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WIN Inspiring Women Worldwide Award

The WIN Inspiring Women Worldwide Awards recognizes outstanding, inspiring women


Each year WIN honors distinguished women for their dedication and hardwork; women who have inspired others whilst embodying WIN’s principles of the authentic, global and feminine leader. In keeping with WIN’s own mission, we look for women who develop others and who mobilize people to succeed and to help shape a thriving future. Each of these women embody the WIN values and pillars:


• Focus on new opportunities – seeing the possible

• Be practical – makes it possible to achieve

• Be international – inspiration goes beyond local activity

• Be innovative – new ideas, new paths, new implementation models

• Be authentic & independent, follows their own journey

• Be holistic – focus on the human aspect, interdependency and integrity

• Be feminine - build on collaboration and receptivity


We choose women whose work has touched those around them and who may not have received previous public acknowledgment of their work. WIN will also consider candidates who may already be recognized by the public but receive our recognition for their impact away from the spotlight, where their work has contributed to the improvement of their community and society. Awards are presented at the Global WINConference as well as regional conferences in Japan, India and the UK.

2019 WIN Award Winners

Global WINConference

Anna Diamantopoulou

Anna Diamantopoulou is founder and President of DIKTIO - Network for Reforms in Greece and Europe, an Athens-based think tank. A Civil Engineer by training with graduate studies in Regional Development. Member of the Greek Parliament for 11 years & European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (1999-2004). Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs (2009-2012), and Minister of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping (March-May 2012).

Eve Konstantine

I Empower Cultural Evolution through Personal and Social Emergence. In the capacity of Executive Coach, Chairperson of various boards, Founder or co-founder of various organizations, programs and educational institutions, I have lived and travelled all over the world helping others realize our Innate Human Authority and Agency to Live a Life of Purpose, Strength, Power, and Good, individually and collectively. As an Evolutionary Pioneer, I am adept at seeing and interpreting major shifts. As such, I counsel Global Leaders of multi-nationals, International Financial Institutions, NGO's, organizations and Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Individuals as leaders in their Lives. Truly powerful leaders have developed personal integrity and coherence of thought, word and deed. As an Elder, everything I have learned, integrated and now embody, informs my work. I help people become empowered, evolved individuals, ready to contribute fully to Life on a planet shared and treasured by all.

Steliana Van de Rijt-Economu

Steliana is a leadership coach with twenty years of cross-cultural working experience in multinationals such as Shell, Vodafone, Nike, Kraft Foods. She improves the performance of leadership teams using a systemic team coaching approach that leverages the diversity of the group and nourishes an inclusive environment with its key stakeholders. Her first book Mothers as Leaders, gives a new lens to leadership and makes motherhood not just about having kids but about a leadership style which is holistic, long term and caring. A mother herself, she lived with her young family in three different countries, experiencing first hand the pressures that society places on women, especially as they become mothers.

Nancy Fina

What Nancy finds truly fulfilling is making a difference, creating art to start dialogue and get you thinking and feeling about what is going on in the world with her project "Stories of our times". She also loves capturing people's emotions in portraiture, finding their beauty, and documenting their love. She makes you feel comfortable, exalting your beauty and capturing your essence. Nancy will make your portrait into a work of ART, leaving you with fine art prints as heirloom pieces for you and your loved ones to cherish for generations to come. An accomplished fashion and advertising photographer, Nancy has been published all over the globe in international fashion magazines and advertising campaigns, she lives in Milan. An American joy of life, an Italian visual aesthetic, a unique feminine sensitivity, a harmonious use of light and color.What Nancy finds truly fulfilling is making a difference, creating art to start dialogue and get you thinking and feeling about what is going on in the world with her project "Stories of our times". She also loves capturing people's emotions in portraiture, finding their beauty, and documenting their love. She makes you feel comfortable, exalting your beauty and capturing your essence. Nancy will make your portrait into a work of ART, leaving you with fine art prints as heirloom pieces for you and your loved ones to cherish for generations to come. An accomplished fashion and advertising photographer, Nancy has been published all over the globe in international fashion magazines and advertising campaigns, she lives in Milan. An American joy of life, an Italian visual aesthetic, a unique feminine sensitivity, a harmonious use of light and color.

2018 WIN Award Winners

Global WINConference

Ester Banque

Heading up Novartis Oncology-Germany, Ester leads a dedicated team to work with a sense of purpose, fulfilling their individual and collective potential as they win for patients. With a BS in Chemistry and an MBA, she merged her passion for science with a desire to enhance people’s lives. After joining Novartis in 1993 (originally Sandoz), she's been taking on increasing roles and responsibilities in the UK, Spain, Region Europe, the US and now Germany; working in more than 10 Areas such as Oncology, Dermatology, Rheumatology Cardiovascular, Women’s Health. As US VP of Immunology and Dermatology, she oversaw the Cosentyx launch, one of the most successful in Novartis US history. Breaking down gender barriers has been a lifelong commitment for Ester. Married to her wife Eva, with two wonderful daughters, she is a voice for the LGBTQ community. For her, D&I is more than a mantra, it’s a mission.


