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WIn Nigeria

Visionary business leaders, NGOs, activists, and politicians meet to integrate the divine feminine with business success. We inspire and accelerate the empowerment of women. 

Our vision is to inspire new leadership as we empower, develop and connect women with a feminine, authentic and global way. Through world-class plenary sessions, practical workshops, bench-marking forums, and coaching, we provide communities, companies, and individual leaders the possibility to grow and contribute to a world in which we all flourish.

In Nigeria WIN, works on several training projects and initiatives to empower women and young people and foster entrepreneurship and activism.



WIN Nigeria


WIN Nigeria


​In particular you will:

  • Get updated on emerging trends and the global context.

  • Discover how individuals and companies can collaborate towards a gender-balanced future in Nigeria and across Africa.

  • Explore how organizations and individuals lead the way in creating a thriving future.

  • Learn how to find possibilities that enable companies, employees, clients and society to grow in a sustainable way.

  • Become an inspirational agent of possibility.

  • Learn how to accelerate your journey, create optimal work-life balance, develop skills, increase confidence and become a global, authentic and feminine leader.​

Past Speakers

Past Speakers

Charity Nwakolam Ohadiugha, Executive Partner WIN Nigeria, CEO & International Coordinator, Human Resource Workig Partners

Anne Pelagie Yotchou Tzudjom, Coordinator of Cefap, Ladies Circle

Dr. Charity Udodirim Ugonna, Assistant Director, Raw Materials Research & Development Council (RMRDC) 

Didi Walson-Jack, Director, Federal Civil Service Commission 

Eleanor Nwadinobi, Manager, Women and Girls, Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP)

Gloria Burgess, Keynoter and Transformational Coach, Adviser to various fortune 500 companies

Ifeoma Okoye, Professor, Med. Univ. of Nigeria Nsukka, Ashoka Fellow, Founder of AGCPN – Clinical Trial Africa Vision & BWS

Imeh Inoh, Assistant Advert Manager, Punch Nigeria Ltd

Margaret Sesay, Director of Projects/Corporate & Social Events, Working Partners/Global Foundation for Women & Development

Marie Owoniyi, Executive Manager – Stakeholders’ Relations, Nestle Nigeria Plc

Mary Odili, Justice of Supreme Court of Nigeria

Nahu Girma, Founder and Executive Director, AWiB

Nancy Iloh, Broadcaster, Presenter and Producer

Ngozi Azodoh, Health Planner/Medical Doctor, Department of Health Planning, Federal Ministry of Health

Olayinka Fayomi, Founder, Africa Youth & Women Empowerment Network (AYWEN)

Olufunke Baruwa, Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian Women’s Trust Fund

Princess Gloria Akobundu, National Coordinator & CEO, NEPAD Nigeria

Sanne Steemers, Chocolate Entrepreneur and Independent Consultant, Thirty Six Foods Nigeria Ltd

Abiodun Olujimi, Senator, Federal Republic of Nigeria

Sophia Ogwude, Professor, University of Abuja

Thelma Nwokeji, Architect, Environmentalist & Author

Zainab Shariff, Deputy Director (Pharmacy), Federal Ministry of Health

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