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Become a speaker

WIN’s philosophy is based on a system of engagement and co-creation, involving the ecosystem we are part of.

For women and men who are aligned with WIN’s vision and who wish to co-create together with us, assuring that others shine as much as themselves, we have created a structure for active involvement.


The call for speakers process is such a way, giving more space for women's voices to be heard. Each year we received hundreds of proposals from outstanding presenters from all over the world. A committee within the WIN office goes through all of these and assures there is a win-win match. We have seen that there is incredible value in women sharing their stories, work, dreams, passions and ideas, as we create a collective and personal vision for a brighter future.

At WIN everyone is a star in a unique constellation of shining stars. Whether you are an official WIN presenter or not, the WIN program is packed with interactive sessions to assure all participants are heard, seen and valued.

The world depends on women’s authentic and empowered leadership to find solutions for a future that works for all. It also depends on women’s visions, dreams and projects being realized, those that cannot be hidden in the drawers anymore.

A selected number of speakers are invited by WIN

Events Open for Speaker Applications
  • 2024  WIN Japan Conference - Applications open from 10 April until 20 June on a rolling basis  (event is on 5th July)

  • 2024 WIN East Africa Nairobi Kenya  WIN Conference - Applications open on rolling basis – deadline 15 July (event is on 23 August)

  • 2024 Global WINConference - Applications are accepted on a rolling basis starting 1 May until end  15 July (event is on 8-12 October)


Please send as per the description below (please read entire page!).
For further details and additional information, please follow the call for speakers announced in the WIN Inspirer – the newsletter.

Speaker Types

plenary speakers

In plenary sessions, speakers address all conference participants in the main room. There are 5 plenaries in total, where each speaker has 12-17 minutes to deliver an outstanding, world-class speech. Most of these speakers are invited directly by WIN.

workshop leaders

We offer multiple workshops  1-1.5 hours long across the three days of the Conference. On the fourth, bonus conference day, we typically offer 3-5 workshops 1.5 hours long. 

forum speakers

WIN organises panel discussions in working forums. Each speaker presents for 7-10 minutes then joins a moderated discussion. Forum topics range from Senior Leadership, Women Empowering Women, Women in Media, Entrepreneurship and Diversity & Inclusion.


WIN welcomes coaches to offer one-on-one sessions parallel to plenary sessions. Each coach is assigned 4-8 hour long slots. These complimentary sessions aim to give participants an opportunity to explore the benefits of coaching in an open and friendly environment.

wellness sessions

For the early riser, WIN offers a 45-minute wellness session to start each day. These sessions range from yoga to the Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Dance.


"The honour of speaking at your conference was one of the best of my professional life. It was so great as a man to have that privilege, and I continue to fight wherever I can for the advancement of women."

- Nigel Nicholson, London Business School

apply now

Please send us a speaker proposal under the following guidelines:

  • Workshop Proposal - 1-2 pages maximum, which must include the idea of the workshop and can include a detailed outline of how you intend to run it

  • Forum Proposal - 1-2 pages maximum

  • Coach Proposal - 1-2 pages maximum, which must include the type of coaching (career coaching, life coaching etc)

  • Plenary Proposal - 1-2 pages maximum

Accompanying your proposal please include: 

  • 1-2 personal references

  • If possible, a video link from a recent publication or engagement

  • Whether you have attended a WINConference or were referred by someone who has

  • Confirmation in writing that you have read this entire Become a Speaker page including what to keep in mind and the speaker contribution section below.

  • Your 1-2 page CV and mini biography

You may submit the following requirements via email or best by filling in the Become a Speaker form. 

The deadline for the first submission for the Global WIN Conference is July 26th.

The second submission deadline has yet to be planned if at all.


For regional events, please consult deadlines above. 

what to keep in mind

The WIN Way is to model, develop, empower and connect leaders, providing a global perspective and tools for women to integrate feminine values into the world and their lives and contribute with authenticity.


