Women’s Global Leadership Journey
Past WINConferences

A Global Leadership Journey

2019 Pioneering the Future

2018 Trust, Discover, Create. New ways of living, working & leading

2017 Creating a Thriving Future: with grounded optimism, gracious innovation & tender humanity

2016 Leading the Way: with beauty, connection & confidence

2015  Inspire the World: with insight, grace & action

2014 Magnificent Leap of Change

2013 Flourishing Together: with beauty, trust & passion

2012 Make Space: Find Possibilities

2011 Creating History

2010 Realizing Visions: with clarity, enthusiasm and care

2009 Wisdom in Action

2008 Vision & Vitality: moving into the future

2007 Taking the Next Step: fearless, graceful and together

2006  Courage to Be the Change

2005 Leading for the Future

2004 Connecting for Results: Authentic Leadership in Action

2003 Connecting People to Create Impact

2002 Women Building Partnerships Across Boundaries

2001 Women Leading Global Change

2000 Sustainable Strategies for Women in the Global Era

1999 Winning Strategies for Women Working Internationally

1998 Winning Strategies for Women in the Era of Globalization