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GCF WIN collaboration

Beyond Gender - women Pioneering Global Change

The modern world is dynamic, exponential and ambiguous. For communities and nations to success in this new world, it is imperative that humanity pool in all its resources to arrive at the best global solutions for preservation and progress.

Global Citizen Forum and WIN have come together to expand their global vision of a world beyond boundaries in which everyone thrives. It is time to posit a new leadership dynamic, more authentic and sustainable.


Women constitute 50% of all humanity, but leadership among women is sparse - a statistic that is surprisingly ubiquitous across the globe. To bring women to the forefront and celebrate those women who are seeking to break free and actively embrace leadership roles on their terms, GCF and WIN plans to convene over 2 days in 2024 at the UN in New York. With more than a 1000 women expected to be in attendance, this high-level meeting will bring together women leaders who work globally including entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, executives, scientists and artists. The goal of the meeting is to accelerate the change needed to achieve a world that works for all.

Pathway to the un

In the lead up to the United Nations event in 2024, GCF-WIN is hosting numerous high quality webinars and in-person meetings for global women to get inspired, connect and increase their impact on society, workplaces and lives.

  • GCF-WIN convened  a series of 12 webinars on women’s leadership and empowerment over 3 months in 2020

  • GCF-WIN convened a global meeting on Women, Wisdom, Wealth and Wellness in Dubai, January 2021

  • GCF-WIN convened the landmark meeting Women Inspiring a Peaceful and Sustainable Future at the UN in Geneva, hosted by CSPOC in May 2022

  • GCF-WIN convened the Global Peace Conference in Rampur, India followed by a study tour to Rishikesh in November 2022

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Women pioneering global harmony
Palais des nations, Geneva
 May 2023

bridging the gap

Women's international networking

Kristin Engvig, the founder of WIN has more than 26 years of experience as a global pioneer for women and pathfinder for the empowerment of the feminine, and has worked with women from all over the world.

Inspiring Women Worldwide. HQ in Switzerland, and most known for the flagship, WINConference, WIN’s work involves developing each person on the inside so as to contribute with their authenticity, with their hearts and integrating feminine values, supporting each other in making dreams come true. WIN works globally and with men to create a world that works for all, progress meaningful careers, to create companies with the highest values, encourage and support more conscious women in politics and in business, as well as giving space for artists and activist.

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Global Citizen Forum

Headquartered in Singapore, the Global Citizen Forum is a burgeoning body of people committed to the cause of building a better planet based on the principles of interconnectedness, collaboration and unity. GCF draws its inspiration from the World Wide Web, a phenomenon that has democratised communication and precipitated the creation of a global village. 

GCF was founded by Rajarshi Bhupendra Modi (Dr M), a man of many firsts, a global leader, futurepreneur and author. With more than 4 decades of business leadership, he has been recognised pioneer of globalisation.

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