WIN creates an inclusive platform for collective learning by highlighting authentic success stories. We inspire a future of possibilities by providing one-on-one coaching, workshops and forums with skill-building, a creative approach and sisterhood. We evoke change and raise global consciousness to create a sustainable and balanced future that works for all.


The WINConference is attended by people from a variety of backgrounds including corporate executives, entrepreneurs. Participants want to share, grow, learn, accelerate their careers and perhaps start businesses, all in a feminine and authentic way. WIN asks how to do this, how to open ourselves to new solutions, allow for possibilities to come our way and put wisdom into action. In all our sessions, there is a conscious focus on integration, authenticity, connectivity, growth mindset and new ways of being and doing in the world. Although most sessions are open to all, we do have a few closed and segmented sessions for senior leaders, middle managers, entrepreneurs and young leaders exclusively.

WIN encourages companies to be inclusive, sustainable and diverse, to think long-term with their highest values and to focus on trust, truth, quality and beauty as well as sustainability. WIN provides the setting for bench-marking, mindful networking and real business development for the acceleration of the authentic company. Individually, the WINConference aims to awaken the feminine power within us, unlock our potential, ignite our vitality and reveal our vision for the future. From this, we are encouraged to boldly take the next step in our lives with grace, courage and collaboration. 

Workshop topics include organisational creativity, cross-cultural leadership, board membership, making diversity work, authentic leadership, incorporating feminine values, personal branding, public speaking, efficient communication, making an impact, leadership, retaining talent, accelerating innovation, digital marketing tools, digital transformation, career transitions, planning for change, accessing feminine wisdom, integrating the healthy masculine and the divine feminine, understanding non-verbal communication, conscious communication, integrating spirituality into work, creating your mission, mindfulness, negotiation skills for mutual success, values-based decision making, building a conscious business for a new world.

Entrepreneurs want hands-on learning so that they may build a conscious business, find capital, build and protect their brand, run a global team while being inclusive, negotiate and get a better deal, tap into their wisdom, deal with change, see opportunity in adversity, access their talents and create solid business plans for growth and financial management.

speaker conference contribution

There are many ways to be a part of the WIN Conference. Typically, those who participate as speakers and who come to WIN do so because they wish to be part of the vision and WIN way, and be an active part of the WINConference.


One year they may speak, another they participate without speaking and another time they might be a coach. The Global WINConference is different from many other events as it showcases on over 100 speakers each year. This is designed to ensure that many voices are heard. Although a speaker is welcomed to pay the full fee and contribute to the scholarship fund, WIN offers to people who participate as speakers a reduced speaker conference fee. Each speaker also has the opportunity to raise their global profile and contribute to the WIN mission by participating.

In order to make this vision of inclusivity possible, speakers are not paid as this would result in the event becoming unsustainable, nor could we have so many speakers and women’s voices heard. . We hope that speakers can see the benefits of being a part of the WIN speaker community and can make the most of their exposure to an extraordinary variety of professional contacts. WIN has a dedicated person in the office to support you.

Ultimately, we work for women’s freedom of choice, knowing that women’s empowered leadership is of critical importance to the world today.   

When the WIN organization has budget to cover the fee or some of the fee as a thank you it does. WIN spends months to fund raise so that it is easier for everyone. 

  • Workshop Leaders, Forum Speakers, Coaches and/or Morning Awakening Facilitators

  • For the in-person Global WINConference, a three day plus (up to 5 days) high level leadership experience, a participant who also speaks is typically asked to support by paying the full fee and occasionally, when WIN has enough funding to subsidise a ticket, at a  reduced price pass to cover the cost of the meals, gala dinner etc. 

  • The conference fee covers registration and all sessions, networking opportunities, celebrations and meals, learning material and profiling of you as a speaker in conference materials. WIN meetings are always world-class and carefully designed, curated and executed at the highest quality.

  • The speaker contribution for regional conferences is decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the funding the project has received.

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