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Hajar El Haddaoui

Senior Director, Sales, Switzerland, NTT Switzerland SA

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My Story

Alongside her “side job” as an advisor /consultant, Hajar is a senior Director and member of the executive Board at NTT Switzerland and has been with the IT industries over 18 years. Proven executive with global experience, client leader and change agent.  She has held global and regional roles focused on Corporate Strategy, Transformation, Change and Innovation. Combining an MBA degree from IMD with Law background, Hajar focuses on balancing both the business and human perspective in all my work. Her passion lies in creating inclusive and empathetic work environments in which people are encouraged and supported to be the best they can as their most authentic selves. Hajar has had the privilege to live and work in Europe, Canada and the Middle East. She was granted the Business leader  Award for best all-round female In IT in Europe. Having experience the power of recognition of authentic behaviour first hand, she wanted to make sure she paid it forward and gave other women the chance to experience it as well. She is a member of the advisory Board of MOD-ELLE, Member of the assembly of delegates of Vaud chamber of commerce, frequent public speaker  and an active contributor to inclusive leadership and advocate for the SDGs.

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