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This event will provide you with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools, and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for a sustainable future. It will help you lead the way and support others that do so too. WIN will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as an integrated global, authentic, and feminine leader. It has taken place in Tokyo annually since 2009. The most recent Asia-Pacific WINConference took place on 3 December 2021. 


A global leadership conference and summit of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a networking lunch, and dinner connecting you to ideas, energy, and people.


Women and men in senior and middle management, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGOs, leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work, and life... YOU!


Join to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share, to create and co-create, to contribute, and to connect with ideas, yourself, and other outstanding leaders from Japan and the rest of the world.

2022 Asia-Pacific WINConference
13 December 2022 | 14:00-16:30 JST | Online



14:00    Setting the Stage

How do the many changes in the world open possibilities to create the future of our highest dreams? Let’s discuss the context in which we are working, the trends which lie ahead and how we can prepare for the future. How can leaders embrace the emerging possibilities, expand them and begin creating the future based also on women’s dreams? 

  • Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN

  • Ted Katagi, CEO, Kenja 

  • Aiko Kozaki, Independent Expert on Sustainable Finance & Business Creation, Executive Advisor at Waris (6-7 min)


14:15    The Future of Companies & Careers

What will the company of the future look like, and what about our careers? How can we create inclusive and sustainable business cultures while embracing women, diversity, the environment and healthy work-life balance?

  • Masako Sato, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management, DSM Japan

  • Samata Vasisht, Founder, Synergy Holistic 

  • Michelle Simpson, Global Operations Leadership Team, Fortescue Future Industries

14:45    Facilitated Connections

15:00     Women with Vision & Your Story

Exceptional leaders will share their stories of leadership, feminine power and the value of staying connected on their route to the top and beyond. What are their visions for the future? How can we realize our own potential and help shape a world that works for all?

  • Sawori Imura, Aichi Plant General Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb 

  • Ditta Sandico, Fashion Designer, Cache Apparels

  • Carmel Power, Chief Sales Officer, Quintis

15:40    Workshop: Nespresso Meets Self-Organization - a Journey to Distributed Authority

What happens when an international coffee brand, famous all over the globe, that delivers much more than just coffee but a whole sensorial experience, experiment with self-management? In this session, Simona and Giovanna will take participants behind the scenes of the implementation of the AEquacy practices in Nespresso Italy and will tell the story of a team of pioneers and how they radically transformed the way they work and connect, the challenges they meet and overcame. Participants will Learn how AEquacy, the human-centered organizational design and operating system, works; Learn how the AEquacy practices were implemented in Nespresso and what has been the learning in the making; Appreciate the results of the adoption of self-organization in Nespresso.

  • Giovanna D’Alessio, Partner, Asterys 

  • Simona Liguoro, HR Director, Nespresso Italia 


16:25    Closing Remarks

16:30    The End








Ted Katagi, CEO, Kenja

My name is Ted Katagi, CEO of Kenja: A blockchain-enabled CMS platform and blockchain solutions company that delivers full provenance and transparency of processes. Since my student days at Harvard Business School, and throughout my career, I’ve learned about the need for creating a community that includes employees, colleagues, students, friends, and family. People that you can rely on when you need something or someone the most, and that can help you become a better professional and human being. 30+ years of working experience have also taught me that no matter who you are, or the position you are in, you have the potential to make this world a better place. And that trust in yourself, in your colleagues, and in your community is key. In a society where technology innovation is pushing towards “autonomous” and “trustless” systems, we need to rely on our people, whom we trust, so we can thrive as individuals, communities, and companies.


Aiko Kozaki, Independent Expert on Sustainable Finance & Business Creation, Executive Advisor at Waris Independent expert on sustainable finance, impact investing, and sustainable business creation. Currently, working on the gender pay gap, particularly focusing on reskilling female workers in collaboration with Waris, a female-founded startup in Japan. Aiko has an extensive career in a wider area of sustainability. As a sustainable finance expert, she worked for Japan's financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) from 2020 to 2022, where she was involved in setting up a dedicated sustainable finance team and helped to develop various policies. As an ESG investment professional, she worked for a Tokyo-based think tank, the Japan Research Institute (JRI) for nearly eight years, where she helped financial institutions to develop their ESG investment strategy and products. She also has experience in providing career development support for more than 100 people, mostly female workers, while engaging in business development related to gender diversity as well as new workstyle at a startup. She obtained a master's degree in Public Policy and Management from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, and a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University. Certified Member Analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan.

