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Position:  Founder

Nationality: Indian

Organisations:  Divya Chaya Trust, Habiart Foundation and Stree Shakti – The Parallel Force 

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My Story

(Indian) Founder, Divya Chaya Trust

Rekha established Genesis Book Shop in Kolkata in 1978, which she later converted into Genesis Art Gallery, home to some of the best artworks. She introduced Sotheby's, the first art auction house to India in 1992. She also started the first FM radio station, Radio Network, in Kolkata in 1994. As a sponsoring body, Garutman was established to promote and publish very fine regional Indian literature. One of the success stories is Separate Journeys, a collection of short stories by eminent women writers (first Indian edition, edited by Geeta Dharmarajan, in 1993; London edition, published by Mantra Publishing Ltd., in 1993; American edition published by University of South Carolina Press, in 2004; and Terah Halafname, a Hindi Edition, translated by eminent writer Alka Saraogi, to be published in 2021). A publication of the play: Viddyottama, in 2007, involved the searching for the identity of Viddyottama in the writings of Maha kavi Kalidasa, 4th century. Rekha Mody has founded 3 organizations: Divya Chaya Trust in 1984 with the prime objective of educating, supporting, and rehabilitating underprivileged children and helping destitute women. Habiart Foundation in 1989 to promote contemporary art and Stree Shakti – The Parallel Force in 1998 as a dynamic forum to promote women’s networking for action.

She is the lead at the Advisory Council Member at Women’s International Networking (WIN) in India.

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