Mine Uran & Majbritt Byskov-Bridges

Recognised as a global Protein expert and having lead teams in R&D at Nestle, DuPont and Unilever, Mine Uran has founded a new company to bring healthy and sustainable food to consumers. Alver Futurprotein has a vision to develop and sell delicious protein rich foods using Microalgae Chlorella. As an industrial engineer, Mine’s life-long dream is becoming reality as she has developed a superfood which is rich in macro & micronutrients. Microalgae is sustainable as production can be done on non-arable land, only requiring water, light and a little sugar. The breakthrough has been the innovation of removing taste and colour to become an incredibly versatile product. Mine Uran is grateful to have full support from her husband and 3 wonderful sons. Come hear her story at her workshop and indulge in her delicious biscuits.

After 15 years in Wealth Management, Majbritt decided that the way to make a positive impact on the world was to start a sustainable business. Alver Golden Chlorella was co-founded with Mine Uran, former head of protein R&D at Nestlé. The objective is to reduce meat consumption by introducing Golden Chlorella micro-algae into everyday foods. It contains 63% protein (meat has 25%), rich in magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin B and essential amino acids. What makes it distinctive, is its neutral taste and golden colour. Production is sustainable requiring 44x less water, 41x less land and 36x less CO2 than for meat. Majbritt is Danish/British, grew up in Ecuador and Switzerland, has BA in Economics and a MBA. She has worked for large companies: Morgan Stanley, Deloitte & smaller ones, in Ethiopia, Argentina, London, Munich, Madrid, Monaco & Geneva. She also holds a MMus from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, which lets her balance professional life with a passion of singing opera.

Alexandra Pascalidou

Alexandra Pascalidou is an award-winning journalist, author, TV-and radio presenter, producer and a human rights advocate. She's been moderating debates, hosting talkshows, galas, Olympic Games, Eurovision Song Contest and prime time TV-shows in both Sweden and Greece. A lecturer on democracy, diversity, pluralism and equality around Europe since the early 90s when she was a board member at the European Council’s campaign “All different- All Equal”. Also a good will ambassador for - Mentor, Kvinna till Kvinna etc. Alexandra was awarded European of the Year 2015, Big Feminist Award 2016, The Award against racism 2017 and now a Medal from the City of Stockholm and The Bellman-prize 2018 for her cultural contribution. As the editor of the first Me Too-book in the world she collected 82 famous female voices sharing their stories on sexual abuse. From the EU-commissioner to a survivor of the Holocaust. Her latest book is "The Mothers" (August 2018).

WIN Manchester


Simone Roche MBE

Simone Roche is the CEO and Founder of Northern Power Women and Managing Director of event curation company Events 1st and licence for TEDxWhitehallWomen. Northern Power Women is a campaign to accelerate gender equality from the north of England and reaches a community of 13k amplifying the voices of role models via the annual NPW awards, podcast, programmes and partnerships. Simone started her career in the Royal Navy reaching the officer ranks and then held roles at Aintree Racecourse, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the Arena Convention Centre Liverpool and the Olympics. Simone was awarded MBE in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for services to gender equality in the north of England.


Japan WINConference


Miyuki Suzuki

Miyuki is President for Cisco Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), and is responsible for the region’s strategy, accelerating business growth, and ensuring Cisco APJ is the industry’s preferred IT solutions partner and provider. Miyuki joined Cisco in 2015, as President and General Manager for Cisco Japan, and during her tenure turned the business around to achieve sustained growth. Miyuki has an honours degree from Oxford University, and over 35 years business experience, predominantly in IT. As well as Asia Pacific and Japan, she has worked in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. She has held a variety of leadership roles, including President of KVH Co Ltd; CEO of LexisNexis Asia Pacific; Managing Director for Reuters South East Asia; and served as Jetstar Japan’s inaugural CEO. Miyuki has a passion for talent development and building diverse teams. She is an innovative, entrepreneurially minded leader, who leads with a long-term view on vision and strategy.

Nominate a Candidate for the WIN Award

Candidates from anywhere in the world are eligible for the WIN Award. Anyone can nominate a candidate or apply themselves for consideration.

Application Criteria 

1. Candidates exemplify the WIN values of being global, authentic and feminine.

2. They operate with collaboration, sustainability and inclusion.

3. Their initiatives are carried through with authenticity and inspire people globally, even if the project is local.

4. They are leaders that embody the WIN pillars and are creating a sustainable future.

Nomination Process


Send a brief bio of your candidate, along with a short paragraph stating why she should be recognized by the WIN Inspirational Award to

If you have any queries, please also contact

Selection Process


Each year, the WIN committee will select from the list of nominees three to five women for the Global WIN Award, and one for each regional WIN Award. 