Masako Sato, Director, Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management, DSM Japan
I am the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management at DSM Japan.  I am veterinarian and have a PhD in Veterinary Medicine.  I have about 30 years experience in regulatory affairs covering toxicology and regulatory in pesticides, chemicals, food additives and pharmaceutical products.  I have worked with DSM from 2016, and prior to joining DSM I worked with Syngenta Crop Protection as regulatory manager in Japan and also in global.  I have worked with DSM since 2016 and since 2018 I have led WIN (DSM’s employee resource group) in DSM Japan.  In DSM Japan there are many talented female colleagues, however, there are only a few female people’s managers.  Through WIN activities, I want to eliminate unconscious biases among women themselves that close off their brilliant potential and support to improve the work environment for all of us.   I look forward to learning from the APAC leader’s activities for our next leaders.  Also I hope that our activities will inspire and encourage friends at the conference.

Samata Vasisht, Founder, Synergy Holistic 
I am a global citizen, stewarding a worldwide wellbeing collaborative ‘Synergy Holistic’ guided by ‘evolving consciousness, uncovering wholeness for collective flourishing’. I have created a consciousness- based framework EVOLVE; ‘holistic flourishing goals’ serving personal wellbeing, shared resilience and evolutionary leadership. We operate at the intersection of grounded spirituality, contemporary science and humane technology. My affiliate advisor role at McKinsey & Co. further enables me in co-creating a flourishing world. I transformed from a medical doctor to a wellbeing facilitator/coach actualizing potential. Single parenthood has been my crucible for transformation. My children are my mentors, Aastha creating an inclusive world interning at the UN, Rishi forging his creativity at University of Waterloo bringing joy. I am here to honor each other’s presence and strengthen the collective to co-evolve.







Michelle Simpson, Global Operations Leadership Team, Fortescue Future Industries
Michelle joined the global operations leadership team at Fortescue Future Industries to embrace the passion and energy she has for making a difference to the planet. With a focus on human centricity in tech and the importance of culture, she has previous experience of 25 years in IT Consultancy, across EY, PwC and IBM as a problem fixer and leader of large IT and transformation programs. She is experienced in design thinking and agile, is an internationally accredited program manager, and has worked across multiple industries. Michelle is a diversity and inclusion champion and active in development of women in the technology. She is a mentor and coach, and she promotes access of STEM education for all.  She has lived and worked in multiple geographies and speaks 4 languages. She has a keen interest in helping developing nations and supporting the UN SDGs. Not to be forgotten, she is a rugby fanatic, aspiring chef, avid world traveller and lover of Italian food. Everyday aspiring to learn something new and be a better human.

Sawori Imura, Aichi Plant General Manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Sawori Imura has been with Bristol-Myers Squibb for over 9 years, and she is currently General Manager of the Aichi Plant. Past roles at the company include Director of Strategy and Operation and Life Cycle Lead, Integrated Product Strategy, Global Supply Chain. Before that, she spent 17 years at Procter and Gamble, including as Group Manager, Site Integrated Working System Lead at the Akashi Plant. She has an Executive MBA from NUCB Business School and a BS in Biochemistry and has certificates in leadership development (from Harvard Business School Executive Education) and supply chain (from APICS)

Ditta Sandico, Fashion Designer, Cache Apparels

Ditta Sandico is a Filipino fashion designer who has worked with Banana fibers for the past 37 years. She started her own company called Cache Apparels in 1985 and has grown her company from a handful of sewers to creating an atelier that serves the growing needs of the populace. She strives to craft smart, timeless pieces using organic indigenous fabrics, in the hopes of promoting her country’s natural resources and advocating a sustainable way of life. Ditta Sandico was recognized as one of The Outstanding Women in Nation Service (TOWNS) in 2004. In 2016, Ditta Sandico was awarded during the WIN conference held in Rome, an international awards-giving body that gives credence to deserving women leaders who has served as an inspiration to their communities. In November of the same year, she also received the Agora entrepreneurship award for small-medium scale businesses.


Giovanna D’Alessio, Partner, Asterys 
I’m a partner in Asterys, a global organizational development firm with more than 100 facilitators and executive coaches in more than 25 countries and co-author of AEquacy, the hierarchy-free organizational design and operating system. I work with top teams in the areas of leadership/team transformation and organizational transformation. I am Past President of ICF Global (International Coaching Federation). Formerly, I held leadership roles in Saatchi & Saatchi Italy and Yahoo! Europe. I am the author of the book “Personal Mastery. The path to transformative leadership” and co-author of the book “AEquacy. The new human-centered organizational design to thrive in a complex world”. My purpose is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by inspiring leaders to abandon the limitations of the hierarchical paradigm and to embrace equality as the key to innovation, collaboration and performance. I love sailing, diving or simply relaxing at the beach. I hope to meet bold leaders who want to leave a mark. 

