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This special meeting on Women Pioneering Global Harmony is hosted by CSPOC, a United Nations accredited NGO focused on fostering self-sustaining solutions by integrating Health, Education and Enterprise, whilst celebrating Diversity & Inclusion and recognising women as key to longitudinal change. The meeting is created in collaboration with Global Citizen Forum (GCF) and WIN. GCF works for a world that transcends beyond gender, nationality and boundaries, and brings its Asian network to the collaboration. WIN provides pioneering thought leadership to women worldwide, integrating feminine values and embracing interconnectedness.

GCF and WIN have worked together since 2019 holding meetings on subjects such as Peace, Sustainability and Going Beyond Gender to find harmony. The organisations plan to host a 2-day major convening on Women Leaders Pioneering a Thriving Future at the UN in New York in 2024. As one of numerous waypoints on our path to this meeting, we will convene at UNOG for our second meeting in Geneva, on 11 May 2023.

WIN and GCF are honoured that CSPOC invited the two organisations and their respective communities to co-create this timely gathering in Geneva. The initiative in Geneva and the journey towards New York is designed, directed and executed by Kristin Engvig and her team.

Women pioneering global harmony

This meeting celebrates the tremendous efforts by women around the world in shaping an inclusive and thriving future. It focuses on how women do this in innovative ways, pioneering a sustainable, peaceful and harmonious future for all. With an objective to accelerate global harmony we will address: the environment, the economy, leadership, diversity and inclusion, education, lifecycles and more.

This meeting further explores the impact of women in leadership; how they can inspire others to live up to their full potential and leave a mark on their organizations, companies and the world. 

Coming from numerous international organizations, companies and associations, participants will have a chance to learn and be inspired by several speakers and interact in small discussion groups. Purposeful networking will strengthen connections for our work together.

how it works

Lunch & Reception

Lunch and reception at the UN is included in the complimentary pass for all 2023 members of CSPOC, WIN and GCF or special coupon holders. For non-members, a small fee to cover the exact cost of the lunch is requested.

VIP Dinner

The VIP Dinner is taking place following the conference at the InterContinental Geneva, a short distance from the Palais des Nations, directions are available here. This is an optional event to which one must register in advance.


The conference will be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, directions are available here. The security access will be done at 'Villa Les Feuillantines' and entrance to the Palais des Nations will be through the Peace Gate “bis".


Hotel Accommodation

We recommend staying at the InterContinental Hotel Geneva. Other nearby hotels include Hotel WarwickFor more information, please visit CAGI, the International Geneva Welcome Centre.



1. RSVP to the event and select optional events on the registration section here

After you have gone through Step 1, you must:


2. Create an account in INDICO at the following link: (This is a required step to meet the security requirements to be on UN premises.)

The following video will help you to create an account:

3. After you have created an account, click this link to finalize your registration to the meeting:

4. Be ready to be part of this unique meeting when obtaining the UN QR code!


In the case that you are required to hold a visa to enter Switzerland, we can provide you with an official invitation letter. Please write to:

United Nations Office at Geneva

The United Nations Office at Geneva is one of the four major offices of the United Nations. As such, Geneva is home to many of the UN agencies such as the WTO, WHO, etc, as well as numerous international institutions, NGOs, associations and companies. 

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10:00 Welcome Coffee


10:30 Opening Ceremony: Pioneering Global Harmony

What is the role of women in leadership in inspiring others to live up to their full potential and leave a mark on their organizations, companies, communities, lives and the world at large? How do we ensure women have equal access to freedom of choice and what is the role of men? How can we together work in a way that creates a harmonious future with global prosperity?

​Welcome addresses

11:30 Panel: A World in Transformation 

Let’s look at the big changes in the world and how they impact societies, gender equality, entrepreneurship, leadership and a more inclusive world? What do the continually changing elements imply, from the transforming environment to the wars, accelerated technological change, mental health, migration, demographic and economic instability? Above all what does it mean for you and me as leaders? What does it signify for our efforts to strengthen a more harmonious future? 

