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Marcello Presicci

Chairman of the Advisory Board, Fondazione Educazione Economica e Finanziaria, Adjunct Professor, Luiss Business School and Journalist

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My Story

Marcello Presicci, Chairman of the Advisory Board at Fondazione Educazione Economica e Finanziaria (ABI - Italian Bank Association).

Adjunct Professor at Luiss Business School (where i teach communication and lobbying) and professional journalist with 20+yrs of experience. I've been called to cover major professional communication assignments on behalf of international and national organizations. I'm Brand Ambassador of the magazine FORTUNE USA and Senior Advisor of the american company of consulting: APCO Worldwide. As part of a long collaboration with the institutions of the Holy See, i've organized a Master's degree at the Pontifical Lateran University where i taught "Theories and Techniques of Communication" for 5 years. I'm currently Senior Advisor of Engineering, Senior Advisor of the O.G.R (Fondazione CRT, Turin), Senior Advisor of Banca di Verona and Director of External & Institutional Relations of Angel Capital Management (ACM).

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