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Newsletter Wednesday 18 July 2018

Share the Joy this Summer - A Message from Kristin


I am thrilled to share an update on WIN & the WINConference – and to ask you to be a part of sharing the joy.

Given the state of the world and the critical value of your authentic contribution, we are stepping up our approach. It is no longer simply about empowering each other. Now, recognizing that most of us are empowered (at least on most days…), we know we have enormous influence to make an even bigger difference in the world. It is exciting. It is a responsibility too. Our future lies in providing a vibrant platform for you to attain your dreams - for yourself, your company, your community and the world at large. In fact, when you and I come together, we can intensify our work of creating new ways of living, working, leading and hence accelerating our work to change the world.

I believe that the WINConference is a central meeting place for such a vision. I am also convinced that all woman should experience being at WIN multiple times in their lifetime. I also believe men must be a part of the experience. Let’s make sure you come back this year and bring them along with you.

Could you tell your friends and colleagues about WIN? Share the conference brochure or the following link:

Over the past months I have had many conversations with leaders, mostly women, as I travelled to Asia, the Middle East and around Europe. I asked them what was important to them and how they saw their lives unfolding, their workplaces evolving and the world developing around them.

As they told me about their hopes, dreams and concerns, I sensed that the future of humanity really depends on their dreams being heard and realized. Our authentic visions can’t be hidden in our hearts or drawers any more. So, if you are not living your dream yet – now is the time to do so.
Over two decades, WIN has evolved and deepened its message, pioneering the integration of the feminine qualities into places where traditionally only the masculine way was valued and championing new approaches to work and life.

Giving value to the feminine is part of our activism. And the feminism we have advocated is different from a more aggressive feminist approach. Ratherwe welcome you to experience how it would feel and be like if we were in a feminine paradigm, applying our deep feminine intelligence and wisdom in the context in which we exist. This wisdom is fierce, powerful and graceful all at the same time. It is generative, creative, inclusive and connected. It opens possibilities and makes you an agent of possibility.
Of course, it is easier to go the “normal” route, to try to fit in, to simply continue on with your work or to get sucked into politics. But we all must recognize our power to influence change - to speak up when something is wrong, to buy from companies that have a better gender balance or pollute less, or to follow our dreams when things seem impossible. We are talking about the power to choose.
Through our work, we raise awareness of biases, inequalities, and gender stereotypes that result from patriarchal systems around the world. We provide inspiration, knowledge, skills, networking opportunities as well as role-models of the new way in order to expand the new paradigms of authentic contribution, global interconnectedness and integration of feminine qualities.
We bring together people of different ages, nationalities and professions. We encourage everyone to express their individuality and help shape a more inclusive vision for the future. For many of you, a conscious, feminine, integrated leadership journey began at WIN; for others, I encourage you to return to be nurtured and learn from a community of women.
The world is still not an equal and inclusive place. There is work to be done despite what we have accomplished. The UN is referring to this as the SDG 5 and we are doing our part to reach that goal. Now there is a new urgency in the air. The many people I have spoken to lately ask: “What can I do?” and “How can I change the world together with you?”

Many of you have awesome careers, run companies and organizations and wish to do so with even more meaning, purpose and heart. We hope to continue to walk alongside you and bring together systems of support around each of you. We are proud to inspire women who empower others – people who are real agents of possibility and who change the world through their purpose, passion and compassion. We are proud to work with some of the leading companies in the world who know they can do better.
This work is not always easy – please be active and contribute to our global initiative, as we together shape our personal journeys, the companies we are part of, the communities we belong to and the world at large.
Join us again as we go from meeting to movement, creating new ways of living, working and leading while always honouring the emerging feminine.
I look forward to seeing you and your friends at the Global WINConference in Rome on 26-28 September.
With love & courage,

Kristin Engvig

WIN Founder & CEO 


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