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Women inspiring 
global harmony

22.may.2024 | palais des nations, unog, geneva

hosted by cspoc in collaboration with WIN


This special meeting on Women Inspiring Global Harmony is hosted by CSPOC, a United Nations accredited NGO focused on fostering self-sustaining solutions by integrating Health, Education and Enterprise, whilst celebrating Diversity & Inclusion and recognising women as key to longitudinal change. The meeting is created by WIN. WIN provides inspiring and pioneering thought leadership to women worldwide, integrating feminine values and embracing interconnectedness.

WIN will convene at UNOG for our third meeting in Geneva, on 22 May 2024.

WIN is honoured that CSPOC has invited the organisation and its community to co-create this timely gathering in Geneva. 

Women inspiring global harmony

Celebrating the tremendous efforts of women worldwide to create an inclusive and prosperous future. This gathering will focus on how women are creating a sustainable, peaceful, regenerative and prosperous future, inspiring Global Harmony.


To accelerate Global Harmony for all, we will address the environment, the economy, leadership, diversity and inclusion, education, life cycles and more.


This gathering will also explore the impact of women in leadership; how they can inspire others to reach their full potential and leave their mark on their organisations, businesses and the world. We encourage harmony in a polarised world and address how women and men, working together in harmony, hold the key to a future that works for everyone, including the planet itself.


Participants from a wide range of international organisations, companies and associations will have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by a variety of speakers and to interact in small discussion groups. Purposeful networking will strengthen links for our work together.

online event brochure

Access the official event booklet for "Women Inspiring Global Harmony" now! Inside, you'll find the schedule, speaker profiles, session descriptions, and valuable resources.



Prepare for an enriching experience by familiarizing yourself with the content beforehand. See you at the event!

how it works

Refreshements & Aperitif

Refreshments and aperitif at the UN is included in the complimentary pass for all 2024 members of CSPOC and WIN, or special coupon holders. For non-members, a small fee to cover the exact cost of the lunch and refreshments is requested. It should be noted that each participant will be required to bear their own expenses for the midday meal.

The conference will be held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, directions are available here. The security access and entrance to the Palais des Nations will be through Pregny Gate . (In front of the International Committee of the Red Cross building and next to the Geneva Hotel School.)


Hotel Accommodation

We recommend staying at the InterContinental Hotel Geneva. Alternative nearby hotels or cities such as Nyon or adjacent towns. For more information, please visit CAGI, the International Geneva Welcome Centre.



1. RSVP to the event and select optional events on the registration section HERE

After you have gone through Step 1, you must:


2. Create an account in INDICO at the following link: (This is a required step to meet the security requirements to be on UN premises.)

The following video will help you to create an account:

3. After you have created an account, click this link to finalize your registration to the meeting: INDICO Final Event registration

4. Be ready to be part of this unique meeting when obtaining the UN QR code!


In the case that you are required to hold a visa to enter Switzerland, we can provide you with an official invitation letter. Please write to:

United Nations Office at Geneva

The United Nations Office at Geneva is one of the four major offices of the United Nations. As such, Geneva is home to many of the UN agencies such as the WTO, WHO, etc, as well as numerous international institutions, NGOs, associations and companies. 

UNOG Photo_edited.jpg


11:00    Welcome Coffee

11:15    Doors Open

11:30    Opening Ceremony: Inspiring Global Harmony
What is the role of women in leadership in inspiring others to reach their full potential and make a difference in their organisations, businesses, communities, lives and the world at large? How do we ensure that women have equal access to freedom of choice, and what is the role of men? In a polarised world, we explore the role of a paradigm of collaboration for a harmonious future of global prosperity? Welcome speeches.

•    Royston Flude, Founder President, CSPOC
•    Kristin Engvig, Founder and President WIN, Board Member CSPOC

Facilitated Connections
Let’s get acquainted and discuss, what are the big changes you see in the world and what are some opportunities that have emerged from them?

12.00 A World in Transformation
Let's look at the big changes in the world and how they affect societies, gender equality,
entrepreneurship, leadership and a more inclusive world. What do the ever-changing elements mean, from the changing environment to wars, accelerating technological change, polarising media, mental health, migration, demographic and economic instability? Most importantly, what does it mean for you and me as leaders? What does it mean for our efforts to strengthen a more harmonious future? Keynote speeches and panel discussion
•    Dr Sandy Chong, Principal, Verity Consulting
•    Sofia BOZA, Ambassador of Chile to the WTO, Permanent Mission of Chile to the WTO
•    Inna Lynch, Equity and Venture Debt, European Investment Bank
•    Karen Tse, CEO Founder, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ)

