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Lorella Zanaro

Position: Author Director

Nationality: Italian

Organization: New Eyes for the Media

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My Story

Author, Speaker, Consultant and Activist and the author of a documentary film and later a book, Il Corpo delle Donne (Women’s Bodies), about the exploitation of women on television, a blockbuster on Internet watched by 15 million people all over the world. Member of the Study Commission "Internet Bill of Rights" at the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Member of the Advisory Board of WIN, an international women conference, organizational consultant, educator and professor. A well-known speaker at international conferences on women’s issues, in 2011 I received the TIAW World of Difference Award in Washington as one of the amazing individuals whose efforts have advanced the economic empowerment of women in her country. The Daily Beast considers me one among 150 fearless women in the world as she “led call for change against Italy’s notoriously sexist TV programming.” At present I am also the Director of a national project" New Eyes for the Media" promoting Media Education Culture in Italian Schools having the objective of empowering young students.

I have served in important managerial roles for multinationals both in Italy and abroad.

I have been a consultant and a professor in Eastern countries, under the leadership of the European Union. I was in charge of the Diversity Management project, having learned the process in Canada and United States. I have coordinated the first Master’s in the Ethics of Business. MBA, graduate of Foreign Literatures.

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