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This is win

WIN is a global leadership initiative for women and men who want to expand the new paradigm by integrating feminine values and embracing interconnectedness, created by Kristin Engvig.


We have inspired conscious, values-driven leaders to create and live their lives with beauty and enthusiasm since 1998. With authenticity, creativity and a holistic take on business topics, WIN has celebrated and transformed the lives of thousands of women and impacted hundreds of organizations.


Women in Science & Technology

Women in Science & Technology

Online Corporate Meeting 29 June | 15.00-16.30 CET

WIN Japan

WIN Japan

Tokyo | 07.07.2023

Global WINConference

Global WINConference (16) September

Mobilizing Rome

Mobilizing Rome

Summer 2023 | 18.00 CET Rome, Italy


create impact together

BE a part of the win learning journey

Something happens when one decides to become a part of a community - the commitment changes, and the resolution is different.


was a beautiful celebration!

We couldn't have done it without all of you!

WIN’s Women Empowerment Fund provides scholarships and support to projects that improve lives and enable economic and individual empowerment. With your help we have awarded more than 1,000 scholarships and supported numerous initiatives. We welcome you to make a difference by making a contribution.

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Lorella Zanardo

“Every time I participate in the WIN Conference I come back feeling

I am participating in the making of a big change in the future of women".


Riffat Hassan

“Many conferences have a themes, this one has a vision”


Paul Polman

“We need a new form of leadership based on deeper targets, more flexibility and ability to collaborate. All qualities that lead us to the strength and natural leadership skills of women.”

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We give attention to how you do what you do and the quality of the relationships we create.


We encourage natural expression and authentic contribution from all.


We foster international exchange and create communities of belonging.

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