​Key note speeches and panel discussion

13:00 Networking & Lunch Break with optional connection conversations around: 

  • From War to Peace

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equity

  • Sustainability in Action

For those of you who chose Lunch & Refreshments at registration, the lunch vouchers can be used in the Cafeteria area, Building A. Otherwise, there are snack-style options at the Serpent Bar, card-only. 

15:00 Panel: The New Ways of Working and Leading - Inclusion & Harmony

What are the new ways of working and what do they mean for women and for our companies? From new technology to changing work patterns, wellness, vulnerability, joy and resilience. What are innovations that have emerged in our rapidly changing world? Is the feminine included in these innovations? How about nature? What is the ideal way to work with peace in a way that regenerates our body, creating wellness and joy at work and in life. What are some examples of organizations that are finding their way to prosperity and harmony?

​Key note speeches and panel discussion

16:15 Facilitated Connections

Creating the Future of Work with Humanity at its core. Leading with your heart – what does that mean to you?

16:40 Panel: Pioneering Journeys of Leaders Inspiring the Future

What are some ways to pioneer more peace, gender equality, sustainability, wellness and inclusion worldwide? How do we consider our lifecycles - experiencing life as a journey with endings and rebirth? How do we inspire the way forward to global harmony and a future that benefits all, including the planet herself.

17:45 Closing Remarks – A New Beginning for Humanity


18:00 The End

19:00 Optional VIP Dinner & Welcoming Cocktail

Intercontinental Hotel, Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 7-9, 1211 Geneva

*Note that the agenda may still be subject to minor changes.

Event Details

Important reminders

10:00-18:00 | 11 May 2023

Room XIX, Building E, Door 40

Palais des Nations 

1211 Geneva 


Please arrive at  'Villa Les Feuillantines' in Avenue de la Paix 13, 1211 Genève 10, Palais des Nations and allow for one hour to get through security. After reception of your badge, access the premises through the Peace Gate “bis”. See map here. The meeting will take place in Room XIX, E Building. 

Please bring your passport or national identity card and the QR code sent to you by the UNNo other forms of identification will be accepted. 

We recommend public transportation as there is no parking available at the Palais des Nations. If you have luggage, we recommend using the lockers at Geneva train station.

We recommend business smart dress code.

If you selected Lunch & Refreshments at registration, your lunch voucher can be used at the cafeteria. If you did not, there are snack style offerings available at the Serpent Bar, which accepts only card payments.

*If the conference cannot be performed due to force majeure, obligations shall continue to perform on-line or postponed to a later date, or it may be exempted from corresponding liability to the extent of the impact of such force majeure.

**Official United Nations activities or those of Nation States have priority to the UN conference rooms, and changes to the allocated room could happen at any time.

VIP Dinner & Welcoming cocktail

18:45 - 21:00 | 11 May 2023

InterContinental Hotel

Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 7-9

1211 Geneva


The VIP Dinner and Welcoming Cocktail are taking place following the conference at the InterContinental Hotel Geneva.


about the conveners


CSPOC's Board of Expert Trustees, led by Dr. Royston Flude, has advised on sustainable developments for over two decades, drawing on the wealth of knowledge from their different professions. Dr Flude is the Founder President of CSPOC and has been instrumental in bringing self-sustainability into the United Nations since the 1980s. He has a particular interest in Institutional Harassment where women are often victims.

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 16.47.01-modified.png

    The Global Citizen Forum is an initiative of Rajarshi Bhupendra Modi (Dr M), a global thought leader and international business man. With over 2 million members spread across the globe, GCF is a burgeoning body of people committed to the cause of building a better planet based on the principles of interconnectedness, collaboration and unity. 

Kristin Engvig Headshot Small-modified.png

WIN is led by its founder and president Kristin Engvig, a global pioneer and pathfinder for the empowerment of the feminine. WIN has worked for more than 26 years to advance, develop, connect and inspire women worldwide. It brings a revolutionary way to our world, work and lives by integrating holistic perspectives, joy and nurturing values into all we do. It encourages each person to develop themselves on the inside and contribute with authenticity, supporting each other in making dreams come true. 

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