Women’s Global Leadership Journey
2020 Singapore WINConference

2020 Singapore WINConference

Global Women Pioneering Change

Postponed to 8-10 March 2021


Did you know that according to the 2019 World Competitiveness Report released by the World Economic Forum, Singapore has emerged as the most competitive nation in the world? While scouting for locations to inspire more women leaders, engage men and empower businesses with new possibilities in Asia, Singapore was an obvious choice!

Also because, despite these impressive statistics, $42-47bn is the estimated annual loss in East Asia and the Pacific due to women's limited access to employment opportunities. We are set to accelerate this change not only in Singapore, but also in the entire APAC region. 

The Global WINConference and the Singapore-based Global Citizen Forum, will host the APEC edition of its iconic conference and leadership experience in Singapore, a 2+ day global leadership conference and development experience. You are invited to become a part of it, as the acclaimed convening opens its doors for you, your organization and members of the community you are a part of.

* * * 

This unique conference gives a platform to prepare leaders for the future, accelerate their journeys, enrich their skills, boost their confidence and grow as integrated, authentic and global leaders – and as such, assuring thriving organizations, businesses, people and planet.

Becoming a part of this unique experience gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in an exchange of best practices with world-class companies embracing diversity, initiating inclusive cultures, innovating the future of work, and also through how women are leading the way differently. 

The event will provide you with context, inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and contacts to help you succeed in this time of accelerated change, complexity and uncertainty.


It will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as a global, authentic and feminine integrated leader.  And as we grow as such conscious global leaders and global citizens, we look beyond gender, religion, age and nationality. 

It will encourage you to create the future you envision – and actively support others in doing so. 


What: A global immersive leadership conference and summit of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, networking lunches, award and gala dinners connecting you to innovative ideas, inclusive energy and outstanding people.

Who: Women and men in senior and middle management from world-class corporations, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGO, leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work and life.... YOU! Including all young leaders for the sought after WIN Next Generation Global Young Leader Forum.

Why: Join to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share, to create and co-create, to contribute and to connect with ideas, yourself and other outstanding leaders from Singapore and the rest of the world.

When: Postponed - new date TBC

Become a part of it: Interested in being a sponsor, speaker, or partner? Email:


Join to accelerate your journey spearheading global positive change

  • Become updated on the emerging global trends and the new changing global context.
  • Learn about the newest trends from technology to society and how entrepreneurs, artists and innovative businesses are navigating them.
  • Understand how the companies leading the way embrace women in STEM and in business and create diverse and inclusive environments – fertile grounds for innovation.
  • Identify the opportunities that lie ahead for women and men championing a more balanced business environment and leadership. 
  • Learn from global women whose careers stand out and discover how their courage, perseverance, consciousness and authentic ways have helped them move ahead and pave the way for others. 
  • Discover how women, men, companies and society can collaborate to lead a gender balanced and diverse work agenda towards a thriving future in Singapore and in the world.
  • Accelerate your journey, create optimal work life balance, develop skills, increase confidence and become a global, authentic and integrated leader. 
  • Learn how to find possibilities which enable companies, employees, clients and society to grow in a sustainable way
  • Ultimately, you will discover how to increase your impact playing a pivotal role, leading the way, in opening up possibilities for others and yourself and how your contribution as Renaissance Woman of our time matters as we go about creating, realizing and leading the way towards a thriving future for everyone.
  • Become the inspiration and noble agent of possibility that we each need to become.

We gather with our highest visions, noblest strategies and best practices to explore how to accelerate progress at work and in life. We will explore what the larger trends and changes mean for companies and for individuals. We will also uncover what each and every one of us need to do to assure well-being and create organization and communities that are inclusive and that will form a sustainable future. How can we become the best transformational leaders bringing everyone along in an integrated and conscious way? Let’s bring the best of technology and the finest of humanity to the table.

The Global Citizen Forum is recognized for its work on peace, collaboration and an innovative vision of global citizens going beyond age, nationality, gender and religion. Its reach goes far beyond Asia and compliments the feminine and pragmatic WIN approach.

The WINConference is recognized for its work on feminine leadership, inspiring and creating change directly and ‘in the moment’. The meeting will provide a safe space and assures authentic contribution is possible. It gives you the knowledge, practical tools and the network of support to help you succeed and prepare for the future in your unique way.

Preliminary Agenda* 
* subject to minor changes


  • Early arrival workshop
  • Welcome VIP cocktail
  • Pre-conference dinner


  • Sight-seeing tours for international guests

We askwho are the individuals and organizations spearheading change, leading the way with purpose, creating work places with meaning, and developing societies for the wellbeing of all.

We askHow do we integrate the masculine and the feminine, productivity and wellness, art and business, a variety of industries, professions, age groups, backgrounds and ways of thinking, being and doing? How do we manage it all in order to create the new? How do we make sure there are women in STEM and in boardrooms and that men can choose to do things differently too? How do we assure we run companies and organizations with the highest of values, creating a sustainable future, one that works for all? 

How do we spearhead change?

Who You Will Meet

Based on participants of previous WINConferences, you will meet a select number of highly resourceful leaders, a diverse group of people across different job levels, age ranges and backgrounds.

  • 35% of the participants are senior leaders, 37% are middle managers and the rest are emerging talent, independent entrepreneurs, consultants or artists
  • 65% are corporate, with politicians, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and artists also represented
  • On average 7% of the participants are men, half of which are senior leaders and half of which are middle managers/others
  • The companies that sponsor and support WIN are world-class companies

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