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Women's International Conference

A leadership summit for the future and an experience of a lifetime.
Become a part of this beautiful call to action and celebration of what is possible. 

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The Iconic WINConference

27 years and counting - together we create a difference and now we are needed more than ever before. Be a part of this unique meeting turned movement

 (8) 9.10.11 (12) October 2024

A 3 day + leadership experience for women ready to create a difference.

This is win

WIN is a global leadership initiative for women and men who want to expand the new paradigm by integrating feminine values and embracing interconnectedness, created by Kristin Engvig. '

Together we are creating a more regenerative, harmonious, prosperous and joyful future.  We know it is possible because we have already experienced it when we come together. Kristin

We have inspired conscious, values-driven leaders to create and live their lives sustainably, with beauty and enthusiasm since 1997. With authenticity, creativity and a holistic take on business topics, WIN has celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women and impacted hundreds of organizations.

create impact together

Become part of the WIN community as an active partner backing women.

Something happens when one decides to become a part of a community - the commitment changes, and the resolution is different.


Inspiring women leaders worldwide by:
Enabling, empowering, connecting women in a global, authentic, interconnected and feminine way. 

It is creative, it is sustainable, harmonious and it is beautiful.

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WIN’s vision is to expand the global community and global network of conscious and inspired leaders ready to bring their signature leadership to social communities, corporations, supranational institutions, political organizations and entrepreneurship, world-wide.

We are grateful to the individuals, companies and
foundations and network partners supporting WIN's work in the world.

2023 Sponsors
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WIN’s Women Empowerment Fund provides scholarships and support to projects that improve lives and enable economic and individual empowerment. With your help we have awarded more than 1,000 scholarships and supported numerous initiatives. We welcome you to make a difference by making a contribution.

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