Simona Liguoro, HR Director, Nespresso Italia 
I hold the role of Human Resources Director at Nespresso Italiana. After a degree in Law at the State University of Milan and an MBA in “Organization and Personnel” at Bocconi, I began my career first in business and then in HR functions with positions of increasing responsibilities in different companies in terms of sector and size. In 2015 I arrived in Nespresso Italiana, part of the multinational company of the Nestlé Group and present in Italy with more than 850 people and over 70 Boutiques. I have accompanied the company in a great transformation process introducing, among others, important projects aimed at spreading the culture of inclusion and gender equality and self-organization. I believe strongly in the importance of an open and fair working environment for the success of the business. 


Kristin Engvig, Founder & CEO, WIN 
A global pioneer for women and authentic leadership, Kristin created WIN 25 years ago to bring alive a vision of a more feminine, global and sustainable way at work, in communities and life. Thousands of individuals and hundreds of world-class companies have attended WIN’s live experiences. She has worked with women from all over the world and brought WIN to India, Nigeria, Japan, Middle East and most European Countries. She was recently awarded the EuroKnowledge Outstanding Women Leadership Award at the House of Lords and has also received recognition from the CEO for Life Awards, Diversity Global Magazine and the International Alliance of Women. In her early career she worked for companies such as JP Morgan, Citibank and Innovation Norway, EU and as an international strategy and marketing consultant. A business economist (BI, Oslo) with an MBA (Milan’s Bocconi), she has also completed a wealth of interdisciplinary studies including acting and yoga. She attends global meetings such as the W7 of the G7 and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, and she also chaired the Women in Leadership meeting at the Davos SDG tent in 2020.






Bristol Myers Squibb is a leading global biopharma company focused on discovering, developing and delivering innovative medicines for patients with serious diseases. We have a high bar for innovation focused on disease areas with significant unmet need where our medicines can truly make a difference for patients. Through the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we support community-based programs that promote cancer awareness, screening, care and support among high-risk populations in the United States, as well as China, Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa. Our employees around the world work every day to transform patients’ lives through science.


Our mission is to empower feminist changemakers to advocate for meaningful change in their community by creating a global network and providing safe spaces for gender-responsive education and skills growth.

​Together we will: 

  • Get updated on the emerging trends and the global context.

  • Discover how women can collaborate to lead a gender-based work agenda towards a thriving future in Japan and Asia.

  • Explore how organizations and individuals can create a regenerative future.

  • Learn how to find possibilities that enable society, companies and individuals to grow in a sustainable way.

  • Become a noble agent of possibility that we each need to become.

  • Learn how to accelerate your journey, develop skills, increase your confidence and become an authentic leader.

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past speakers

ベーバ・ウマラン, 社長, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region

Akira Matsumoto, Chairman of the board & CEO, Calbee, Inc.

Seiko Noda, Member of the House of Representatives

Yuriko Koike, Member, the House of Representatives Former Minister

Masako Mori, member of the House of Councillors

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

Jesper Koll, Chief Japan Strategist, JP Morgan Securities Japan

Leanne Cutts, President, Asia Pacific, Mondelez 

Merle Aiko Okawara, Chairman, JC Comsa Corporation

Peter List, President & CEO, IKEA Japan

Hiroko Koide, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Kirin Company Ltd

Rui Matsukawa, Director of Gender Mainstreaming Division, Japanese Ministry

Sayaka Osakabe, Founder and Representative, Matahara Net, 

Georges Desvaux, Managing Partner, Japan Office, McKinsey & Company Inc

Miyuki Suzuki, Representative Director and CEO, Jetstar Japan

Yuko Arimori, Former Olympic Runner, Founder Heart of Gold

Tiziana Alamprese, Marketing Director, Fiat Chrysler Japan

Kathy Matsui, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan 

Yuka Tanimoto, Journalist/Newscaster

Yoshimi Ogawa, President, Index Corporation

Mika Masuyama, Partner, Egon Zehnder International

Vicki Beyer, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley

Junko Tsuboi, General Manager of CSR & Corporate Communications, Kirin Holdings

Yuka Mitshuata, President, Mo-house

Helena Phua, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, International New York Times

Gerald Lema, President Baxter Japan

Elizabeth Handover, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning 

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