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Ester Banque

Position: Senior Vice President & Head Intercontinental Commercial

Nationality: Spanish

Organization: Bristol-Myers Squibb

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My Story

For Ester Banque, “Be a Change Agent” has been her guiding principle throughout her 25+ years in the pharmaceutical industry.   

As SVP & Head of Intercontinental Commercial at Bristol Myers Squibb, Ester oversees a diverse multi-national region, with responsibilities for 70+ countries across five continents.

Ester began her career as a sales representative in Spain for Novartis. She was quickly promoted to positions of increasing responsibility, working in multiple disease areas including hematology, cardiovascular, pain, women’s health, immunology, dermatology. She most recently served as GM and Head of Oncology in Germany. Previously, she served as VP & Head Immunology & Dermatology for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in the US.

With a BSc in Chemistry and an MBA, Ester has merged her dedication to science with a desire to enhance people’s lives. Together, with her wife, Eva, she is raising energetic twin daughters. She is a keen contributor to the discussion on the power of breaking down barriers and pursuing what’s possible with passion and purpose.

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