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Paul Vanderbroeck

Position: Executive Coach & Gender Balance Consultant

Organization: PVDB Consulting

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My Story

Paul’s passion is seeing women leaders get the results they want. A no-nonsense coach, he grounds leaders and high potentials in actionable steps to achieve clear and ambitious goals. He is equally passionate about helping organizations become more productive by leveraging female talent. Paul’s years of real-world business experience paired with his academic study of leadership and organizational theory make him a powerful coach and consultant. As a senior international HR executive at GM, Shell, and UBS he has designed several gender diversity strategies. His award-winning research on The Traps That Keep Women from Reaching the Top and How to Avoid Them and his book Leadership Strategies for Women bring him many speaking engagements. He has been invited to coach at IMD and INSEAD and teaches Leadership at LUISS Business School in Rome. Paul's wife has her own successful leadership career. He is a father of two and currently lives between Rome and Geneva.

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