13:00    Networking & Lunch Break
Optional connection conversations around: 
•    Creating and Harmony amongst nations: from War to Peace 
•    Creating Harmony amongst people: Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equity
•    Creating Harmony with Earth: Sustainability and Regeneration applied

15:00     Panel: The New Ways of Working and Leading 
1)    What are the new ways of working and what do they mean for women and our businesses? From new technologies to changing work patterns and often uncertainty, let's look at diversity, equity and inclusion and how to find harmony rather than polarisation. What about wellness, continuous learning, vulnerability, joy and resilience? What innovations have emerged in our rapidly changing world? Is the feminine part of these innovations? What about nature and the environment around us? What about citizens? What is the ideal way to work with peace in a way that regenerates What is the ideal way to work with peace in a way that regenerates our earth, our organizations and our bodies and creates well-being and joy at work and in life? What are some examples of organisations finding their way to prosperity and harmony? Keynote speeches and panel discussion.
•    Anne-Lise Øien, CEO, Andoeya Teknologipark AS
•    Jessica Taylor-Hall, Director, Supporter Success EMEA, Catalyst
•    Christopher Weber-Fürst, Christopher Weber-Fürst, Strategic Futurist 
•    Neslihan Sezer, The Global Fund

16:00    Facilitated Connections
   Let’s discuss: What are some new ways of working and leading for you.

16:30     Creating Impact through Pioneering Journeys of Leadership Inspiring the Future
How can we clarify our purpose, expand access to power and increase the number of women in decision-making roles? Let's hear from the change-makers who are dedicating their lives to empowering others and the planet itself. How do they go about creating impact and how do they do it in a way that creates harmony?
What are some strategies for creating more peace, gender equality, sustainability, well-being and inclusion in the world? How do we look at our life cycles - experiencing life as a journey? How do we inspire the way forward to global harmony and a future that benefits all, including the planet herself?
•    Peter Koeing, Principal, Peter Koenig Enterprises
•    Wendelijn van der, Sr Advisor DEI, Dutch Government (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)
•    Sanaz Javadi Farahzadi, WIPO – Global Mentor

17:30    Facilitated Connections
   Let’s discuss: is your purpose impactful enough? Time to step it up, expand or change?

17.50    Closing Remarks 
18:00    The End
(The organisers reserve the right to alter the agenda with minor changes at any time)

Livestream session information

The event will be live-streamed via a YouTube link, which will be made available shortly.

Press Release

The press release provides a comprehensive overview of the event, highlighting its significance, key objectives, and notable speakers.

We encourage you to read the press release to gain a deeper understanding of the event's goals and significance. Feel free to share it with your network, media contacts, or anyone who might be interested in learning more about this transformative gathering.

Join us in spreading the word about "Women Inspiring Global Harmony" and its commitment to fostering a more harmonious and inclusive world!

Event Details

Important reminders

11.00-18.00 | 22 May 2024

Building E, Door 40, Room XXIV

Palais des Nations 

1211 Geneva 


The Palais des Nations may be accessed via the Visitor's entrance at Pregny Gate, situated at 14 Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva, in front of the International Committee of the Red Cross building and adjacent to the Geneva Hotel School. We kindly request that you arrive at least one hour before the event to allow for security checks.


Upon receiving your badge, kindly turn left from the PREGNY gate and follow the directions to the 'E Building'. Once at the 'E Building', please access through Door 40 and take the electrical stairs one floor down. For your convenience, please refer to the map here. The meeting will take place at the end of the hall on Room XXIV. 

Please bring your passport or national identity card and the QR code sent to you by the UNNo other forms of identification will be accepted. 

We recommend public transportation as there is no parking available at the Palais des Nations. If you have luggage, we recommend using the lockers at Geneva train station.

We recommend business smart dress code.

VIP Aperitif

18:15 - 19:00 | 22 May 2024

Palais des Nations 

1211 Geneva 


The aperitif is taking place following the conference at the UNOG.


about the conveners


CSPOC's Board of Expert Trustees, led by Dr. Royston Flude, has advised on sustainable developments for over two decades, drawing on the wealth of knowledge from their different professions. Dr Flude is the Founder President of CSPOC and has been instrumental in bringing self-sustainability into the United Nations since the 1980s. He has a particular interest in Institutional Harassment where women are often victims.

Kristin Engvig Headshot Small-modified.png

WIN is led by its founder and president Kristin Engvig, a global pioneer and pathfinder for the empowerment of the feminine. WIN has worked for more than 26 years to advance, develop, connect and inspire women worldwide. It brings a revolutionary way to our world, work and lives by integrating holistic perspectives, joy and nurturing values into all we do. It encourages each person to develop themselves on the inside and contribute with authenticity, supporting each other in making dreams come true. 

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