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Charity Nwakolam Ohadiugha

Position: Management Consultant

Nationality: Nigerian

Organisation: Centre for Management Development

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My Story

Lady Charity Nwakolam Ohadiugha is a Centre for Management Development (CMD) accredited Management Consultant, Trainer, and a Talent Discovery Coach. She retired from the Federal Civil Service after 30 years of meritorious Service, as Chief Administrative Officer.

Lady Ohadiugha is a graduate of Secretarial Administration, Business Administration, and holds a Post-graduate Diploma in Individual and Organizational Development. In addition to her professionalism in Secretarial Administration, she is experienced in Events Management, Entrepreneurship and Social Development Programmes, Media Reviews and Grants application.

She leads people to evaluate their lives and creates a strategic plan to help them harness their true reliance so that they can create success, happiness, and fulfillment in alignment with their authentic selves.

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