送金者負担でお願い致します。



私は、ヨーロッパ連合が定める個人情報機密保持法に基づき、WIN ConferenceがJapan WIN Conference 2012のクレジットカード支払いにおいてのみ、この情報を使用することを認めます。また、イベント開催中に収録した写真及び、映像を今後WINが開催するイベント・プロモーションに使用することに同意致します。




2012518日開催Japan WIN Conference申込規約


イベント参加費用は、クレジットカードあるいは海外送金にて円建てでお支払いいただけます。お申し込みは参加費用全額のご入金が完了した時点で正式に登録され、それぞれの価格はその締め切り指定日当日までにご入金が確認された場合にのみ適用されますので、ご了承ください。全ての参加者は5月17日までに全額のお支払いを済ませて、正式に参加者登録を完了する必要があります。尚、“electronic codes” をお持ちの参加者又は企業は、2012年5月3日までに全てのお支払い手続きを完了するようお願い致します。




キャンセル規約は以下の通り、適用されます。Fax: +41216120351 または、email: participant@winconference.netにて、必ず書面にてご連絡ください。

                2012年5月3日(木)まで:           お支払い金額の50%をご返却致します。

                2012年5月4日(金)以降:           返却金額はございません。

*    尚、一度お申し込みいただいた場合、お支払いが未納でもキャンセル料が発生いたしますので、十分ご注意ください。2012年5月3日までにWIN事務局に書面によるキャンセルがない場合、全額の請求となりますので、十分にご注意いただくと同時にご理解いただきますよう重ねてお願い申し上げます。


3. 宿泊先(東京)

コンフェレンス開催会場のANA Intercontinental hotel(http://www.anaintercontinental-tokyo.jp/e/  Tel:               81-3-3...       , Fax:81-3-35051155)に宿泊をご希望の参加者には特別料金が設定されております。但し、部屋数に限りがございますので、早めの申し込みをお勧めします。御予約の際はJapan WIN Conferenceの参加者である旨をホテル側に伝え、必ず予約確認書(番号)を受け取るようにしてください。












8:00                     受付開始


8:30                     モーニング・ウェルカム・コーヒータイム


9:00                     オープニング・セレモニー(開会式)




10:10           現代の社会を取り巻くトレンドや環境とは?


                     ●  現在の女性を取り巻く社会環境

                     ●  将来のチャンスをつかみ取る為の準備

                     ●  将来に向けて明るい日本社会を築く為の鍵



11:00                     ネットワーキング・コーヒータイム


11:30             将来の展望:今後の女性の社会貢献の場所












13:00                       ランチ


14:00                       トピック別のワークショップ・セミナー


15:30                       コーヒー・ブレークタイム


16:00              将来へ向けてのキャリア構築とその活かし方



                        厳 しい社会環境の中で自らの“女性らしさ”を活かし、職場や社会に寄与貢献し続けて来た先陣達の体験を

                        聴く事により、多様な見識を身に着ける。又、世界を舞 台に活躍する女性達と意見を交換し合う機会を


                        プレイヤー への道を模索する。



17:30              自分自身に対する気づき:将来へ向けての向上


18:30~1930                 ビュッフェ・カクテル




5月19日(土)-        コンフェレンス(随意)


9:00~12:00             ワークショップ (世界的な課題)


        ● 各国の女性たちの経験談

        ● ワークショップ

        ● 進行役によるワークショップ&ネットワーキング会議



          ネットワーキング カクテル 


 12:45       閉会


Speakers -

Kristin Engvig, Founder and Director, Women’s International Networking

Umran Beba, President, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region

Akira Matsumoto, Chairman of the board & CEO, Calbee, Inc.

Kathy Matsui, American, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan co, Ltd

Melanie Brock, Regional Manager-Japan, Meat & Livestock Australia

Yuka Tanimoto, Journalist/Newscaster

Yoshimi Ogawa, President, Index Corporation.

Mika Masuyama, Partner, Egon Zehnder International.

Vicki Beyer, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley

Junko Tsuboi, General Manager of CSR Management & Corporate Communications Department, Kirin Holdings

Pamela Culpepper, SVP, Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Amita Chaudhury, Global Diversity Director, Unilever Asia Private Limited

Hisako Kaneko, General Manager, HR Competence Centre, Chief Diversity Officer, AXA Life Insurance Co. Ltd

Megumi Umeda, Japan Diversity & Inclusion Leader, IBM

Elizabeth Handover, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

Kyoko Yokota, Owner, Colabolabo

Miki Tsusaka, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group.

Tomomi Fukumoto, Suntory Business Expert Executive Officer and Suntory Hall Executive Director, Suntory Group.

Louise Mita, Founder, The Art of Energy, Inc & Intergrated Quantum Medicine