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This event will provide you with inspiration, knowledge, practical tools, and contacts to help you succeed and prepare for a sustainable future. It will help you lead the way and support others that do so too. WIN will inspire you and accompany you on your journey as an integrated global, authentic, and feminine leader. It has taken place in Tokyo annually since 2009. The most recent Asia-Pacific WINConference took place on 3 December 2021. 


A global leadership conference and summit of plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a networking lunch, and dinner connecting you to ideas, energy, and people.


Women and men in senior and middle management, consultants, entrepreneurs, NGOs, leaders, politicians, artists, all longing for a positive change in their world, work, and life... YOU!


Join to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share, to create and co-create, to contribute, and to connect with ideas, yourself, and other outstanding leaders from Japan and the rest of the world.

​Together we will: 

  • Get updated on the emerging trends and the global context.

  • Discover how women can collaborate to lead a gender-based work agenda towards a thriving future in Japan and Asia.

  • Explore how organizations and individuals can create a regenerative future.

  • Learn how to find possibilities that enable society, companies and individuals to grow in a sustainable way.

  • Become a noble agent of possibility that we each need to become.

  • Learn how to accelerate your journey, develop skills, increase your confidence and become an authentic leader.



Japan WIN Conference


Japan WIN Conference


Japan WIN Conference:

Expanding Possibilities


Japan WIN ConferenceTokyo: Leading the Way


Japan WIN Conference: Opening Possibilities for an Integrated Future


APAC WIN Conference: Women Shining Together


Japan WIN Conference


Japan WIN Conference:

Taking the Next Step


Japan WIN Conference:

Realizing Change


Japan WIN Conference:

The Women's Global Leadership Journey


Mobilizing Women Tokyo

past speakers

ベーバ・ウマラン, 社長, PepsiCo Asia Pacific Region

Akira Matsumoto, Chairman of the board & CEO, Calbee, Inc.

Seiko Noda, Member of the House of Representatives

Yuriko Koike, Member, the House of Representatives Former Minister

Masako Mori, member of the House of Councillors

Fumiko Hayashi, Mayor of Yokohama

Jesper Koll, Chief Japan Strategist, JP Morgan Securities Japan

Leanne Cutts, President, Asia Pacific, Mondelez 

Merle Aiko Okawara, Chairman, JC Comsa Corporation

Peter List, President & CEO, IKEA Japan

Hiroko Koide, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Kirin Company Ltd

Rui Matsukawa, Director of Gender Mainstreaming Division, Japanese Ministry

Sayaka Osakabe, Founder and Representative, Matahara Net, 

Georges Desvaux, Managing Partner, Japan Office, McKinsey & Company Inc

Miyuki Suzuki, Representative Director and CEO, Jetstar Japan

Yuko Arimori, Former Olympic Runner, Founder Heart of Gold

Tiziana Alamprese, Marketing Director, Fiat Chrysler Japan

Kathy Matsui, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Japan 

Yuka Tanimoto, Journalist/Newscaster

Yoshimi Ogawa, President, Index Corporation

Mika Masuyama, Partner, Egon Zehnder International

Vicki Beyer, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Division, Morgan Stanley

Junko Tsuboi, General Manager of CSR & Corporate Communications, Kirin Holdings

Yuka Mitshuata, President, Mo-house

Helena Phua, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, International New York Times

Gerald Lema, President Baxter Japan

Elizabeth Handover, Asia Partner & Faculty Member, Lumina Learning 

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