Women’s Global Leadership Journey
Become a Speaker
Each year we receive hundreds of proposals from outstanding presenters from all over the world. We have seen that there is an incredible hunger for women to share their stories, their work, their dreams, passions and thoughts, as we create both a collective and personal vision for a brighter future.

Speaker Applications

2020 Singapore WINConference - Postponed until further notice

2020 Global WINConference - until 5 September

2020 Manchester WINConference - Closed

2020 India and Japan WINConference

These events are under development. Please send an email of your interest and we will keep you informed.


Plenary Speakers
Workshop Leaders
Forum Speakers
Body-Mind Awakening Sessions
In the plenary (main auditorium), speakers address all 800 or more conference participants. There are 5 plenary sessions where each speaker has 12 - 17 minutes in which to deliver an outstanding, world class speech. Most of these speakers are invited directly by WIN.
We offer 40 workshop slots of 1½ hour each from Wednesday to Friday. On Saturday, which is also known as our bonus conference day, we offer 3-5 workshops which each run for 2 hours. See workshop topics below.
WIN organises panel discussions known as working forums. Each speaker presents for 7-10 minutes, and then participates in a facilitated discussion, run by a moderator. WIN forum topics range from Senior Women Leadership, Women Empowering Women, Women in Media, Feminine Entrepreneurship and Diversity & Inclusion to name but a few.
Coaching sessions run parallel to plenary sessions. Each coach is assigned 8 coaching slots which run for 60 minutes. These complimentary one-to-one sessions are designed to give participants an opportunity to explore the benefits of coaching in an open and friendly environment.
For the early riser, WIN offers a 45 minute body-mind awakening session from Thursday to Saturday mornings. These sessions range from Yoga, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Dance. 

Apply Now

1. Workshop Proposal – 3 pages maximum which must include the idea of the workshop AND a detailed outline of how you intend to run it during the 90-minute session.

2. Forum Proposal – 2 pages maximum.

3. Coach Proposal – 1 pages maximum which MUST include the type of coaching you do for example career coach, life coach, etc.

4. Plenary Proposal – 2 pages maximum 

5. Two personal references.

6. If possible, please include a video/YouTube link from a recent publication.

7. Please mention if you have attended a WINConference of if you know someone who has.

8. Include a signed page confirming that you have read this entire Become a Speaker page.

9. Your 2 page CV and short mini-bio. LinkedIn and website referrals will not be accepted.

10. Please send your proposal by:

Email to or Post to WIN sarl, c/o CBC-L, Rue du Simplon 37, 1006, Lausanne, Switzerland.

What to keep in mind

The WINConference is attended by many different people including corporate executives, entrepreneurs and artists to name only a few. Participants want to share, grow, learn, accelerate their careers and perhaps start businesses, all in a feminine and authentic way. WIN asks how do we do this, how do we open ourselves to new solutions, to allow for possibilities to come our way and how do we put this wisdom into action?


The WIN Way is to model, develop, empower and connect leaders, providing a global perspective and tools for women to integrate feminine leadership into their lives and contribute with their authenticity. WIN does this by creating an inclusive context, highlighting authentic success stories which challenge present-day stereotypes; by providing one-on-one coaching as well as workshops and forums to support, model and facilitate skill building and accelerate collective learning and creating. We inspire and evoke change to authenticity and raise global feminine consciousness to balance lives and create a sustainable future. Ultimately, we work for women’s freedom of choice, knowing that women’s empowered leadership is of critical importance to the world today.  


WIN encourages companies to be inclusive, sustainable and diverse, to think long-term with their highest values, to be conscious focusing on trust, quality and beauty as well as sustainability. WIN provides the setting for benchmarking, mindful networking, real business, sharing and acceleration of the authentic company. Individually, the WINConference aims to awaken the feminine power within us, un-tap our potential, ignite our vitality and vision for the future. From this, we are encouraged to boldly take the next step in our personal and work lives with grace, courage and collaboration. 

The WIN Participant wants to grow, learn, accelerate their careers and start businesses in a feminine and authentic way. WIN asks how do we do this, how do we open ourselves to new solutions, how do we bring the wisdom into action? In all our sessions, there is a conscious focus on feminine integration, authenticity, connectivity, growth mindset and new ways of being and doing in the world.

Workshop topics typically encompass On purpose and digital, organisational creativity, cross-cultural leadership, being an efficient and feminine board member, making diversity work, ethical leadership, creative leadership, feminine leadership, how to create, improve and maintain your personal authentic brand, public speaking, efficient communication, making an impact, how to move from a team player to a team leader, retaining talent, how to become indispensable at work, promoting creativity and innovation, marketing through the web, women and technology. Managing digital transformation, career transitions, action planning for change, mastering transitions, deep feminine wisdom, integrating the healthy masculine and the divine feminine, understanding non-verbal communication, conscious communication, change management, from career to calling, integrating spirituality into work, making your voice heard, living your passion and creating your mission, spirituality in business, mindfulness, negotiation skills that benefit all, working with purpose and applying values in decision making, building a conscious business.


Entrepreneurs want hands-on learning so that they may - build an authentic business, find capital, protect my brand, sell and build a brand, run a global team while being inclusive, negotiate and get a better deal, tap into my wisdom, deal with change, how to see the opportunity in the adversity, technology and my business, how to protect myself from procrastination, my talents and purposes transferred into my business and mastering my financial managements and debt proofing myself.



Speaker Conference Contribution

Typically the speakers who come to WIN join to be a part of the WINConference. One year they may speak, another they participate without speaking and another time they might be a coach.

The global WINConference is different from many other events as it showcases on average 130 speakers each year. This is strategically planned to ensure that many voices are heard instead of repeating a few. Although a speaker is free to pay the full fee and contribute to the scholarship fund and the running of the high-quality event, WIN offers speakers a reduced speaker conference fee. Each speaker also has an invaluable opportunity to raise their global profile and contribute to the vision of equality that we all wish to achieve. Therefore, having purposefully chosen this way of including a large number of presenters, speakers are not paid to present as this would result in the event becoming unsustainable. We hope that speakers can see the benefits that an introduction into the WIN speaker network community brings, and can make the most of their exposure to an extraordinary variety of professional contacts. WIN has a dedicated person in the office to support you too. At our smaller corporate events this is sometimes different should funding be available.

As a thank you for contributing there is a lower price

  • Workshop Leaders, Forum Speakers, Coaches and/or Morning Awakening Facilitators.
  • The conference fee for speakers is 995 euros. 
  • The conference fee covers the registration fee and includes the numerous dinners, lunches, breaks, learning material and profiling of you as a speaker.

Normal Conference Fee Prices

  • Early Bird until 30 June: 1595 euros
  • Full price until 15 August:1795 euros

The India, Japan and Nigeria WINConferences

Speakers are not asked to pay a conference fee. Special note: All Pre and Post Conference events do not fall within the conference ticket and therefore must be paid for.

Your global conference ticket covers the following:

  • The daily hotel delegate fee

  • The opening networking (Wednesday) & Gala (Friday) dinners

  • Conference lunches (Thursday & Friday)

  • All coffee breaks from Wednesday to Saturday

  • Access to attend all plenary, workshop and forum sessions

  • The conference fee does not cover travel & accommodation costs

  • In addition, all speaker profiles with photo and mini-bio will feature in the conference book, on the WIN website and on social media.
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