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About Us

Women's international networking

We are a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer, Kristin Engvig. She brought a revolutionary new way to the world of business by integrating holistic perspectives, aesthetics, joy and nurturing values. 

WIN has provided pioneering thought leadership and is the reference for numerous individuals and organizations worldwide. It keeps opening new paths and inspiring exceptional leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and talents through its innovative and collaborative framework of change.



be open

be ready to connect

be quick to contribute

take a risk


never accept the unacceptable

expect magic


Founder and CEO of WIN & WINConference

She is a renowned thought leader, speaker and the driving force behind WIN's activities and the evolution of the feminine leadership journey.

She transformed her vision of ‘bringing a more feminine, global and sustainable vision into work, communities and life’ through the creation of the WINConference.

Our values

WIN is not only about the magic energy, the creative approach or the ease of connecting, it is about stepping into a more feminine frequency, enabling you to see what could be possible, and then getting on with it through conscious business and practical application.


Transform the status-quo and inspire a world that works for all.


Raise feminine and global awareness.


Evoke change through authentic leadership



Accelerate growth of highly conscious business.


Inspire success based on your uniqueness rather than stereotypical ways of being.


Integrate both feminine & masculine values in order to fully create 


Create and co-create a sustainable future and evolve the world.

WIN's history

Founded in 1997 in Milan, Italy by Norwegian social entrepreneur Kristin Engvig, WIN is a mission-driven organization devoted to empower women around the world. Open to all, WIN presents a chance for us to make a difference in the world and to take part in the premium authentic leadership conference.

WIN has been backed by hundreds of world-class organizations.

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