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In our spirit of supporting each other, we go beyond the conference itself. Understanding that a high level meeting costs money and knowing that we are stronger when we join together, WIN is grateful for all the support it receives in bringing women together. WIN in turn donates 3-5% of the income it receives to various other women's causes or to help women who could not otherwise afford to attend the conference.


Donations are made through the WIN Fund Initiative, which also receives contributions from individuals and companies. We invite you to make a difference by contributing so that together we can achieve so much more.

Special projects

As we go beyond the conferences and our meetings, let's empower even more women around the world.
Donate today.

Sister to Sister Scholarship

Donate a scholarship through the WIN Fund to bring a woman to the Global WIN Conference or to implement a project in her country.

Special Projects

special projects

WIN provides support to special projects targeting issues faced by women and girls around the world. Some of these projects have been initiated by past scholarship winners who gain inspiration and tools to accelerate their work at WIN. If you have a project you think WIN should support, please write to

Current projects


Women foundation nepal


Daughters of Kenya


Founded by Bandita Thapa, Women Foundation Nepal focuses on first empowering and finally improving the existing support system of deprived and marginalized communities through education, empowerment as well as ensuring entrepreneurship opportunity in Nepal.

Daughters of Kenya is a non-profit organization working towards improving the lives of vulnerable girls and young mothers in Kenya. They work to ensure that every orphaned and vulnerable girl is able to experience the love and security that only a family can provide. Their mission focuses on education, ending violence against children and economic sustainability.

pasT projects



The WIN Scholarship programme of the WIN Fund offers free or subsidized conference participation as well as solidarity tickets, to women who exemplify the potential to become leaders of tomorrow and to proven leaders operating in difficult economic environments. Despite our small size we have awarded more than 1,000 scholarships and supported numerous initiatives.


We look for women with the potential to lead.


We look to bring different nationalities to WIN to reinforce the global vision.


We look to support and inspire women in challenging economic circumstances.


We look to exchange knowledge and experiences.


We look for women who want to be active participants in WIN programmes.


We look for women who bring new ideas, opinions and experiences.

Sisterhood tickets, Host Country Ticket & Scholarships


Sisterhood and host tickets

A limited number of tickets are given to individual host country delegates.

a) Full subsidized ticket €1'095: access to all learning material, all workshops, coaching, award dinner, gala dinner, and cocktail – includes everything – application needed.

b) Limited Entry tickets for individuals €595: access to all plenaries and working forums. No gala dinner, workshops or coaching sessions included. – application needed.

Please write to to apply for a ticket following the same application process as an scholarship, until 31 August 2023.

apply for a scholarship

Applicants to this highly competitive scholarship program are selected based on their economic need and their potential to effect change and inspire others in their home countries.

Scholarships cover the conference fee, which includes all sessions, lunches, coffee breaks, networking and social events. Scholarships do not include flights or accommodation. 

To apply, please send an email to with the following:

  •  Your motivation on why you want to join our event.

  •  How you believe you can contribute to the WINConference

  •  How you foresee the WINConference experience helping you, your organization or community.

  •  A brief explanation of why you are in need of financial support to attend the conference.

  •  Curriculum Vitae or short bio.

Applications for scholarships and solidarity tickets for the 2022 Global WINConference will open on 6 june and will close on 6 August, 2023.


Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for their contributions to the WIN Fund.


The de Groot Foundation

Sandra Häfliger

Silke Schäfer 

Sile O'Broin

Gabrielle Kluck

Eve Konstantine

Steliana Van de Rijt-Economu

Ramune Lekamviciute

Margrit Mau

Olga Schejerbeck

Simone Poletto

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