Women’s Global Leadership Journey

Amazing things can be achieved by connecting people under a common vision.

The power of networks is that they do just that. 

At WIN we bring together many of the world's most incredible women’s associations, NGOs, networking groups, business schools and world-class organisations, with the opportunity for members to meet face to face at the global WINConference. 

WIN offers a partner programme which entitles partner network members to receive conference discounts and other promotional benefits. We continuously look to expand our WIN network of partners who create meaningful and lasting change in the field of gender equality. 

Be a part of it and:

- Promote your own network, share ideas and challenges
- Build your network of women who are presidents, committee members or members of women’s networks
- Motivate and energize your existing members and reach out to new members
- Find inspirational speakers and workshop leaders for your own events

If you have no network and would like to set up one, please get in touch and we can help you.

If you would like your development to be a part of the ever-growing WIN network please contact

Please refer to Global WIN Conference 2019 for current WIN partners. More information coming soon.  

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