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27th Edition of the

Global WIN Leadership Conference

(8) 9.10.11 (12) October, 2024

All are invited to participate in this educational endeavour, whether they are returning to it for the first time or have already done so.

You are invited to become a partner, sponsor, workshop leader, or simply participate.

Join an ever-increasing number of leaders who are transforming the world and demonstrating the potential of feminine power.

You are the one

You want to be part of a larger shift in women's lives taking place on a global scale. You feel like widening your horizons, learning something new and creating a more diverse and gender-balanced world for future generations. You simply have a desire to be a part of it - now! Perhaps you work for a large company and have substantial leadership experience or, you have just started your own company and are wondering how to proceed. Perhaps you are in transition and curious about your next steps.


You will be in the right place. The conference will help you get up to speed on emerging trends in business, technology and society as well as the latest thinking on the future of work and careers, and new practices in individual growth. The conference is designed to help participants generate new awareness, skills and connections in an inspiring and nurturing environment, enabling them to accelerate their impact in the world, at work and in their lives.

At WIN we grow as conscious leaders and empower each other to create business with purpose
and careers that matter.
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2024 Global WINConference
Ticket Information

All prices in Swiss Francs (CHF)
Standard Ticket
Subsidized Individual

Early Bird June

July Promotion (22th July)

Full Fee

26 August – 30 September

1'495 CHF

1'695 CHF

2'295 CHF

995 CHF

1'195 CHF

1'595 CHF

For corporates, professionals, UN agencies and large NGOs.

for SMEs, women in transition, small entrepreneurs/ngo's, students

Please note that a late fee of 400 CHF will be applied to Standard tickets and 200 CHF to Subsidised tickets.

The Standard ticket includes the highly acclaimed high-level Organizational/Corporate Forum, which addresses the latest trends and practices on DEI, AI and Women in Leadership in harmony with men, and the environment.

Who will be there?

WIN attracts professional women and men with a strong sense of responsibility; influential decision-makers or opinion leaders, company executives, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, academics, artists, thought leaders, government, NGO representatives, international business school professors, and students, targeted media, bloggers and influencers.


Age Groups

Leadership Level

The Agenda

08 October

08.30   Registration Opens 

12.45     Post Lunch Tea & Coffee

13.30    Opening Ceremony & Setting the Stage

14.30     Plenary: Creating the Future


16.00     Networking Tea & Coffee 

16.30     Workshop Series I

18.15      Plenary: Pioneering Leaders with Vision 

20.00   WIN Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Ceremony

10 October

Explore the future of our companies and the new ways individuals organize themselves in tandem with technology and humanity.

08.30     Registration Opens 

09.00     Plenary: Creating a Thriving Company of Tomorrow 

10.45     Networking Tea & Coffee 

11.15     Workshop Series II 

12.45     Lunch 

14.15     Workshop Series III

15.45         Networking Tea & Coffee


16.15         Plenary: Evolving Our Leadership & Career


17.45        The Heroine’s Journey and the Dance of the 5 Elements


18.30        The 'Black' & 'White' Cocktail


19.30         Free Evening

08.30        Registration Opens


09.00         Plenary: Realizing You, Realizing Us


11.00         Networking Tea & Coffee


11.30         Workshop Series IV


13.00         Lunch


14.30         Workshop Series V


16.00         Networking Tea & Coffee


16.30         Plenary: Pioneering and Revealing New Worlds


19.15          Buses depart to Gala


20.00       Closing Cocktail: Celebrating Women

12 october
09 October

Address the pressing issues on the planet and look at the forces shaping how we work, live and lead. 

11 october

Discover new ways to lead aligned with your individual purpose, company mission and nature. Step up as an agent of possibility.

16.30   Speaker Briefing Meeting                    (speakers/workshop leaders                only)


17.45  Your Story & Leadership Journey


19.15   VIP Cocktail

           (by invitation only)


20.15   Optional Early Arrivals Dinner

            (by registration only)

08.00 Body-Mind Awakening Session

09.15 Informal Networking 

10.15 Workshop Series VI

11.45 Coffee

12.30 The End of WIN 2024

Pre-Conference Events include the VIP Cocktail on 8 October.

Learn more about the WIN framework of change >

"WIN gave me a deep understanding of the importance of sisterhood and femininity which I have embraced along with being a manager. It is nice to know that women around the world experience the same challenges." 

—Rapoport Bar , Israel


"I was completely awe-struck by the quality and diversity of the plenary speakers at this conference and by the inspiration and challenge offered by the workshop leaders. This remarkable event has called on each of us, women and men to take fresh inspiration and intention out into the world and to courageously create the kind of world we want to be in."

— Yvonne O’Reilly , Luxembourg

The leadership journey

WIN offers a series of preparation webinars to accelerate the work that will be done at the conference,

as well as follow-up development webinars to crystalize the learnings. These webinars are structured on the

WIN pillars and include a workshop and mentoring circle. They are included for all conference participants as part of their learning journey and membership programme. If you cannot join the conference and still wish to be a part of the WIN learning journey, you can do so.

conference features

Our world-class plenaries, skill-building workshops and interactive forums are designed to ignite your curiosity, open your heart to new possibilities, inspire new learning and foster meaningful connections with others. We cover a wide range of topics over 3+ days – there is something for everyone!


The conference takes place from Wednesday morning to Friday evening, with bonus workshops on Saturday.


The conference provides for outstanding networking possibilities. Each session allows you opportunity to connect and engage with someone new, with interactive breakout group discussions and virtual networking.

Transformational Plenaries

Be inspired by world-class speakers addressing the World, Work and You.

Classic Conference Rituals

Movement and music to embody and provide a beat for your vision.

leading Edge Working Forums

Discuss issues related to media, innovation, spirituality, young leader forum, experienced leader forum, and the landmark WIN Story forum.

Morning Wellness Sessions

The perfect way to start the day with 40 minutes of gentle body & mind awakening - movement and meditation.

growth workshops

Share, grow and discover in interactive and stimulating skill-building sessions.

Entrepreneurship Forum

Explorative forum on growing our businesses authentically and organically in a feminine way.

Innovative D&I Corporate Forum

Expert sessions propelling organizations, their talent, and diversity & inclusion programmes to a new level.

Award Celebration and Virtual Gala

Dress up, relax, enjoy and celebrate women around the world.

“Let’s consider a new beginning where we are all heard, seen, felt and valued. We are the pioneers creating a world that works for all with purpose, passion and compassion.”- Kristin Engvig, Founder of WIN

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