Previous WIN Inspiring Women Award Recipients

Global WINConference


Josefine van Zanten, HR Senior Executive in Human Resources, was recognised for her work in the corporate field, designing strategies and overseeing their successful implementation in the fields of: Diversity & Inclusion, Culture Change (Transformation), and Leadership & Organization Development. (2017)

Meg Jones, Chief Economic Empowerment at UN Women, was recognised for her focus on job creation and income generation for women through, inter alia, developing private and public sector partnerships to deliver on sustainable development. Meg also works with governments to craft inclusive policies. (2017)

Kaouthar Darmoni, Assistant Professor (Gender & Media, Univ. of Amsterdam, NL) and consultant/coach in Feminine Capital, was recognised for her feminist activism raising awareness about women rights. (2017)

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox, CEO & Founder, 20-first, was recognized for her dedication and relentless work in changing the gender paradigm in the workplace not by ‘fixing’ the women but by changing companies in order to include them in decision roles. (2016)

Bonnie Fatio, Master Catalyst, Global Speaker & Author, was presented the WIN Award for opening new paths and improving the confidence of senior women, mentoring young ones and bringing an innovative voice to the space of women’s leadership. (2016)

Ditta Sandico, Fashion Designer, Cache Apparels, was recognized for running a business in a truely sustainable way from the design process, to production and sales, and combining local and international mindset with a touch of fun and femininity. (2016)

Anne Stevens, Council Director – Global Women, Global Leaders, The Conference Board, was presented with the award for her business acumen, her corporate leadership and her passion for the progression and advancement of women. (2015)

Veronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder & CEO of the Equal-SalaryFoundation, was recognized for her innovative approach to ensuring fairness and her dedication and passion for driving equal pay for both women and men. (2015)

Karen Tse,CEO & Founder, International Bridges to Justice, was recognized for her work to promote systemic global change in the administration of criminal justice by bringing assistance to public defenders worldwide. (2014)

Anita Pratap, Journalist, Author and Documentary Filmmaker was recognized for her reporting on issues such as war, economic growth, media, politics, social justice, cultural diversity, the environment, terrorism and women’s development. (2014)

Elin Hurvenes, was presented with the WIN Award for her work supporting the increase of women in board level positions. (2013)

Marguerite (Maggy) Barankitse, was recognized for her dedication to helping children and families in war-torn Burundi. (2013)

Umran Beba, was recognized for her work supporting women in corporate leadership positions. (2013)

Graziella Zanoletti was recognized for her generosity, her sharing and caring across borders and continents. (2012)

Hélène Ratte was presented with the WIN Award for her lifetime achievement supporting women in leadership. (2012)

Amany Asfour was recognized for making it possible to achieve the impossible. (2012)

Barbara Giangrave of Addio Pizzo (2011)

Emma Marcegaglia, President of Confindustria (2011)

Lorella Zanardo, Creator of Il Corpo delle Donne (2011)

Rebecca Spitzmiller of Retake Rome (with Fondaz Garibaldi) (2011)

Prof. Paola Muti, Scientific Director of the Regina Elena Institute (2011)


Japan WINConference

Kyoko Yokota, CEO Colabolabo Co., Ltd., was recognized by WIN for leading in a truly collaborative way by providing a platform to connect and provide resources to women entrepreneurs and business owners. (2016)

Rui Matsukawa, was recognized for her work as a director of the Gender Mainstreaming Division within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan towards creating a society where women shine. (2015)

Yuko Arimori, former Olympic athlete, was recognized for her founding of Hear of Gold, an NPO to aid victims of disasters and civil war in Cambodia, as well as her efforts to spread education and awareness of HIV/AIDS. (2014)


India WINConference

Sonam Kalra, award winning singer, was awarded for ‘The Sufi Gospel Project’, which blends the many voices of faith and has earned her international critical acclaim. She has also been invited to share her work on Secularism and equality through Music at various conferences. (2017)

Rekha Mody, Social Worker & Activist, was recognized for her commitment to women’s empowerment through the founding of Divya Chaya Trust, Habiart Foundation, Stree Shakti-The Parallel Force and the Global Women Forum in Singapore. (2016)

Kamla Bashin was presented the WIN Award for her work on NGO initiatives that support marginalised people, especially women. (2013)


Nigeria WINConference

Lillian Ada Adakole, Member of International Bridges to Justice, was recognized for her work towards creating institutionalized systems in Nigeria that respect human rights and individual dignity, including early legal intervention, the elimination of torture as an investigative tool and the guarantee of legal representation for accused persons. (2016)
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