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expanding the impact of women's networks

WIN's thought leadership and pioneering practise has become a reference for thousands of women on authentic, global and feminine leadership journeys, as well as for the many networks they are a part of. Today, at WIN, we bring together many of the world's incredible women’s associations, NGOs, networking groups, business school alumni groups and diversity groups of world-class organisations, with the opportunity for members to meet at the Global WIN Conference and regional meetings around the world. It is the meeting place for presidents, committee members and founders of networks across the world and was originally created for them.

Current Network Partners
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Advance Gender Equality in Business

Advance is the leading business association for gender equality in Switzerland, a network of 130+ Swiss-based companies committed to increasing the share of women in management. It’s a proven fact that gender-mixed teams perform better, are more innovative and likely to generate more profit. With a concrete program, Advance supports companies to turn diversity into a competitive advantage. Because a gender-equal and inclusive workplace is a win-win for all: men, women, business and society.

American Club of Rome

The ACR was founded in 1953 to fill a need for an organization that provided opportunities for Americans to socialize and network while living abroad.  The ACR has since developed into an open society for American professionals, diplomats, entrepreneurs, ex-pats and international citizens seeking to expand their social and professional networks through cultural, educational and community-based exchange.


EQUAL-SALARY is a non-profit organization established in 2010 as a Foundation, as defined by Swiss law. ESF’s mission is to advocate to close the gender pay gap by verifying and communicating via an EQUAL-SALARY certification that companies pay their female and male employees equally for the same role. The certification process is a practical and scientific tool developed in collaboration with the University of Geneva and with world-leading auditing bodies.

Expat Ladies Zurich

Expat Ladies Zurich’s mission is to build a sisterhood community, so strong that our bond combined with our resources embolden and empower expat ladies to live a full life at its full potential away from “home” : in life, in family, in business and in sisterhood.

JUMP, Solutions for Equity at Work

JUMP is the European social enterprise that aims to create a more equitable and inclusive society by working with organisations to achieve gender equality and fair representation of diversity

OWIT -Organization of Women in International Trade

is a global membership organisation for women and men working in all facets of international trade, designed to promote the advancement of women in trade and business.
OWIT acts as the springboard for many women-owned businesses. It facilitates that vital access to international networks and markets. We are a conduit, between other Business Support Organisations (BSOs), NGOs, local governments, private industry and women entrepreneurs.
We have chapters across the Americas, Africa and Europe. We focus on professional development, capacity building, mentorship, sharing of information, training, knowledge and best practice. We organise tailored training sessions with partner collaborators and sponsors, and participate in market events and activities that revolve around trade and entrepreneurship. 

PWA-Professional Women’s Association Rome

PWA is a non-profit networking organization that supports and promotes the interests of professional women of different nationalities, from diverse cultural environments. We believe in sharing information, ideas and resources to create mutual opportunities and since 1992 PWA provides a “friendly forum” for women who want to expand their world for personal and professional growth.

Professional Women's Group of Basel

PWG Basel warmly invites you to join our network, where you can connect with others and make new friends. We are a small diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, dedicated to supporting your personal growth and development in a welcoming and inclusive community.

Professional Women's Network - Global

PWN is an international NGO created 25 years ago to encourage and develop gender-balanced leadership in corporate and institutional leadership. Today we have more than 3,000 active members and 25,000 supporters. We are established in 25 cities in some twenty countries, and represent 144 nationalities. We are an engaging, acting and impacting network.

Professional Women's Network - Norway

PWN Norway is a city network and part of a global organization that works towards the advancement of gender-balanced leadership through professional development and international, cross-industry, online and in-person networking

Scuola Politica

The Political School was born from an idea of ​​Prof. Pellegrino Capaldo - economist and university professor - President of the New Millennium Foundation. The presidency of the Supervisory Board is entrusted to prof. Paolo Boccardelli, Vice President is Dr. Massimo Lapucci and founding member and Secretary General of the Political School is prof. Marcello Presicci. The Political School avails itself of a supervisory board made up of authoritative members from the academic, institutional and business world.

Reach NPIO

Reach is the first structured mentoring program in the Middle East dedicated to helping young female professionals unlock their true potential through structured mentoring and professional support. Launched in October 2013, Reach is a non-profit incorporated organization dedicated to female mentoring and leadership. Founded by a group of four Dubai-based professional women, Reach is the first non-profit organization to be registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and aims to support and develop the skills of female professionals in the region. Based in the UAE, Reach is a regionally focused organization that aims to expand its mentoring support across the GCC and Middle East. As a non-profit organization, Reach supports the mentoring opportunities it offers through corporate sponsorships. This allows eligible mentees to benefit from the opportunities the organisation offers at no cost.

LadyAgri impact Investment Hub

The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub is a network of International and African professionals supporting women agri-entrepreneurs in Africa and Small Island Developing States. We have experts across 30 African countries. Our boots on the ground approach allows us to have our fingers on the pulse of market fluctuations and the reality faced by agri-entrepreneurs. We mobilise our experts quickly and efficiently and provide appropriate solutions for local agri-businesses. Our International experts work in tandem with our local experts ensuring we are at the cutting edge of market requirements, local, regional and global. Our primary beneficiaries are agri-businesses that are at least 51% woman-owned, woman-led, and in an agri- value chain traditionally dominated by women producers. We also support gender smart agri-businesses who are not women led but want to include, value and strengthen women in their agri-supply chains as suppliers, employees or who want to grow their female agri-customer client base.

MAFE - Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs

Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs (MAFE) is an award-winning non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the economic growth and advancement of women entrepreneurs in Michigan. MAFE supports the entrepreneurial development among women at all levels of entrepreneurship - from startup to mature businesses.

Home for Humanity

A transcultural Alliance of Humanity, comprised of individuals, homes, organizations and communities committed to human and planetary renewal.​​ Driven by a shared vision of humanity living in unity with and service to all life, expressed in the Humanity Charter.​​ Powered by the Art and Science of Integral Transformation to respond to the burning issues of our time through ground-breaking programmes.​

Anchored in an Integral Home, that catalyzes agents of transformation and Homes for Humanity to work jointly for an integral, just, and regenerative future for our Earth home.

WiB-Swiss - Women in Business

We are active in enhancing female development in professional field by coaching, consulting, mentoring, training, empowering and sharing sustainable values.

Past Network Partners

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WIN offers an endorsement partner network programme which entitles your members to receive access to special meetings, meeting discounts and other benefits. WIN shares about your network to WINConference participants to join you during the year. We continuously look to expand our network of partners who are aligned with our visions to create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of women, societies, organizations and the planet herself.

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