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Exploring new ways of working, living and being with the company of the future, conscious business, inclusion and gender equality.
Next Learning series meeting
Women in science & technology | 07 may 2024 
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accelerating impact in organizations

WIN's has been the industry reference for leaders and organizations pursuing a more authentic, global, inclusive and sustainable approach for over two decades. WIN has worked with over 90 world-class companies, 30% of which have worked with WIN for more than 3 years in a row. Providing inspiration, ideas, connections and strategic direction, WIN works with companies, UN organizations and other institutions to create future-fit and thriving  workplaces. 

The Corporate Learning Series (previously, the Corporate Network Group) and the Diversity & Inclusion Forum are important quarterly meetings that further explore the topics at WINConferences. 

We are your partner for transformation, creating strategies for change, guiding internal diversity initiatives and offering practical learning programmes both in person and online. 

Corporate Learning Series

Corporate Learning Series

embrace diversity, celebrate authenticity, find common purpose and create inclusive organizations

The WIN Corporate Learning Series is a platform for leaders and organizations committed to creating conscious business, innovating, developing inclusive practises and focusing on women in leadership. Together we explore what the larger trends and changes in technology, politics and gender mean for companies and individuals. How can we overcome hurdles that prevent us from being ourselves, looking within, speaking out and stepping up?

Corporate Learning Meetings (previously called CNG Meetings) have run since 2002. Each meeting, now online, is hosted by a partner organization and includes a company case presentation or panel discussion, practical workshop and facilitated networking. These meetings provide invaluable opportunities to benchmark best practices, exchange ideas and information with other leading organizations, promote team work and network mindfully.

WIN is a leading learning organization with 20 years’ experience in creating, designing, curating and running high quality programmes on diversity, inclusion, women leadership, authenticity and conscious business. This series forms part of the overall WIN vision to accelerate the development and growth of global, authentic and feminine leadership, and to ensure that businesses flourish and people thrive. Each year, we host four half-day meetings as well as the full-day Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Forum.

Topics covered in the sessions range from attracting, retaining, developing and promoting female leaders, building deeper self-awareness for better leadership, to creating a culture of collaboration. The sessions also deal with new business trends, diversity of thinking, innovation and technology, culture, and running successful and creative business networks. WIN's trademark focus on beauty and authenticity shines through in all that we do and be assured, you will come away connected to your fellow participants, new ideas and yourself. This network of like-minded organizations creates real business benefits for all of its member organizations and individual participants alike. WIN co-creates the Corporate Learning Series with the world-class organizations we partner with.

2nd meeting

WIN Corporate Learning Meeting


Collaboration – Communication & Expanding what Works
Creating an Inclusive Organization

Forum on DEI

08 February 2024 | Host: Medtronic - Tolochenaz, Switzerland| Hybrid Event (CLOSED)

WIN’s annual organisational forum on diversity, equity and inclusion

We ask how we can build on what is working well and how we can overcome the barriers that stand in the way of accelerating progress. Speakers share their experiences of connecting with new ways of thinking, embracing diversity and creating common ground to grow inclusive environments and better prepare for the future, a future that works for all. Participants are invited to join other leaders, companies, organisations and experts in exploring how to create inclusive organisations.


08 March | Inspiring the Future: Invest in Women, Accelerating Progress (CLOSED)

Annual International Women’s Day meeting with high level panel of women leaders and interactive sessions for the participants from the WIN community.


07 May 2024 | Women in science and technology (online) REGISTER NOW

Considering the acceleration in new science and technology development, how do we ensure trust, integrity, and gender awareness? How do we stay agile to change as active agents preparing for the future? How does progress in science and technology facilitate our improvement of societies, work, and lives, bringing also opportunities for longevity, better lives, learning, and development, with greater flexibility and accessibility?

How do we ensure that enough women choose such a path as active innovators and science and technology leaders, whether in pharmaceuticals, AI, space or all areas of science and technology?

Participants will join other leaders and experts in exploring the topic and advancing women's participation in science and technology on their own terms. This session is open to anyone interested in the topic, regardless of their leadership role in science and technology.


06 June 2024 | Women, sport, wellbeing and careers

This year, the Olympic Games will be held in Paris. The Olympic Committee is promising a focus on gender inclusion. In this session, we will learn how sports can inspire us to improve our careers and well-being. Participants are invited to join other leaders, companies, organisations and experts to explore how the Olympic Games can carry a flame far beyond the Games themselves.

3 September 2024 | Women Finance & Value

From making access to the finances of women's lead businesses, social entrepreneurship and initiatives to access to the proper pay and overcoming many taboos related to money on our inner planes, we will meet to learn what is happening in the world of banking as well as in the realm of women being valued by others and self. Participants are invited to join other leaders, companies, organisations and experts in exploring the topic and advancing women working in finance, financing of women’s projects as well as the subtle work of our valuing women.

08 November 2024 | Women, Inclusion & Sustainability 8th November

From social inclusion in the corridors of your organisation to that of Mother Earth. How do we make a good sustainability programme work when the demands of the bottom line and often outdated competitive imperatives are still at play? Let's take a look at the sustainability measures in our organisations' supply chains, organisational charts and ways of working. Let's take a look at the link between DEI, women and sustainability. Participants are invited to join other leaders, companies, organisations and experts in exploring and advancing the field of women working in DEI, sustainability and all other areas of organisational life as part of mainstreaming these vital areas of our time.

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Host: Kristin Engvig, CEO & Founder, WIN & WINConference, President GCF, speaker and global thought leader.
A global pioneer for women and authentic leadership, Kristin created WIN 26 years ago to bring alive a vision of a more feminine, global and sustainable way at work, in communities and life. In her early career she worked for JP Morgan, Citibank and Innovation Norway, EU and as a strategy and marketing consultant. A business economist (BI, Oslo) with an MBA (Milan’s Bocconi), she has also completed a wealth of interdisciplinary studies including creativity through Zen acting and yoga for many many years.


Senior leaders, middle management, talent managers, strategy executives, HR executives and anyone interested in engagement, diversity and inclusion. Participants join from partner organizations and independently.

additional offerings
  • Corporate learning and development programmes

  • Corporate strategy and advice

  • Expert speakers and trainers on authentic leadership, conscious business, communication, resilience and more

  • Benchmarking for best practices in diversity and inclusion

past corporate learning meetings

Corporate Forum on Creating an Inclusive Organization


Creating inclusive and sustainable business cultures has never been more important. During this session, we will look at sharing experiences, accelerating learning, elevating and evolving the impact of creating cultures of inclusion and belonging for organisational and individual success, “wellness” and sustainability. The first part of the session will involve an expert panel of corporate speakers which will present case studies, highlight innovative programmes and benchmark best D&I (DEI) practices which support Inclusion and help to ensure that people feel a sense of belongingness. The second part will involve everyone in an interactive online discussion to brainstorm and identify creative solutions.

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