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the Renaissance women's leadership journey

Find your authentic power and accelerate your impact

Network with purpose and passion, meaning and joy - join the WIN Global Leadership Journey as a Renaissance Leader.

You are the one. Whether you are a company employee, a member of a women’s network,  a consultant  find yourself drawn to WIN, become a part of this collective journey.

Joining is a magnificent way for you to connect, learn and grow as a modern Renaissance woman - authentic, feminine and global. Some of the meetings are followed up with deeper circles of learning, including mentoring circles, and others stand independently. 

More than anything, this is a way for you to stay connected between conferences, accelerate your growth and continue our evolution in the world as a community. Let's envision a new Renaissance and birth some new in an integrated fashion. 

shining together

We connect at WIN to flourish. We see each person as a shining star in a brilliant constellation. Each year, we grow stronger and shine brighter. 

your story

At each WIN Conference, you receive a learning and discovery journal and join a series of pre-conference workshops. The workshops on Your Story culminate into each person's presentation at the Global WINConference. Or, if you cannot join, shared in a workshop separately. We also hold workshops on Inclusion, Authenticity, Creativity, Interconnection and Possibility as well as WIN's pillars and framework for change. 

past Leadership journey meetings


living a creative life

9 september 2021

In this time of unprecedented change, society calls for new solutions. We believe each and every one of us has the potential to create what the future requests from us. We will look at the relationship between inspiration, inclusion and creativity. Join this workshop to increase your capacity to create and innovate new solutions for the challenges of our time.


At WIN inspire and nurture each and every one of our inner and outer leadership journeys and explore our unique paths. We encourage natural expression and authentic contribution from all. 

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